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were kept continually in the ser- master-general. The performance vice, either upon full or half-pay, of the contract for bricks was suand were raised to full, or reduced perintended and checked by the to half-pay, in consequence of or principal engineer, and other offiders from the board to the contrac- cers belonging to that corps ; and tor: he was supplied with forage in every district where timber was for his horses from the king's ma- delivered, or carpenter's work done, gazines, at 6d. the ration; and for an officer was appointed by the every horse killed or taken by the board to examine into the goodness enemy, he was to be paid 101. By of the materials, and the execution a contract with Mr. Samuel Tewkel. of the work ; and upon the certifia bury, in the year 1782, the full cate of these officers the demands pay for a horse was reduced to 1s. of the contractors are allowed. old. a day; and the contractor was A fortification is erected by the to pay for a ration the price paid commanding engineer, pursuant to by government, which was 10?d.; an order from the master-general, and he was bound to find jackets, for carrying a project into execua caps, and several other articles, for tion according to an approved plan the horses and drivers, which were and citimate : the cominanding' enin the former contract found by go- gineer forms the erinate for the vernment. The total expence to different species of work by the the public for this service, from the established prices in the office. Since year 778 to the year 1783, ap- October last, proposals have been pears, by an account from the orde delivered to the board, in confenance, to have been 233,3851. 185. quence of advertisements, for sup: 4d.

plying timber and materials, and The check upon the perform- executing differen' species of work ance of this service is intrusted to in the building branch, at a lower the commissary of horle. The rate than the old established prices contractor passes, in the office of in the office : the proposals for the the surveyor-general, a monthly carpenters and bricklayers work at account, containing the number of Plymouth, being at reduced prices, horses, conductors, and drivers, have been agreed to by the board : upon full and half-pay during that the proposals for carpenters work month, with the fums due to hiin at the Tower, and in the Medway for the bire : this account is certi. and Cinque Port divisions, are fied by the commissary of horse ; agreed to, but with a deduction of and the surveyor-general relies upon two and one quarter per cent, from that certificate for the truth of the the proposed prices in the Tower account,

division : those for the Portsmouth Bricks were provided for the division are not yet settled. works at Chatham, in consequence These works are executed part of an advertisement, at one guinea by contract, part by day-labour; per thousand for the bricks, and 35. but no part is executed, and no for the carriage.

materials provided, without the exc Timber has been supplied, and press direction, in writing, of the carpenters work done, for the ser. malier-general, or the board. 'The vice of the ordnance, either by commanding engineer makes the contract pursuant to advertisements, contracts for the different work, or under the fignification of the upon such terms as have been ap.

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proved of by the board : the la. 144,009). 156. for those at Portsbourers he procures himself, and mouth, 297,9031. 8s. and for those settles their wages, either according at Plymouth, 128,1781. 145. 6d. to the usual price of labour in together, 570,0911. 175. 6d. and that country, or at such a rate as from an extract' of an estimate of he can agree for ; if soldiers are the whole expence which will proemployed, the commander in chief bably be incurred in completing regulates their pay: the subaltern the works therein mentioned, preengineers and overseers superintend sented to the house of commons, the execution. That part perform- and transmitted to us by the sur. ed by contract is paid for by mea- veyor-general, it appears, that the surc: the engineer or overseer ap- fum required this year for repairs, pointed to superintend it, makes his in the three divisions of Portr. report every week to the command- mouth, Plymouth and Chatham, ing engineer, of the progress of the amounts tó 68,008). and that the work, and every three months, or expence to the public in complet. oftener, the engineer and overseer, ing certain of the works at Portf. in conjunction with a person on the mouth, will amount to above part of the contractor, measure the 183,0col. and, to render both Portf. work, and fign the measurement; mouth and Plymouth complete, from whence is formed the bill, will require 4 or 500,oool, which contains the species and Gunpowder is manufactured by quantity of the work, and the sums several persons, under contracts due to the several artificers : this with the board of ordnance; the bill, being figned by the command. man factory of Feversham, which ing engineer, and certified by the belongs to government, not being subaltern engineers and overseers, able to furnish them with near the is transmitted to the surveyor-ge- quantity they want. The board neral, as the ground for the pay- fupply the contractor with salt petre. ment to the contractor.

The India company engage by their Labour is paid by the day, and charter to provide for government the fame officers make a report 500 tons every year, if demanded, every day to the commanding en. at 531. per ton in time of war, and gineer of the progress of the work, 451. per ton in time of peace : the fpecifying the materials expended, contractor engages, at the price of and the persons employed ; and il. 7s. 6d. per barrel for workfrom hence are formed the monthly manship, to work Solb. of doublepay lifts ; which being certificd by refined salıpeire into a barrel of iwo or more engineers or overseers, gunpowder of 100lb. neat weight, are a ground for the order of the to hold and undergo the usual proof commanding engineer to the store and survey. Before any gunpow. keeper for payment,

der used by government is received From an account of the sums into the magazines, it undergoes, that have been expended in the by order of the board, a proof aç fortifications at Chatham, Portf- Purfleet. The only established mouth, and Plymouth, from the mode of proof was, by raising a beginning of the year 1770 to the given weight in a frame, called a end of the year 1783, it appears, vertical eprouvette, by a given that the expence to the public, for quantity of powder; but by a course she works at Chatham, has been of experiments lately made, by or


der of the then master-general, with was formerly intrusted to officers in mortars, this mode has been found the civil department of the orde not to be a certain proof of the nance ; the lurveyor-general, with strength and goodness of the pow. other civil officers, were present at der ; for a powder, that with 2 the first day's proof; the board atdrachms would raise the vertical tended the second day : but hy his eprouvetre 4 inches and to, would, majesty's warrant, dated the 24th with 3lb. range a fhell from a 13 of January 1783, this duty is trans

1103 yards only; ferred to the officers of the ar. when another powder, that with tillery ; it is now executed by the the fame quantities would raise the inspector of artilley, with the affifteprouvette only 1 inch and 'ant-inspector, and proof-master. would range the shell, 1112 yards : Every gun undergoes first an the report upon these experiments examination, and then a proof. is now under the confideration of The examination is performed with the board of ordnance. The offi- inftruments calculated to discover cers employed in making and super. errors in the form and position of intending this proof are, the con- the bore, and to ascertain whether troller of the kings laboratory at the construction is agreeable, in Woolwich (or, in his absence, the every respect, to the mould fent as deputy) the chief fire-master, the a partern to the gun-founder. The affilant fire-malter, the store-keeper, proof is, first, two days with gunthe clerk of the survey, and the powder, and a search after each clerk of the check at Purfleet. firing ; then by forcing water into After every proof, a report of the the bore ; and lastly, by an inquantiry and state of the powder spection of the inward surface, proved, figned by the controller, effected by throwing into it a quanthe two fire-masters, and the store. tity of light, by means of a mirror, keeper, is made to the master. which frequently discovers concealgeneral and the board ; who, in ed defects, that escape every other consequence of that report, direct examination and proof. "If the what powder shall be received as ser- gun stands these examinations and viceable into the king's magazines. proofs, to a degree fufficient in the

The ordnance are either of brass judgment of the inspector, it is or iron. All the brass ordnance received into his majelly's stores, are cast in the royal foundry at 'upon a report to the board, signed Woolwich. The iron are cast by by the inspector of artillery, the contract, at foundries in different affitant-inspector, and the proof. parts of the kingdom, and are de- matter. livered to the store-keeper at Wool

From the information we have wich : the contractor is bound to thus collected, relative to the concast them, agreeably to moulds tract and execution, it appears that sent to him by the board, at 181. a the security to the public, for the ton, subject to such survey and faithful performance of the imporproof as the board shall direct ; tant service of the ordnance, rests and if a concealed defect in any one upon the knowledge, attention, and gun is discovered, all the guns be- integrity with which the contracts longing to that contractor, laid are made, and the ability, dilidown for a proof at that time, are gence, and fidelity which superrejected. Superintending the proof intend and guard the execution.



The payments are made either that is in which the services are by the treasu er, or by certain offi- performed ; and as many of those cers intrusted with money to dis- classes taking them in course, next eharge particular services There the month last paid, are ordered for are two modes of payment by the payment, as the ftate of the cash treasurer. the one upon quarter. will allow. Upon every contract books, the other by dehenture. it is understood that the payment The quarter-books are made out of the demands grounded upon it by the clerk of the ordnance, from Mall be in course, unless it is exthe eilahlishmenis and instruments pressly ftipulated that they fhall be of appointment deposited in his of- made with ready money. As the fice ; and contain the names of the debentures are diitinguished, fo are oficers, and the salaries, allowthe orders for payment; the ready moanccs, or wages, annexed to the ney debentures are directed to be orces, or exprefied in the appoint- paid by letters of payment; the dements : these quarter-books, hav- bentures in course, by lifts. The ing been figned by three board- clerk of the ordnance lays before officers, are transmitted every quarevery board a state of the cath, with ter to the treasurer for payment.-- an account which of the ready moThe debentures are formed by the ney debentures require payment, fame officer, from bills sent to him and what sums should be advanced by the surveyor-general. Every on account ; and if the cash be demand upon the ordnance is exa- sufficient, he likewise produces to mined and compared with the vou- them an account of the amount of chers in the office of the surveyor the debentures made out in course, general, and musi receive his allows for as many months next succeed. arce, be then reduces it into the ing the month lait paid, as the forma of a bill, and sends it to the cash will discharge. The board havclerk of the ordnance, who from ing ordered for payment such of thence makes out the debenture, the ready money debentures as they procures to it the signature of the judge expedient; the clerk of the board-officers, and delivers it to ordnance prepares and sends to the the person entitled ; and when or. board the official letters : cach of dereł by the board for payment, them contains the date of the deit is discharged by the trafürer. benture it orders him to discharge,

The debentures are of two kinds the fum, and the person to whom

ready money — and in course. payable: and must be signed by This distinction is grounded upon the clerk of the ordnance, and two the time when the holder becomes more of the board-officers. The entitled to receive his money ; that board having likewise determined time is çither expressed or implied the numbers of months they intend in the contract. The ready money to pay of the debentures in course, debenture is to be paid as foon as always taking the months in reguit can be made out, or as soon after lar súccelsion, the clerk of the ord. as the board have money to pay it. pance makes out a list of those dc. For the debentures in course there bentures : this list must be figned is no limited time of payment: by three board-officers, and is re: when the board are supplied with tained in the office. A copy of it, money for this service, these de- figned by him alone, is sent to the bentures are classed according to treasurer. Public notice is given the months in which they bear date, when money is odered for the payby him.

ment of debentures in course ; and of the board of ordnance, who ifa litt of all the debentures of both fues íuins to him from time to time, kinds, that are in course of pay, on account, for these purposes. The ments, is hung up in the hall of fublistence and contingencies of the the office of ordnance. The other artillery serving in America, and officers intru'sed with the payment the West Indies, are paid by piye of money are the messenger to the masters relident there, and appuint. board - the paymatter to the ar- ed by the board to that service tillery - the commiffary and the those in Canada obrain the fums paymatter to the train of artillery they want by drawing upon the lerving abroad and, the ttore. pay master at home; the reit either keeper at an out-port or garrison. draw upon the board of ordnance,

Mr. John Daniel Lauzun, the or receive their money by remit. messenger to the board, gave us tances from contractors : but all an account of the payments made these sumns, by whatever means they

This officer is employed obtain them, are charged to the to pay the wages of the furbilliers, account of the paymaster at home; artificers, and labourers at the for he is paymatter of the whole Tower, the land and window tax corps of artillery ; and, therefore, for the Tower, the ttoppages of he examines and passes the accounts artificers belonging to the train of of those paymasters abroad, as far artillery serving abroad, and fome as relates to the subsistence and other finall expences of course, to- contingencies, and passes himsek gether with whatever other articles: the accounts of the whole corps in he receives the particular orders of the office of the surveyor-generalthe boatd to discharge. Upon appli. This office having been executed cation to them, and laying before by two perfons, we required from them the state of his call, they direct them an account of the public momoney to be imprefted to him forthele ney remaining in their hands, cuf. purposes. The bills for the furbish- tody or power, as paymasters to ers, artificers, and labours, are paid the royal artillery. The account every month; and cach bill has the returned to us is dated the 31st of fignature of some particular offi- March 1984, and fates to be due cers, or whom the board rely for to them froin the board, a balance the truth of the articles contained of 15,056l. ks. 11d.: this bain it. Every fix months, the ac- lance contists of an issued sublist. counts of the messenger are passed ence advanced by them, and sums by the surveyor-general, and his due to them for agency and fala- . imprelis vacated.

ries. The subtiitence inued by the Richard Bethel Cox, esq. who board to the paymatter is computed has been employed in the office of upon the eliablishment at hone, a:d the late paymaster of the artillery, in the Mediterranean; but there gave us information relative to the are others of the corps for whom business transacted in that depart. he is obliged to issue fubtii ence; ment. The paymaster of the ar- such as foldiers doing duty at home, tillery pays the monthly fubfiiience but belonging to the compa.ies a• of the corps of artillery at home, broad, and fupernumeraries mur and in the Mediterranean, and de- tered with the companies at home, frays the contingent expences of bue designed to recruit the compa. that corps, pursuant to the orders nies abroadí for theię the borad

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