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iUniverse, 1. avg. 2004 - 110 strani
Nearly five hundred years after Sir Thomas More first recorded Raphael Hythloday's account of a five year stay on the island nation of Utopia, political intrigue, human sexuality, and religious liberty collide in "Utopia Revisited" to deliver a frightening glimpse into a world that could be ours.

Martin Guerin, a Vatican Ambassador, travels to the island nation of Utopia in hopes of staying the execution of Atavus Tyburn Ataraktos, a political prisoner charged with sedition and treason against the Utopian government. However, Ambassador Guerin soon finds himself embroiled in a political and philosophical debate with Sir Blabben Quacksalver, a member of Utopia's Parliament, as the two prepare to meet with the Minister of Justice, Ms. Anomie Prudentia, prior to the scheduled televised execution.

""Utopia Revisited" portrays a very real blueprint for a Utopian existence and, in a startling fashion, clearly demonstrates that there is no right way to do a wrong thing, even under the guise of law or in the name of progress and tolerance."
--Tim Klingler, Esq., member of the St. Thomas More Society of Southwestern Indiana

A hallmark of soft totalitarianism is the subjugation of the individual, all done in the name of personal freedom.--Atavus Ataraktos


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The Sacred and Profane
APPENDIX A Commentary on Contemporary Society by Atavus
APPENDIX B An excerpt from The Declaration of Independence
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