Address on the History of California, from the Discovery of the Country to the Year 1849: Delivered Before the Society of California Pioneers, at Their Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Admission of the State of California Into the Union

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Printed at the Alta California Job Office, 1860 - 72 strani

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Stran 10 - There is no part of earth here to be taken up, wherein there is not some probable show of gold or silver.
Stran 54 - Reverend Father: — I understand, through the medium of one of your Christian Indians, that you are anxious to know who we are, as some of the Indians have been at the Mission and informed you that there were certain white people in the country. We are Americans, on our journey to the River Columbia ; we were in at the Mission San Gabriel in January...
Stran 50 - Thus at once bereaved of her lover, and disappointed in her hope of becoming a pledge of friendship between Russia and Spain, Donna Conception assumed the habit, but not, I believe, the formal vows, of a nun, dedicating her life to the instruction of the young and the consolation of the sick.
Stran 67 - Mexican settlements, a few months before. The colony on the Sacramento necessarily sympathized with Fremont : and rumors, more or less well founded, began to run through the valley, of hostile intentions towards all the American settlers. But resentment and anticipations of evil were not the sole cause of this movement. There can not now be a doubt...
Stran 22 - Fages, addressed to each of them separately — that is, the original is given to Villa under the signature of Galvez, and a copy to Fages. They are long and minute. The first article declares that the first object of the expedition is to establish the " Catholic religion among a numerous heathen people, submerged in the obscure darkness of paganism, to extend the dominion of the King our lord, and to protect this peninsuk from the ambitious views of foreign nations.
Stran 55 - I am a long ways from home, and am anxious to get there as soon as the nature of the case will admit. Our situation is quite unpleasant, being destitute of clothing and most of the necessaries of life, wild meat being our principal subsistence. "I am, reverend father, your strange but real friend and Christian brother, "JS SMITH.
Stran 11 - General set up a monument of our being there, as also of her Majesty's...
Stran 49 - ... earthquakes have been felt in this Presidio, some of which have been so severe that all the walls of my house have been cracked, owing to the bad construction of the same, one of the ante-chambers being destroyed ; and if up to this time no greater damage lias been done, it has been for the want of materials to destroy, there being no other habitations.
Stran 64 - Artillery, to guard this point, &c.. &c." And here is another of the same period. It now appears that the Americans who sided with Alvarado had fallen under suspicion and into disfavor at about the time that their chief made up his differences with the Central Government and received his commission as Governor ad interim. They were all arrested, some fifteen or twenty perhaps, it is said by surprise, and sent to Mexico. Amongst them was Mr. Isaac Graham, of Santa Cruz. This paper will also serve...
Stran 64 - Jose Castro to Governor Alvarado, dated the 28th of March, 1838. " I have the honor to announce to your Excellency, that after two days continual firing without having lost but one man, the enemy took to flight, under cover of night, numbering one hundred and ten men ; and I have determined to dispatch one company of mounted Infantry, under the command of Captain Villa, and another of Cavalry lancers, under the command of Captain Cota, in their pursuit, remaining myself, witi the rest of the division,...

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