Studies in Mediæval History

Sprednja platnica
J.B. Lippincott & Company, 1882 - 461 strani

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Stran 119 - is the key of heaven and hell; a drop of blood shed in the cause of God, a night spent under arms, is of more avail, than two months of fasting and prayer. Whosoever falls in battle, his sins are forgiven. At the day of judgment, his wounds shall be resplendent as vermilion, and odoriferous as musk; and the loss of his limbs shall be replaced by the wings of angels and cherubim.
Stran 330 - In a villa overhanging the towers of Florence, on the steep slope of that lofty hill crowned by the mother city, the ancient Fiesole, in gardens which Tully might have envied, with Ficino, Landino, and Politian at his side, he delighted his hours of leisure with the beautiful visions of Platonic philosophy, for which the summer stillness of an Italian sky appears the most congenial accompaniment.
Stran 309 - Italia! oh Italia! thou who hast The fatal gift of beauty, which became A funeral dower of present woes and past, On thy sweet brow is sorrow plough'd by shame, And annals graved in characters of flame. Oh, God! that thou wert in thy nakedness Less lovely or more powerful, and couldst claim Thy right, and awe the robbers back, who press To shed thy blood, and drink the tears of thy distress...
Stran 411 - ... life, liberty or property; except by the judgment of his peers or the law of the land; nor shall any person under any circumstances be exiled from the State.
Stran 460 - ... be soothed. His first use of this dearly-bought power was to make blind Homer sing to him. Amphion tunes his harp in concert with Mephistopheles. Alexander rises from the dead at his behest, with all his legionaries ,*and Helen is given to him for a bride. Faustus is therefore a parable of the impotent yearnings of the spirit in the Middle Ages — its passionate aspiration, its conscience-stricken desire, its fettered curiosity amid the cramping limits of imperfect knowledge and irrational dogmatism.
Stran 462 - The essence of humanism consisted in a new and vital perception of the dignity of man as a rational being apart from theological determinations, and in the further perception that classic literature alone displayed human nature in the plenitude of intellectual and moral freedom.
Stran 277 - The Holy Roman Church and the Holy Roman Empire are one and the same thing in two aspects ; and Catholicism, the principle of the universal Christian society, is also Romanism ; that is, rests upon Rome as the origin and type of its universality, manifesting itself in a mystic dualism which corresponds to the two natures of its Founder. As divine and eternal, its head is the pope, to whom souls have been intrusted ; as human and temporal, the emperor, commissioned to rule men's bodies and acts.
Stran 404 - ... guilt incurred by mishap. He could call on them for assistance in case of violence or wrong : if falsely accused, they appeared in court as his compurgators ; if poor, they supported, and when dead they buried him. On the other hand, he was responsible to them, as they were to the State, for order and obedience to the laws. A wrong of brother against brother was also a wrong against the general body of the gild, and was punished by fine, or in the last resort by expulsion which left the offender...
Stran 183 - Trier, the king of Bohemia, the duke of Saxony, the margrave of Brandenburg, and the count palatine of the Rhine.
Stran 384 - ... but still with Aristotle and the Arabians admitted to the honour of a hearing ; not regarded as odious, impious, and godless, but listened to with respect, discussed with freedom, refuted with confessed difficulty. With all its seeming outward submission to authority, Scholasticism at last was a tacit universal insurrection against authority ; it was the swelling of the ocean before the storm ; it began to assign bounds to that which had been the universal allembracing domain of Theology. It...

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