The End of the World?: A New Look at an Old Belief

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Paulist Press, 1997 - 136 strani
With the millennium fast approaching, here is a book that is both timely and informative. Reginald Stackhouse reviews the long-held belief that the world as we know it will end, that Christ will return, and that a new social order will be established.

Writing in a popular style, Stackhouse provides an accessible look at eschatology, particularly biblical prophecies about the end of the world, from a historical perspective. He outlines three ways of interpreting biblical discussions of the end times that have been employed in Christian history:
-- Millennial confidence: the best is yet to come
-- Pastoral interpretation: the best is beyond this world
-- Social interpretation: the best can be found here and now

Throughout his work the author uses historical figures and examples to illustrate his points.


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The Millennial Interpretation The Best Is Yet to Be
The Pastoral Interpretation The Best Is Beyond This World
The Social Interpretation The Best Can Be Here and Now
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