Remote Work & Productivity 101: Articles about remote work & reviews of 20 useful productivity apps for all devices

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Articles about remote work & reviews of 20 useful productivity apps for all devices.
--Working remotely offers multiple benefits: increased productivity, more flexibility, and the opportunity to develop strong organization skills and take full advantage of your free time (which you will have once you get the hang of remote work, fear not!). If you’ve been a remote worker for some time, you are probably familiar with these and many more perks.
The next pages cover a description of several apps I’ve found to be extremely helpful for remote workers. Whether it’s a goal tracker, an autocomplete app or a tool to declutter your desktop (many others have been included, mind you), the purpose behind this selection is to turn your time in front of the computer into a smarter yet fun experience.
If you’re on the fence about working remotely, then hopefully these notes will help you make up your mind and dive fully into this world. By using the apps mentioned in this freebie (which have been organized per OS), not only will you save lots of time (never underestimate the time you spend typing the same task time and again...), but also you will be able to enjoy your working time more by knowing you’re being your most efficient self.


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Benefits and Drawbacks of Remote Work
Different Profiles
Motivations for Companies to Adopt Remote Work
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