Reports of the Mosely Educational Commission to the United States of America, October-December, 1903

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Stran 20 - There lives more faith in honest doubt, Believe me, than in half the creeds.
Stran 194 - He was bred to the law, which is, in my opinion, one of the first and noblest of human sciences ; a science which does more to quicken and invigorate the understanding than all the other kinds of learning put together ; but it is not apt, except in persons very happily born, to open and to liberalize the mind exactly in the same proportion.
Stran 360 - Let us (said He) pour on him all we can. Let the world's riches, which dispersed lie, Contract into a span. So strength first made a way, Then beauty flowed, then wisdom, honour, pleasure. When almost all was out, God made a stay, Perceiving that alone of all His treasure Rest in the bottom lay. For if I should...
Stran 255 - American people toward public education as a prime necessity of national life, for which hardly any expenditure can be too great; and next, its eminently practical and popular character. There is more coordination of its successive stages than we have hitherto seen in England. From the elementary school to the high school...
Stran vii - The present state of opinion as to the value of professional and technical instruction of university rank designed -with special reference to the tasks of business life.
Stran 14 - ... original work. And it must be so. Throughout the entire period of her existence, woman has been man's slave ; and if the theory of evolution be in any way correct, there is no reason to suppose, I imagine, that she will recover from the mental disabilities which this has entailed upon her within any period which we, for practical purposes, can regard as reasonable. Education can do little to modify her nature.
Stran 203 - ... 2. What can be done in the way of introducing subject-matter in history and science and art that shall have a positive value and real significance in the child's own life; that shall represent, even to the youngest children, something worthy of attainment in skill or knowledge; as much so to the little pupil as are the studies of the high school or college student to him?
Stran 14 - They have shown — what it was unnecessary to show — that they are indefatigable workers ; and they have shown that they can pass examinations with brilliant success. But what has been the character of the examinations? Almost invariably they have been such as to require the reproduction of learning, not original effort.
Stran 13 - No. 500. the occasion of my former visit— and the impression was confirmed during my recent visit— that the boy in America is not being brought up to punch another boy's head or to stand having his own punched in a healthy and proper manner ; that there is a strange and indefinable feminine air coming over the men; a tendency towards a common, if I may so call it, sexless tone of thought.
Stran xxiii - American prosperity, during the last quarter of a century education lias had a powerful and far-reaching influence; and it cannot be doubted that, in the future, it will become more and more the cause of industrial and commercial progress and of national wellbeing.

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