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Private Bills-Close of the Session of Parliament--King's Speech

Proclamation enforcing the Foreign Enlistment Act--Commercial Embarrassments-Failures - Panic in the Money-Market East INDIES-Operations of Sir Archibald Campbell His advance towards Prome-Repulse of General Cotton at Donabew-Return of

Sir A. Campbell to Donaben-Capture of Donabew--Occupation of Prome-Subjugation of Assam and Arracan-Sir A. Campbell remains in Quarters at Prome - Armistice with the Burmese Negotiations.

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MORE than ordinary share “My Lords and Gentlemen,

" The business of the Session of the legislature was occupied being now brought to a concluduring the present session, in the sion, we are commanded by his consideration of private bills. So Majesty to express the great satisgreat was the passion for Joint- faction which he feels in releasing stock companies, and so abundant you from your laborious attendthe capital which was ready to ance in Parliament. seek employment in schemes of “ His Majesty returns you his local improvement, and in forming warmest acknowledgments for the new channels of internal commu- zeal and assiduity with which you nication by means of rivers, canals, have prosecuted 'the inquiries into and rail-roads, that four hundred the state of Ireland, which he reand thirty-eight petitions for pri- commended to you at the opening vate bills were presented, and two of the Session. hundred and eighty-six private acts “It is a particular gratification were passed. The conduct of the to his Majesty, that the tranquilcommittees, to whom some of these lity and improved condition of that private bills was referred, was the part of the United Kingdom have subject of loud and well merited rendered the extraordinary powers complaint. Many members of the with which you had invested his House of Commons seemed, in the Majesty no longer necessary for exercise of this part of their func- the public safety. tions, frequently to forget that “His Majesty is happy to be they had any public trust or duty able to announce to you, that he to discharge, and gave their votes receives from all Foreign Powers for or against a scheme, entirely the strongest assurances of their as it coincided, or was inconsistent friendly disposition towards this with, any private interest of their country, and of their desire to own, or of their friends.

maintain the general peace. On the 6th of July, the session “While his Majesty regrets the was terminated by commission. On continuance of the war in the that occasion, the lord chancellor East Indies with the Burmese goas one of the commissioners, delic vernment, he trusts that the galvered the following Speech : lant exertions of the British and

native forces employed in opera- quence of the remonstrances of the tions in the enemy's territory may Turkish government, to the conlead to a speedy and satisfactory duct which was pursued here in termination of the contest. relation to assisting the Greeks

“Gentlemen of the House of against their oppressors: and on Commons,

the 30th of September, a procla“We have it in command from mation was published, enforcing his Majesty to thank you for the the provisions of the foreign-enSupplies which you have granted listment act. This proclamation, to him for the service of the pre- after reciting the king's declaration sent year, and at the same time to of neutrality in the contest beexpress the satisfaction which he tween the Porte and the Greeks, derives from the reduction you and suggesting that, if British subhave found it practicable to makejects contravened such declarations, in the burthens of his people. not only might our sincerity be

My Lords and Gentlemen, reasonably questioned, but peace“ His Majesty has commanded able and unoffending subjects in us to assure you, that he is highly foreign parts might be exposed to sensible of the advantages which unavoidable violence by way of must result from the measures you retaliation for acts in which they have adopted in the course of this had no share, it went on to state, session, for extending the com- that intelligence had been received merce of his subjects by the re- by government, that attempts were moval of unnecessary and incon- making to induce certain of his venient restrictions, and from the majesty's subjects to fit out ships beneficial relaxations which you of war, and to serve in them under have deemed it expedient to intro- the flag of Greece, for the capture duce into the colonial system of and spoliation of Turkish property. this country

It then pointed out the direct con“ These measures, his Majesty tradiction of such proceedings to is persuaded, will evince to his the provisions of the foreign-ensubjects in those distant possessions, listment bill; and concluded by the solicitude with which Parlia- strictly commanding that no person ment watches over their welfare: whatever should take part in the they tend to cement and consoli- hostilities referred to, under pain date the interests of the colonies of incurring the penalties imposed with those of the mother country, by the statute,

It was accompaand his Majesty confidently trusts nied by an order in council, which, that they will contribute to pro- after reciting the 27th of Geo. 2nd, mote that general and increasing forbade the exportation of cannon, prosperity, on which his Majesty mortars, shot, or shells of any

dehad the happiness of congratulating scription, during the six months you on the opening of the present from the date of the order. Session, and which, by the bless- Early in the year the public ing of Providence, continues to per- securities showed a tendency to vade every part of his kingdom.” fall; and the shares of the different

The Lord Chancellor then pro- Joint-stock companies had declined rogued the Parliament to the 25th from the extravagant prices which of August.

they had attained. After the close In the autumn, the attention of of the session, the state of the ministers was drawn, in conse- money-market became still more



critical : and almost every species of ments were at their height; and property fell in price. The large for some days the agitation in the sums which had been invested in City exceeded every thing of the foreign loans and in distant or kind that had been witnessed for fantastic speculations, brought many years. Lombard-street was back no return : capital obtained nearly filled with persons hastena upon credit, had been forced into ing to the different banks to draw every branch of commerce, and money, or waiting in anxious fear pushed far beyond the limits of of hearing of new failures. The immediate demand : the imports shock given to public credit by the of cotton, wine, silk, &c., increased stoppage of the banking house of so suddenly, and so far beyond sir Peter Pole and Co. on the 5th their usual amount, that the rates of December, was tremendous : as of exchange began to turn against it was known that they kept the country; and the Bank of accounts with forty-four country England diminished its issues and banks, several of whom, in all proits discounts. In the meantime, bability, would also stop payment. the demand for further funds to The funds immediately fell ; on the supply the place of those which had 6th of the same month the public been invested in a mode altogether distress was increased by the failure unavailable, for present purposes of the banking house of Williams at least, became gradually more and Co: and immediately afterurgent; but in proportion as it wards, by the failure of the firms grew pressing, suspicion began to of Everett, Walker, and Co. and arise and commercial confidence to of Şikes, Snaith, and Co. both of to be shaken. The merchants looked Mansion-house-street.

The forward to their bankers ; but action of these insolvencies upon bankers had been induced, by the the country banks, was necessarily abundance of money and the low great. All the usual channels of rate of interest, in the end of 1824, credit were stopped ; and the cir

l and the beginning of the present year, to lay out their funds in dis

* The following is a list of the prin. counting bills of unusually long cipal banking houses which failed, or dates, and upon other securites suspended their payments towards the which could not be realized quick end of the present year: ly. They therefore were unable Banbury, Gillett and Co.

Ashburton, Browne and Co. to lend the help that was wanted; Bath, Cavenagh and Co. and several important commer

Ditto, Smith and Co. resumed. cial failures took place. The dis- Bedford, Rawlins and Co. tress soon reached the bankers Birmingham, Gibbons and Co. gazetted, themselves.

Brecon, Bromage and Snead. Some considerable Boston, Ingelow and Co. banking houses in the country Bradford, Wentworth and Co. stopped payment: apprehensions Brighton, Lashmar and Co. sprung up with respect to the Ditto, Tamplin and Co.

Bristol, Browne and Co. stability of the London bankers; Cambridge, Hollick aud Co. resumed. and all classes of persons hastened Chelmsford, Crickett and Co, gazetted. to draw out their balances. This Cheltenham, Hartlands and Co. naturally produced one or two

two Ditto, Turner and Co. failures, and these failures re

Chertsey, La Coste and Co. resumed. doubled the alarm. In the begin- Daventry, Walker and Co.

Darlington, Skinner and Co. resumed, ning of December, these embarrass- Devonport, Shiells and Co. gazetted.


culation of the country was com- circulation. Accordingly, on the pletely deranged. Several cabinet 16th of December, that measure deliberations took place; and it was carried into effect. An order was at length determined that one was also issued to the officers of the and two pound Bank notes should Mint to expedite, with the utmost be temporarily issued for country despatch, an extraordinary coinage

of sovereigns; and for one week Diss, Fincham and Co. Dorking, Piper and Co.

about one hundred and fifty thouDorchester, Pattison and Co. resumed. sand sovereigns were coined per Deal, May and Co.

day. The circumstance of the price Evesham, Hartland and Co.

of bullion being lower than the Falmouth, Carne and Co. Frome, Messiter and Co.

Mint price was favourable to these Gloucester, Turner and Co.

operations. Rumours were spread Gravesend, Brenchley and Co.

that the government had resolved to Hereford, Garrard and Co. gazetted.

suspend cash payments : but this Hinckley, Jervis and Co.

report turned out to be a delusion. Ditto, Sansome and Co. Huddersfiel, Dobson and Co.gazetted. In the mean time, meetings were Kettering, Keep and Co.

held in London and in most of the Kingston, Shrubsole and Co.

trading towns, in which resolutions Leicester, Clarke and Co.

were adopted for the support of Lewes, Wood and Co.

commercial credit ; and these had, London, Everett and Co. Ditto, Pole and Co.

undoubtedly, considerable effect in Ditto, Sikes and Co.

checking the increase of the panic, Ditto, Stirling and Co.

and restoring some degree of Ditto, Williams and Co. resumed.

mutual confidence. Thus wonderDitto, Sir C. Scott and Co., resumed.

ful was the contrast between the Maidstone, Edmeads and Co. gazetted. Maldon, Crickitt and Co.

commencement and the close of the Melksham, Moule and Co.

present year. Nantwich, Boughton and Co. Newcastle-under-Lyme, Sparrow and Co. only transactions of interest during

In our foreign possessions the Northampton Smith and Co. gazetted. Ditto, Osborne and Co. gazetted. the present year occurred in our Norwich, Day and Co. gazetted.

Eastern empire. Peterborough, Simpson and Co.

The hostilities against the BurPlymouth, Elford and Co. bankruptcy

mese were prosecuted actively, and, superseded.

in their details, successfully, but Ripon, Charnock and Co. Romford, Joyner and Co.

without producing any great geneSaffron Walden, Serle and Co. resumed, ral result. Ditto, Serle, Son, and Co.

The successes which the troops St. Neot's, Rix and Co.

under sir Archibald Campbell had Ditto, Gorham and Co. Sheerness, Bishop.

gained towards the end of the preSouthampton, Kellow and Co. resumed. ceding year, prevented him from Stockton, Hutchinsons and Co.

being molested at Rangoon. The Ditto, Hutchinson and Place.

only military operations which took Ditto, Skinner and Co. resumed. Sussex, Gregory and Co.

place in that quarter in the month Swaffham, Day and Co.

of January, were some unimportSwansea, Gibbons and Co.

ant skirmishes. The principal Wellingborough, Morton and Co. gaz. of these was an attack upon the Weymouth, Henning and Co. Whitehaven, Johnston and Co.

fort of Syriam. The detachment, Wimborne, Dean and Co.

which had been selected for this Wisbeach, Hill and Co.

service, consisting of two hundred York, Wentworth and Co

soldiers of the 47th regiment, and


a few seamen and marines, left The inhabitants returned to RanRangoon on the morning of the goon in considerable numbers ; and 11th; and in the course of a few hopes were entertained, that the hours, came before the fort, and Siamese and the Peguese would the bridge over the Nullah leading avail themselves of the opportunity to it. The landing place having to free themselves from the Burbeen broken down, some delay was mese yoke. occasioned in repairing it, during On the 6th of February, lieut.which the enemy, from behind the colonel Godwin was detached to works, kept up a smart and well- Tantabain, in order to dislodge the directed fire on the head of the advanced division of the enemy column. This caused some loss; from their defences on the Lyng but no sooner were the troops able river. This operation having to cross, than they rushed on, and been performed with complete suc gallantly carried the place by storm. cess, sir Archibald Campbell, about They afterwards went on to the the middle of February, moved Syriam Pagoda ; the enemy who forward from Rangoon towards occupied it, when they saw the Prome. By the 22nd of February, British troops rush on

to the the land column under his own assault, fled, after the discharge of immediate orders, reached Sorone volley.

rawah, which was at a distance At the same time, sir Archibald from Rangoon, by the road, of fifty Campbell, by the observance of the The bravery of my troops has already strictest discipline, and the punc- deprived the court of A va of its maritime tuality of his payments for every provinces of Mergui, Tavoy, Yeb, Mararticle which was furnished to the taban, and the island of Cheduba. The troops, endeavoured to inspire the ancient kingdom of Pegu has become a

desert from the rage of war. The most people with confidence, so as to powerful armies possible for your court induce them to return to their to get together have been sent against homes or not to depart from them. * us; we have dispersed them like chaff. His efforts were not unsuccessful. strictest discipline, and the punc

Since the arrival of my force at RanThe following Proclamation was goon, in the month of May last, we have issued by him:

at different periods taken from you more Inhabitants of the Burman empire! than 700 pieces of artillery, and small - The English forces have come amongst arms too numerous to be counted, and you to seek redress for the cruel murders your loss in lives has been, as you all and numerous insults your arrogant court know, most enormous; and with you, on had the presumption to inflict upon, and that account I lament the tears of aged to offer to, the subjects of the British parents, sisters, widows, and innocent government, in a time of profound peace. children. All this has been endured

A great and generous nation, confident merely to support the folly and obstinacy in its own strength, like that of the Bri. of your court, to whom our peaceable tish empire in India, tried every thing desires have been made known. Yet it possible, by mild and temperate expos- still abstains from offering any reparatulation, to make your court sensible of tion for the wanton cuelties and unprothe enormity of its conduct, and the voked injuries I have already mentioned. inevitable consequences that a per. It only, therefore, remains for me to severance in it would occasion. These carry the victorious English arms, not remonstrances tended only to increase only to your capital, but to the remotest the insolence of the court of Ava. parts of your kingdom, till your

court is Recourse to arms was therefore the only brought to a proper sense of that justice, measure left the English in support of honour, and policy, due from one their own rights and dignity. What that neighbouring state to another. appeal has already produced, it is unne- Having thus briefly explained the cessary for me to say ; you all know it. cause of our coming in arms amongst

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