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direction. || 3. China shall engage herself not to open, of her own accord, new ports or towns in Manchuria, without giving previous notice to the Russian Government, nor shall she permit foreign Consuls to reside in those towns or ports. || 4. The authority of foreigners who may be engaged by China for the administration of any affairs whatever, shall not be permitted to extend over any affairs in Northern Provinces (including Chile), where Russia has the predominant interests. || In case China desires to engage foreigners for the administration of affairs in Northern Provinces, special offices shall be established for the control of Russians: for instance, no authority over the mining affairs of Mongolia and Manchuria shall be given to foreigners who may be engaged by China for the administration of mining affairs; such authority shall be left entirely in the hands of Russian experts. || 5. As long as there exists a telegraph line at Newchwang and Port Arthur, the Newchwang-Peking line shall be maintained, as the telegraph line at Newchwang and Port Arthur and throughout Shangkieng Province is under Russian control

, and its connection with her line on the Chinese telegraph poles at Newchwang, Port Arthur, and Peking is of the utmost importance. || 6. After restoring Newchwang to the Chinese local authorities, the Customs receipts there shall, as at present, be deposited with the RussoChinese Bank. || 7. After the evacuation of Manchuria, the rights which have been acquired in Manchuria by Russian subjects and foreign Companies during Russian occupation shall remain unaffected; moreover, as Russia is duty-bound to insure the life of the people residing in all the regions traversed by the Railway, it is necessary, in order to provide against the spread of epidemic diseases in the Northern Provinces by the transportation of passengers and goods by railway train, to establish at Newchwang a quarantine office after the restoration of the place to China; the Russian Civil Administrators will consider the best means to attain that end. Russians only shall be employed at the posts of Commissioner of Customs and Customs Physician, and they shall be placed under the control of the Inspector-General of the Imperial Maritime Customs. These officials shall perform their duties conscientiously, shall protect the interests of the Imperial Maritime Customs, and shall exhaust their efforts in preventing the spread of those diseases into the Russian territories. Permanent Sanitary Board, presided by Customs Taotai, shall be established. The foreign Consuls, Commissioner of Customs, Customs Physician, and Agent of Chinese Eastern Railway Company, shall be Councillors of the Board. As regards the establishment of the Board and the management of its affairs, the Customs Taotai shall consult with

the Russian Consul, and the Customs Taotai shall devise the best means to obtain funds necessary for the purpose.

April 27, 1903.

Nr. 13090. GROSSBRITANNIEN. Der Gesandte in Peking an

den Minister des Ausw. China hat die russischen Forderungen abgelehnt. Rußland stellt neue Bedingungen.

Peking, April 30, 1903. (April 30.) (Telegraphic.) || Manchurian evacuation. || Your Lordship’s telegram of the 24th instant. || I was informed by Prince Ching, at an interview which I have just had with his Highness, that Chinese Government had refused Russian conditions in an official note, and that request proffered yesterday by Russian Chargé d'Affaires, that each condition might be answered separately, had been verbally refused. A note was thereupon presented by Russian Chargé d'Affaires to the effect that his Government wished to be reassured as to the following reports: – || 1. That therewas an intention to assimilate the administration of Mongolia to the administration at present in force in China proper. || 2. That a cession of territory to some foreigo Power in the Liao River district was contemplated by China. || 3. That foreign Consuls were to be appointed in other places in Manchuria with China's permission.

In reply, the Prince stated that there had never been any question of ceding territory in the Liao River district to a foreign Power, that the question of altering the administrative system of Mongolia was not under consideration for the present, as, although the matter had been discussed, the Throne had refused its assent; and that the extent of the development of the trade of Manchuria could alone decide the question of the opening of Treaty ports, and the appointment of foreign Consuls which would probably result therefrom. A note will be sent to-day embodying this reply. || This answer the Russian Chargé d'Affaires promised to communicate to his Government. He stated that the delay in the evacuation was due to the military party in Russia, but he thought that the explanations given would suffice to allay their anxiety, and added that in his opinion Newchwang would shortly be evacuated.

Nr. 13091. GROSSBRITANNIEN. Der Minister des Ausw. an

den Gesandten in Peking. Wünscht Nachrichten über die Zölle von Niutschwang.

Foreign Office, April 30, 1903. (Telegraphic.) || Newchwang Customs. || Please inform me what the exact position of the revenues in after they have been paid into the Russo-Chinese Bank. || Considering the fact that Maritime Customs revenues are assigned to loans and balance to indemnity, how were Chinese Government justified in consenting to the deduction of the Railway claim?

Nr. 13092. GROSSBRITANNIEN. - Der Minister des Ausw. an

den Botschafter in Petersburg. Erklärung des russischen Botschafters über die Räumung.

Foreign Office, May 1, 1903. Sir, || The Russian Ambassador called upon me to-day, and, in reply to the inquiries which I had addressed to him on the 29th April (see my despatch of the 29th ultimo), made to me a statement to the following effect:

|| The information which had reached the British Government as to the conditions required for the evacuation of Manchuria was not at all correct. || The discussions which are proceeding at Peking concern Manchuria alone, and have reference to certain guarantees which are indispensable for the purpose of securing the most important Russian interests in the province, after the withdrawal of the troops. || As for measures which might tend to excluding foreign Consuls, or obstructing foreign commerce and the use of ports, such measures are far from entering into the intention of the Imperial Government. || They consider, on the contrary, that the development of foreign commerce is one of the main objects for which the Russian Government have undertaken the construction of lines of railway in that part of the world. || I thanked his Excellency for his communication, which would, I told him, be received with satisfaction in this country.


Nr. 13093. GROSSBRITANNIEN. - Der Gesandte in Peking an den Minister des Ausw. Antwort auf Nr. 13091.

Peking, May 2, 1903. (May 2.) (Telegraphic.) || With reference to your Lordship’s telegram of the 30th ultimo. || I learn from Manager of Russo-Chinese Bank that, by

order of Russian Government, the Newchwang customs revenues are paid into the bank; and that until orders are received from St. Petersburgh as to their disposal, they will be held in deposit. The Chinese Government will eventually be rendered an account of them. The sources of revenue named in the Protocol are not specially devoted to the purpose of indemnity payments, though they are considered as securities in case of default. These payments are furnished by the various provinces, and each province is held responsible for a fixed amount. The present mode of payment has not been objected to by any Power.

Nr. 13094. GROSSBRITANNIEN. Der Minister des Ausw. an

den Gesandten in Peking. Welche Küsten zölle in Niutschwang bleiben frei von russischer Kontrolle?

Foreign Office, May 2, 1903. (Telegraphic.) || Newchwang customs. || With reference to your telegram of to-day, please let me know whether customs revenues will be free from Russian control after evacuation, into what bank they will be paid, and whether they will be paid to the credit of the Chinese Government.


Der Gesandte in Peking an den Minister des Ausw. Antwort auf das vorige.

Peking, May 3, 1903. (May 3.) (Telegraphic.) || Manchuria. Your Lordship's telegram of yesterday. || The subject of No. 6 of the conditions denied by Russia is the question of the banking of the Newchwang customs after evacuation, and condition is as follows: – ,The Russo-Chinese Bank will continue to fulfil, as at

- || „ present, the functions of the Customs Bank at Newchwang after the transfer of that port to the Chinese Administration."

Nr. 13096. GROSSBRITANNIEN. - Der Minister des Ausw. an

den Gesandten in Peking. Die Küstenzölle sollen nicht in die russisch-chinesische Bank gezahlt werden.

Foreign Office, May 4, 1903. (Telegraphic.) || Newchwang customs revenues. Your telegram of the 3rd May. || You should keep the point before the Chinese Government. They should maintain their refusal to allow the revenues to be paid into the Russo - Chinese Bank after evacuation, or, if this is much longer delayed, for an indefinite period.

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Nr. 13097. GROSSBRITANNIEN. - Der Gesandte in Peking an

den Minister des Ausw. Die Mandschurei wird den Fremden geöffnet.

Peking, May 5, 1903. (May 5. (Telegraphic.) || Following telegram from His Majesty's Consul at Newchwang, with reference to your Lordship’s telegram of the 2nd instant:„Notification was to the effect that Russian military permits are no longer necessary for foreigners in the interior. Statement is justified to this extent. Excepting Feng-huang and Liao-yang, troops withdrawn from all towns.“


Nr. 13098. GROSSBRITANNIEN. Derselbe Denselben.

Weitere Verhandlungen zwischen Rußland und
China über die Mandschurei.

Peking, May 8, 1903. (May 8.) (Telegraphic.) || Manchuria. My telegram of the 30th ultimo. || I am informed that a fourth question, respecting the employment of foreign advisers in Manchuria was put to Prince Ching by Russian Chargé d'Affaires, who asked whether the engagement of such advisers was contemplated by China. || In reply, Prince Ching stated that in Manchuria no foreign advisers were employed at present.

Nr. 13099. GROSSBRITANNIEN. - Der Botschafter in Peters

burg an den Minister des Ausw. Unterredung mit Lamsdorff. Rußland wird seine Versprechungen erfüllen.

St. Petersburgh, May 14. 1903. (May 18.) (Extract.) || In the course of conversation yesterday Count Lamsdorff said that he had been thoroughly astounded and perplexed by the exaggerated reports and the campaign of accusations of Russia which had been appearing in the English and American press lately. || M. de Witte had a few days ago asked him if he could in any way account for the reports of military movements to the Yalu River and reoccupation and fortification of Newchwang, which had created something like a panic

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