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party charged of the only means of Impelled at once by duty and defence which can acquit him upon inclination, your majeily's faithful his appeal.

citizens of London are happy in That said bill obliges persons tendering an unfeigned aflurance accused to answer to interrogato- of their affe&tion and zeal for ries by bill, and criminate them- your majesty's person and governfelves.

The faid bill empowers justices Deeply sensible of the value and to grant warrants to apprehend importance of your majesty's life persons who neglect attending as to the prosperity of your kingdoms, witnesses, though such persons and of the unspeakable afiction may never have received any fum- which your people would have mons, and may at the time such sustained by its mournful terminafummons is left at their house or tion, the late horrid occurrence lodging, be absent in a distant part (which threatened that national of the country:

calamity) could not fail to excite For these reasons, and because in their minds a proportionate ayour lordship’s petitioners under. larm; but more particularly painstand that said bill passed through ful and severe were their sensations, the honourable the house of com- on reflecting that your majesty's mons in great hurry, and at times gracious attention to the petitions when very few members were pre- of your subjects had proved the fent, your lordship's petitioners lamentable cause of exposing your humbly hope your lordships will facred person to danger. take this petition into considera- Permit us, royal fir, to add our tion, and not pass this bill into a most fervent



your law.

reign may continue long and profAnd your lordfhip's petitioners perous over free, happy, and unitThall ever pray.

ed subjects ; and that your descendants may transmit the blessings the

nation now enjoys to the latest The Address of the Lord Mayor, poterity,

Aldermen, Sheriff's, and Common Signed, by order of court,
Council of the City of London, pre-

WILLIAM Rix. fented to bis Majesty on Friday, August 11, 1786, on the Occasion

ANSWER. of bis happy Escape from AF

I receive, with the greatest pleanation. Moit Gracious Sovereign,

sure, the very affectionate cxpref

sions of your duty and attachment WE, your majesty's dutiful and

to me, and thank you for your loyal subjects, the lord mayor, aldermen, and commons of the city, tial deliverance from the attack

congratulations upon the providenof London, in common council

which has been lately made upon afsembled, humbly approach the

my person : those professions cantirone with our moit fincere congratulations on the providential

not but be acceptable to me from deliverance manifested in the failure my loyal city of London, to whom of that outrageous attempt which

I am always difpofed to thew fo lately endangered your majesty's every mark of attention and reroyal perfon.



It would be unbecoming in any The Address of the Bifhof of London, order of men, it would be peculi

Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, and Clergy of the Cities of London arly offensive in ours, to approach

your Majelly on this occahon with and Westminster.

the language of adulation ; but they To the KING's moft Excellent who are in the smallest degree acMajesty.

quainted with the uniformly moral Most Gracious Sovereign, and religious tenor of your majerWE, your majesty's most dutiful ty's private life, ard who reflect as and loyal subjects, the bishop of they ought, on the many invaluable London, the dean and chapter of bleisings this nation experiences unSt. Paul's, and the clergy of the der your majesty's mild and patercities of London and Westminfter, nal government, will not, we are impressed with a deep sense of the confident, charge us with tranfgreffmany and invaluable blessings which ing the stricteit bounds of truth, We enjoy under your majetty's mild when we say, that the loss of such and auspicious government, the an example, and such a sovereign, great advantage which religion has would have been one of the feverever received from your counte. eit calamities with which heaven nance and protection, and the con- could have afflicted this land : whatftant support which morality has ever difference of sentiments there derived from your example, cannot may be on other points, on this we but feel ourselves particularly inte. believe there is but one opinion. rested in the safety of your majes. It affords us some consolation to ty's life ; and we beg leave to pre- know that the fole contriver of this fent to your majesty our most fin- frantic design was nothing more cere congratulations on its late pro- than a wretched maniac; a circumvidential preservation

ftance, however, from which we We have returned our thanks to may draw this awful lesson, that God for this instance of his good- not only the felicity, but the very ness to your majefty ; and we shall existence of the greatest potentates, not fail continually to pray to God, and the moít flourishing empires, that that life which he has thus fig. may be endangered by the feebleit nally protected, may long be con- agents, and that in God alone is tinued to your majesty in uninter- their security and refuge. rupted health and prosperity. The recent proof he has been

pleased to give us of this great

truth demands the warmest and deThe Address of the Bifup and Clergy nels. And alarmed as all our fears

vouteft expreffions of our thankfulof the Diocese of Chifter.

have just been, by feeling ourselves WE, your majesty's most dutiful on the very brink of destruction, and loyal subjects, the bishop, the we implore with redoubled ardour dean and chapter, and the clergy the almighty Ruler of the universe, of the diocese of Chetter, beg per. that he would still continue the mission to offer to your majelty our fame watchful care over your mafinceret congratulations on the late jetty's perfon, which he has already providential deliverance of your manifcited in fo fignal an instance; royal person from the hand of an and that he would grant your maaffailin.

jesty and your royal family, a long


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enjoyment of that peace, prosperi- tery or insincerits, when we avow, ty, and general satisfaction, which in the face of the world, that we his bletling on your majesty's coun. believe there is not a fingle person cils has visibly diffused through e- in your majeily's dominions who very part of your dominions.

will not join with us in thanking God for this instance of his good

ncss towards you, and in praying The Add ef of the Bifhop and Ciergy that he will long continue to us the of the Diocese of Landaff.

happiness, and the liberti, civil

and religious, which we enjoy un. To the KING's mul Excellent der your majesty's government.

Majesty. Mift Gracivus Sovereign, We, the bishop, the archdeacon and chapter, and the clergy of the The Address of the Bishop and Clergy dioccie of Landaif, your majeity's

of the Diocese of St. Afaph. loyal and dutiful subjects, humbly To the KING's moft Excellent intreat your majetiy graciously to

Majifty. accept our faithitul congratulations WE, the bifhop, dean and chapon th• protection which the god ter, and clergy of the diocese of providence of God has lately vouch- St. Alaph, alk leave, with unfeignlated to your majefly from the at. ed and loyal humility, to congratutack of an insane aflaltiin.

late your majeily on your late deThe mildnets of your majesty's liverance from the knife of the af. governinent, united with the ex- faffin. When luch dangers are someemplary probity and coudelcenfion times permitted to threaten the of your private life, can have left greatest of the sons of men, we are your majelly no deliberate cremies, authorized by scripture to regard no apprehenfion of danger from the then as the awful admonitions of malice of any of your Tubjects. In Providence to contider the importthe late calamitous event your ma- ance of their duty, and the uncer. jeity will feel a comfort, which is tainty of the iime allotted to fulfil tully felt by all your people, from it. May your majelly's mind te knowing that the Land of violence always duly impressed with a reliwas not aimed again your maje!- gious sense of those virtues and ty's life by the spirit of public fac- public services which the highest of fion or private discontent.

all human stations requires at your The worit of kings, in every hands. May you always possess age and country, have been encou- those powers of mind, and that raged by the adulatory addresses of enlarged and active benevolence, fagicious men to perievere in the which are requisite to prelide with modes of government deltructive to wisdom orer a people that was once the freedom and felicity of man- vistuous, and that is still generous, kind; fincerity and truth have been brave, and enlightened. In offering in this way, 10 of en facriticed on up these prayers we depart not from the altar of private interest, is al- our character as blameless ministers most to render fufpicious the pro- of the gospel, and we will to enfeflions of honelt men on the faireit rich your majesty with greater bleftoccalions; yet, on this occasion, ings than is in the power of flat. We feas not the being accused of fat- tery to invent; we wish you the




glory, the virtue, and the heaven. the divine interference which your ly prerogative of making a great ma efty devoutly feels, might be people happy under a mild, uncor. deeply imprefled on the hearts of rupt, and able government; and all your subjects. we include in our wishes the lasting Permit us, Sir, to add, that our security and splendor of your royal joy on this occafion is grea'ly house; that warm attachment and heightened, by reflecting that the fidelity in your subjects which only horrid stroke your majesty so hapo the sense of their own happiness pily escaped was guided not by the can inspire. And may that happi- hand of premeditated malice, but nefs erery day increase, by a gene- of compastionable insanity: the re. ral imitation of those amiable do- pole which this contideration justly meltic virtues of which your ma- creates in your majesty's breait and jesty and your royal consort have that of your royal confort, cannot given the world so fair an example. fuil of affording the highest satisfac

tion to your people, whose happi. ness is intimately connected with

that of their fovereign. The Address of the Proteftant Dilfenting Minifiers in and about the this opportunity of affuring your

With great pleasure we embrace Cities of London and Westminster.

majesty of our affectionate and inMoft Gracious Sovereign, violable attachment to your person WE, your Majesty's molt dutiful and government; nor will we ceale and loyal subjects, the protestant Sir, to offer our most ardent prayer dislenuing ministers in and about the to Almighty God, that your life cities of London and Westminfter, may be protracted, under the finiles beg leave to approach your royal of Providence, to the moit distant person with our' warneit congratul- period; and that the crown your lations on the late signal interpofi- majeity received from your illustrition of divine providence in favour ous ancestors, may detiend, adornof your majeti y's invaluable life: ed with all their and your princely an event which has afforded joy to virtues, to your latent puiterity. all your majeity's faithful subjects, and to none more than the proteitant diftinters, who look up with affectionate reverence to the dirtin

The All ofs of the Cathulicks of

Ireland. guilhed virtues of their fovereign, and who feel themselves happy in Vay it please your majesty, the enjoyinent of their civil and re- WE, your majetty's most dutiful ligious liberries, which have receir- and loyal fubjects,' the catholicks ed fo memorable a confirmation and of Ireland, humbly beg leave to enlargement fince your inajesty's approach the throne with our moit accettion to the throne of these lincere congratulations on your makingdoms.

jeity's happy and providential eTo that Great Being, whose arm scape from the late horrid attack so graciously thielded your majef- on your sacred perion. ty's perfon in the moment of din- It gives us the most poignant and ger,' we have offered our most heartielt pain, that an attempt fo grateful acknowledgments; tervent- bate and degenerate could be made ly prying, that the like tense of againit the life of the most sender 6


father of his people ; and we are lic subjects, feel an additional joy confoled only in believing that it from the grateful remembrance we proceeded from intanity of mind constantly have, that whatever haprather than de pravity of heart. py change has been made in our fi

Truly grateful for the essential tuation in this kingdom is chiefly benefits we have received during owing to your majetty's paternal atyour majesty's auspicious reign, we tention to us. mult feel ourselves particularly in- Our joy, may it please your materested in every circumitance that jelly, would have been as complete regards the welfare of the best of on the present occasion as any husovereigns; and permit us to assure man event could make it, but for your majeity of our utmost abhore the allay it receives in the affliction rence and detetation of every at. brought upon us by the tumultuous tempt to ditiurb your private peace, meetings of some of the lowest class or the public tranquillity of your in this province. Yet, at the farne dominions.

time that we bemoan the unwarrant. We fupplicate the Supreme Be- able excesses of a misguided rabble, ing to grant to your majeily a long it is no small comfort to us to think, and happy reign; and to continue that we have not been wanting in the crown of these realms to your what depended on us to prevent and illustrious house unto its latelt po- to remedy thele evils. Our contterity.

Itant endeavours to promote religion, peace, and good order have

not been altogether fruitless; whatThe Address of the Superiors of the

ever be the guilt of the deluded Roman Catholick Clergs of the Pro. people who now disturb the publie vince of Munster.

tranquillity, we have the heartfelt

fatistaction of being convinced that May it please your majesty, not a shadow of ditaffection to your WE, your majeity's moit faith- majesty's person or government is ful subjects, the superiors of the imputable to them. Roman Catholic Clergy in the pro- We hope that the prudent meavince of Muniter, having offered up sures, the firm yet merciful exerour fervent thanks to the Almigh'y tions adopted by those entrusted here God for your majesty's happy clcape with your majesty's authority, will from the horrid attempt made on be cflicient to put a stop to the liyour majesty's most facred person, centious misdeeds of an unruly mulpresume, in all humility, to present, rude, and to provide efiectually a. at the foot of your royal throne, in gainit a repetition of them. the name of the Roman Catholic Ne, on our parts, thall contiClergy of this province, our moit nue to employ our most zealous dutilul and loyal congratulations on efforts to impress those under our such a fignal interpolition of divine influence with a sense of confcienprovidence.

tivus subordination to the laws, and Whilst in this expression of our to exhort them ever to follow that duty to your majesty, we join in the peaceful, industrious, upright line universal exultation of all ranks of of conduct, which alone can beour fellow-subjects for the preser- come them, and which the religion vation of a well-beloved sovereign, they proteis, as well as their gratiwe, your majetty's Roman Catho. tude, dictate to be due to the juf


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