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sustain them, it is well worth while to exam- vent a repetition of the faults that led to such ine somewhat closely into the foundation of a low ebb. It is difficult to conjecture how these predictions. For should they be well long the depression would have continued grounded, it will be ill for the many who are but for the intervention of that arch-enemy, now investing their savings in this alluring the phylloxera, which spread terror and devindustry, with the hope of literally being en- astation among the vineyards of France, abled, hereafter, to sit under their own vine and sent her wine merchants and their forand fig tree.

eign correspondents on a painful search for It behooves, first of all, to consider the new sources of supply to all possibly availacauses of the previous great depression, and ble countries. They began to recollect that to draw lessons therefrom. Why was it that among her many sins in the way of bad the wines of California were a drug in the wines, California had furnished some really market, and barely passed muster under for- good samples. Could it be possible that eign labels? It was, unquestionably, be- these might be duplicated, and the French cause in their hurry to realize the golden wines thus saved from the "foxy" contamiharvest, the great majority of the vintners of nation of the native American wines which that time aimed altogether at quantity to the Eastern States were willing and able to the neglect of quality, and threw upon the furnish in unlimited quantities? market chiefly wines badly made from such It was the turning point of the tide in indifferent material as the Mission grape, Californian viticulture. The attention not and which had barely had time to get fairly only of France but of the Eastern States through their after-fermentation; consequent- was again directed to the product of Califorly lacked character, and frequently spoiled nian vineyards, which in the meantime had on the purchasers' hands. When the stand- brought a respectable area of good European ard varieties of foreign grapes, prudently in- varieties into bearing, and could make a troduced by far-seeing men, came into bear- vastly better showing for quality. And, aling, bad was made worse by giving to wines though some mistakes have been made even made of Mission must, with a slight admix- since then, on the whole the golden opporture of the nobler juice, the name of the lat- tunity has been well utilized by our wine ter: thus conveying to the consumer in the makers. From the lowly function of proEast and to a few daring investigators of the ducing something that France would tolerate new article in Europe, the idea that the no- as an admixture to her wines, they have rapble Riesling, the Chaselas, and the best va- idly risen to that of establishing standard rieties of Burgundy and the Bordelais, were qualities that find favor under their own so deteriorated in the California climate as names and labels. They have become conto yield an irredeemably faulty product, vinced, and are rapidly converting the rest which could at most be used for dilution, to of the world to the belief, that the faults heresome extent, of the wines of France or Ger- tofore observed in California wines were not many, but whose earthy, harsh taste would of Nature's making; and that between the ever render them unacceptable to the know- limits of Oregon and Mexico most, if not all, er of good wine.

the most desirable qualities of European It were bootless to discuss at this time wines may be reproduced under an intelliwhether the growers or the wine merchants gent selection and mutual adaptation of were most to blame for these costly mistakes; grape-varieties, climates and soils, and by or whether, perhaps, they were only an al- the manufacture of wines under the most inevitable phase of an incipient indus- ment of experts, instead of the hap-hazari try under new conditions. It suffices for system before pursued. And not being our present purpose to know that such a trammeled by time-honored habits in th state of things existed at the time of neap premises, they are rapidly and consciousl tide; and that knowledge should forever pre applying American ingenuity and energy t


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