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ley," **

Ashmun, Jehudi, arrives at New Haven, Conn., August 10, 1823, iv. 186. Dies

there, August 25, 1828, iv. 214.
Remarks on his life and character, iv. 214.
His remarks on the power of religion, iv. 231.
Mrs. Sigourney's lines on his death, iv. 286. Sonnet on his burial, iv. 319.
Proposed monument to his memory, v. 91. Sonnet to his memory, vii. 127.

His posthumous Address to the Colonists of Liberia, viii. 65.
Atkinson, Rev. William M. ix. 273.
AUXILIARY SOCLESIES. [See “ American Colonization Society,''

," “ Bacon," " FinGurley," Ladies,"

Managers of A. 0. 8. Pro.
ceedings of the,"]
Possible danger from their independent action, ix. 90.
Notice to them, iv. 159.
Request to them for lists of officers and members, ix. 58, 147.

Their relations to the Parent Board, ix. 89, 281, x. 150, 193, 243. lu Ilabama : Officers and Managers of the Aux. Col. Soc. of Alabama,

v. 379,
Notice of the formation of an Aux. Soc. at Huntsville, v. 379.

Its officers and managers, vi. 179.
Officers and Managers of the Aux. Coll. Soc. of Courtland, v.379.

La Grange, do.
The Athens and Lincoln Col. Soc. formed, vii. 207.
Aux. Societies formed at Florence, Athens, Fayetteville, and

Sommerville, viii. 344.
In Connecticut : Connecticut State Society established, April, 1827, iii.

63. Its Officers and Managers, iii. 92. Address of its Mana.
gers to the Public, iv. 116. Its Annual Meeting, May 21,
1829, v. 93. Extracts from its Report, v. 119. Its third Re-

port, vi. 105. Its meeting, May 21, 1833, ix. 124.
Female Association at Middletown, v. 60.
Juvenile Society, v. 60, 93.
Col. Soc. of the Wesleyan University, Middletown. Officers and

Directors, ix. 60.
In Delaware: Annual meeting of the Union Col. Soc. November 17,

1825, i. 343. Its proceedings, v. 351, vi. 155. Officers viii.
57. Extracts from its 10th Annual Report. Officers and

Managers, ix. 318, 319.
Formation of the Dover and Kent county Colonization Societies,

viii. 59.

Formation of the Smyrna Col. Soc. viii. 59.
In Georgia: Proceedings of the Jackson county Aux. Soc. at a called ses-

sion, April 2, 1825, i. 92; at its annual meeting, September 1,
1827, iii. 369; its officers and managers, iiii

. 371. Augusta Colonization Society, formed January 11, 1832 ; its offi

cers and managers, viii. 59.
Female Colonization Society, formed in Augusta, January 13,

1832, officers and managers, viii. 59.
In Ilinois: Formation of the Madison county Col. Soc. 1831, vii. 114.

Lebanon Col. Soc. vii. 114, ix. 125.
Randolph county Col. Soc. vii. 114.
Clinton county Col. Soc. vii. 114; officers and

managers, ix. 28, 125.
Sangamon county Col. Soc. vii. 114.
a State Col. Soc. at Vandalia, vii. 114.
Aux. Soc. Greenville, Bond county, ix. 24, 125.
Aux. Col. Societies in Belville, Waterloo in Mon-

roe county, Salem in Marion county, Hillsbo.

rough in Montgomery county, ix. 125. Meeting of the Waterloo, Monroe co. Col. Soc. July 4, 1833,

ix. 217. In Indiana : Formation of a State Society at Indianapolis, v. 317. Officers

and Managers, v. 344. Officers and Managers of the Connersville Aux. Soc. V. 378.

Brookville do. do.

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In Indiana : Officers and Managers of the Madison Aux. Soc. v. 378.


vi. 178.
Aux. Soc. at Lawrenceburg, vi. 181.

Carmel, Jefferson co. Officers and Managers, ix.

215, 216.
In Kentucky : Officers and Managers of the Aux. Soc. of Russelville, iii. 219.

Proceedings of the State Col. Soc. of Kentucky, December 20,

1828, iv. 351. Extracts from its Address, v. 28. Proceedings,
November 12, 1829, v. 343. Report of the Managers to the
Society at its 1st Annual Meeting, vi. 81. Its 4th Annual
Meeting, December 13, 1832. Officers and Managers, ix. 58.
Its meeting, October 8, 1833, ix. 255. Officers and Mana-
gers, ix. 281. Its proceedings, August 1, 1834, X. 209. Re-

solves to send a company of emigrants to Africa, x. 314.
Auxiliary societies organized at Shelbyville, Carlisle, and Paris,

v. 220.
Success of the project for raising ten life members to the Danville

Auxiliary Society, vi. 187.
Auxiliary society organized at Paintlick, Garrard co. vi. 278.
Organization of the Shelbyville and Shelby co. Col. Soc.

Middletown Col. Soc. Jefferson co.
Springfield and Washington co. Col. Soc.
Danville and Mercer co. Col. Soc.
Lancaster and Garrard co. do
Richmond and Madison co. do

vi. 310
Paris and Bourbon co.

Carlisle and Nicholas co. do
Flemingsburg and Fleming co. do
Cynthiana and Harrison co. do
Augusta and Bracken co. do
Winchester and Clarke co. do vi. 310, 311.
Mountsterling and Montgomery co. Col. Soc. vi.

Springfield, Bath co. Col. Soc.

vi. 311.
North Middletown Col. Soc. Bourbon co. do
Georgetown and Scott co. Col. Soc. do
Nicholasville and Jessamine co. do

Bowling Green and Warren co. do do
Glasgow and Barren co. do

Greensburgh and Green co. do

Lebanon, Washington co. do

Lexington Female, vii. 94, viii. 191.
Meeting of the Lexington and Fayette co. Col. Soc. vii. 95.

Fayette co. June 29, 1832, viii. 191.

August 8, 1834, x. 218.
Proceedings of the Danville Col. Soc. May 21, 1831, officers and

managers, vii. 148. Its resolution, officers, and managers, 1834,
Female colonization societies at Frankfort and Louisville, vii. 207
Louisville colonization society. Its report of its rise, progress,

and present condition; officers, ix. 28.
First annual report of the Louisville Female Association for pro-

moting female education in Liberia, ix. 149.
Greenfield Aux. Soc. officers, ix. 215.

Col. Soc. of Hardin county, ix. 216.
In Louisiana, Louisiana State colonization society, officers and managers,

viii. 59.
In Maine, Auxiliary society at Portland, officers, ix. 188, 216.

Bowdoin colonization society, officers and managers, ix. 215.
In Maryland, Auxiliary society in Frederick county, i. 191. Officers and

managers, iii. 29.

x. 148.

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Chester District, S. C. by Warren Flenniken,
Franklin co. Pa. at Loudon and Welsh Run,
Germantown, Pa. Methodist Episcopal church, by Rev. J. Woolsen,
Hilltown, Bucks co. Pa.
Morgantown, Berks county, Pa. Episcopal church,
New Britain, Bucks county,
Schenectady, Reformed Presbyterian church, by Rev. E. D. M‘Master,

Presbyterian church, by Rev. John M.Master,
Strasburg and Lancaster, by Rev. Mr. Torbut,

Auxiliary Societies.
Clarksville, Ohio, by Samuel.V. Watkins,
Connecticut Auxiliary Society, by Seth Terry, Treasurer,
Kenyon College, Ohio, Auxiliary,
Virginia Auxiliary, by B. Brand, Treasurer,
Zanesville aud Putnam Auxiliary, by H. Safford, Secretary,
Troy Auxiliary Society,

Albany, from J. H, Prentice,

E. P. Prentice,
T. W. Olcott,


Mr. Webb,
Franklin county, Pa. from Robert Kennedy,
Kinsman, Ohio, from John Kinsman and George Swist, $5 each,

Mrs. Rebecca Kinsman,
Peter Allen,
Wm. France and Rev. Isaac McIlvaine, $2 each,
Mrs. M. A. McIlvaine, Mrs. Mary Plum, Dea. Burn.

ham, and Thomas Kinsman, $1 each, New York, from James Boorman,

do payable on the departure of the next vessel

with emigrants to Liberia,
George Douglass,
Samuel A. Foot,
Goodhue & Co.
James Lenox,
H. F. Varick,
William B. Astor,
Robert Maitland,
Philip Hone,
John Morrison,
S. Whitney,
J. & W. Kelly,
John C. Halsey,
Henry Young,
Richard Irvin,
D. Lord,
a Lady,

six Gentlemen, $10 each,
three do $5 each,
Leander Mead,
a Gentleman,

Moses Allen, for a collection at the Dutch church, Fishkill,
Philadelphia, from Elliott Cresson,

James Bayard,
Salem, Mass. from Rev. S. M. Worcester,
Troy, from T. B. Bigelow,

Stephen Warren,
David Buel,
D. Buel, Jr. Mr. Mabbitt, John Paine, D. O. Kellog, A. P. Heart,

John Hunter, D. Walker, W, Webb, J. L. V. Schoonhoven, A.
S. Perry, J. M. Warren, Mrs. N. Warren, J. L. Thompson,
Phil. T. Heartt, John V. Tassett, D. Gardner, P. H. Buckley,

R. P. Hart, A. Robbins, James R. Taylor, each $5,
a Gentleman,
three do $3 each,
four do $2 each,
three do $1 each,

African Repository.
John Nisbet,

300 200 100 100 100 50 40 40 40 25 25 25 25 25 20 10 10 10 60 15 5 3 20 480 10

25 10 10















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