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Beet-root sugar, increasing manufac- Calculus, vesicular, in a horse, 547
ture of, in France, 404

Cambridge, regulations relative to de-
Belsbam, rev. Thos., death, 253

grading at the University, 36
Benning, Mr., editor of the Kentucky Canning, Mr. his correspondence in

Gazette, shot by Mr. Wickliffe, 116 1826, regarding the Portuguese con-
Bethnal Green, riots at, 101

stitution, 405
Bicephalous girl, at Paris, 183

Carey, Dr. death of, 253
Binckes, J. B., imprisoned for fraudu. Catholic Association, its suppression

lently negotiating the sale of an urged in the king's speech [7]; bill
office in the department of the Lord for that purpose brought in by Mr.
Privy Seal, 30

Peel, ib. the government bullied into
Blind man, forgery by, 11

submission by the association (11); the
Blomfield, Dr. bishop of London, cere- association not to be put down by the
mony of his enthronement, 12

common law (191
Body-snatchers, two committed for ob Catholic peers, take their seats in par-

taining a corpse under false pre- liament, 82
tences, 4

Catholic question ; both the duke of
Bonin, islands of, visited by Russian Wellington and Mr. Peel formerly
navigators, 543

against concession to the Catholics
Book-trade, meeting of the booksellers (2); sudden change of measures on the

to regulate the prices of new books, part of the ministers (3); Mr. Peel's

bill for removing Catholic disabilities
Brazil: the emperor recalls his daugh- [12] ; its plan, &c. [22); arguments

ter, the queen of Portugal, from Eng; against concession to the Catholics
land, [192); explanation published [28] ; petitions against do. [36] ; de-
by the Brazilian minister, ib, ; extra- bate on the second reading of the bill
ordinary meeting of the Legislative (38] ; copy of the bill, 367
Assembly, [235] ; regulation of the Chabert, Xavier, fire-eater, discharged
bank, ib. ; reductions in expenditure, by the Insolvent Debtors' court, 79;
[237] ; finances, ib.; revolt in Pere accepts Mr. Smith's challenge to
nambuco, attempt to impeach the mi- swallow 20 grains of phosphorus, 167
nisters of war and justice for arrests, Chichester cathedral, stone coffins dis-
and trials in consequence, [238]

covered in 01
Bridges, suspension, in France, 186 Clare, J., stanzas by, on Boston Church,
Brunswick, duke of, his quarrel with the 554

king of Hanover, (201); called upon Clinton, sir Henry memoir of, 533
by the Diet to apologise, which he Coach proprietors, action against for
neglects to do, (202); report of the loss of a travelling bag, 65
commission appointed to investigate Codrington, sir Edward, his charges
the disputę, 127

against captain Dickinson (135) ; 328
Buchan, earl of, death, 224

Coin counterfeit, colouring of, 16
Budget, the (119); increase of revenue Colchester, lord, death of, 227
in 1828, ib.

Columbia : the Peruvians blockade and
Buenos Ayres : the government over take possession of Guayaquil, [243] ;

tarped by Layalle, [238]; he defeats advantage obtained over general Plaza,
col. Dorrego (the governor) and [244); preliminary articles of peace
Rosas, [239]; and orders the former signed but frustrated by Prieto's re.
to be shot, ib.; the federalists under fusal to give up Guayaquil, ib.
Rosas approach the capital, [240] ; armistice and surrender of Guayaquil,
which is besieged ib. treaty concluded [245); a constituent Congress called
between Lavalle and Rosas, (241) by Bolivar, ib. mode of electing de.
general Paz takes Cordova and defeats puties, [246] ; the sentence of death
the federalists, ib. ; new convention against Santander commuted for
between Rosas and Lavalle, and banishment, ib. Boliyar's decree.

change in the government [242] against secret meetings [247] ; insur-
Buonaparte, Napoleon, processes insti. rection in Popayan, ib. another in

tuted by various individuals to re- Antioquia headed by Cordoya, ib.
cover legacies bequeathed to them Combination of Workmen, case relative
by him, 120

to 24
Burke, the murderer, executed at Edin- Commercial commission, the French
burgh, 19

royal, report of 400

Convicts, several drowned by sinking of Drury Lane, Mr. Lister's new tragedy of

the Dolphin 178_escape of some con- Epicharis, 176
viots from the Albion coach en their Duel, duke of Wellington and lord Win-
way from Chester to London, 180

chilsea, 58
Cordova, general, beads the insurrection

against Bolivar, in Antioquia, [247]; East, sir Gilbert, singular bequests in

his proclamation against him, [248]; his will, 34
Court Martial, on captain Dickinson, Earthquake, in the province of Murcia,

for his conduct in the battle of Naya- 63
rino, (135), 328

Eldon, lord, his speech on the Catholic
Courts : Admiralty, case of the ship Question, [87]

Adelaide, exportation of slaves, 39 ; Epsom, first stone laid of the grand
case relative to Fanny Ford, a slave, stand, 17; singular lunar phenomenon

seen at, 159
Common Pleas; Lane, secretary imperial Equitable Assurance Company, state of

distillery company . Wickley, &c. their funds, 181
shareholders, 18; George v. Jackson, Executions; Burke 19; Redgard, Kelly,
recovery for inoney for maintaining Birmingham, and Goodlad, 64 ;
defendant's son, 20; Fish v. Travers, Esther Hibner, 73
shooting a dog, 35-Kemble v. Far Eyesight, case of recovery of, after 16

ren, theatrical engagement, 107 years blindness, 185
Guildhall; Basham v. sir W. Lumley,
false imprisonment, 1

False imprisonment, action for, Basham
Insolvent Debtors' ; Ralph Fellowes, v. Sir W. Lumley, 1

tea-dealer, 17; prince Giardinelli, Farquhar, Mr., law case relating to his
25, Xavier Chabert, the fire king, 79; will, 290
-R. Best, 97

Farren, Mr., action brought against by
King's Bench; Child v. AMleck, defa- Mr. C. Kemble, for refusing to per-

matory character of a servant, 37 ; form at Covent Garden, 107
the King v. D. Evans, refusing to Ferns, bishop of, his correspondence
bring back a sailor from a foreign with lord Mountcashel on the meeting

at Cork, 165
Prerogative;, Langford v. Maberly, Ferronay, count de, French minister for

Mr. Leader's will, 8; Colvin v. Fraser, Foreign Affairs retires from office,
Mr. Farquhar's will, 290

Crowe, Rev. W. death of, 215

Finances, see Budget : French, [152] ;
Cuba : Spanish expedition from, against Spanish, 472
Mexico, (253)

Field-land gang, execution of three of, 84
Curtis, Sir W. death, 212

Fires : Glasgow theatre destroyed, 5;

York Minster set on fire by Martin,
Dantzic, dreadful inundations at, 78 23; at Camberwell, with loss of lives,
Davy, sir Humphry, memoir of, 504 66 ; Mr. Skipper's stationery ware-
Dawe, G., artist, death of, 248

house, St. Dunstan's Hill, 67 ; in a
Dawson, Mr., announces his change of mine at Wanlock Head, ib.; in West.

opinion with regard to the Catholic minster Abbey, 80 ; Bell Yard and
question [2]

Shire-lane, 94; Mrs. Usher's, Fen-
Dickinson, capt., tried by court martial church Street, two lives lost, 95 ; Mr.

for his conduct at the battle of Nava- Pick's London Road, and six lives

rino, [135) ; report of the trial, 328 lost, 97 ; the Bazaar, Oxford Street,
Diebitsch, count, succeeds Wittgenstein 98 ; Warehouses at Manchester, 176;
in the command against the Turks,

Ramsgate theatre, 186
[205]. See Russia

Fire-escape, 160
Discovery, Russian voyage of, 542 Fischer, C. A. death of, 223
Discovery of a new melal, 546 ; opti. Fitzgerald, W. T. death of, 238
cal, ib.

Fleet Market, the new one opened, 184
Dog, action for shooting one, 35

Forgery, trial of J. Hunter, a blind man,
Drama ; the Robber's Bride, English for, 11 ; do. J. Williams, an attorney,

Opera House ; 124 ; the Recruit, do. 48; do. R. H. Jones &c.forging on the
159; Mr. Lister's tragedy of Epi- Custom House, 162
charis, 176

Foxton, J. executioner, Newgate, death
Drinking, boy killed by, 45

of, 33

port, 79


France: embarrassing position of the Greece, negotiations relative to, between

new ministry (137] ; retirement of the ambassadors of the Porte and the
Count de Ferronay, and difficulty of Reis Effendi, [217]; article in the
finding a successor, [138); pro- treaty of Adrianople relative to, [220);
posal for appointing prince Polignac success of the French expedition to the
rejected, ib. King's speech at open- Morea, [223]; surrender of Vonizza
ing of the chambers [139]; nomination to gen. Church, (224); of the Turks
of presidents (142); preponderance of at Carvassara, ib.; of Lepanto, &c. ib.;
the liberals, ib. ; regulation of the conference and declaration on the part
municipal councils, [143]; the de. of the allies, ib.; Capo d'Istrias ob-
partmental bill, [146]; both that jects to the suspension of hostilities,
and the communal bill withdrawn (225); revolt of the troops in some
by ministers, (147); the impeach- places, (227]; gen. Church resigns,
ment against Villèle withdrawn, ib.; the national assembly at Argos,
[148] ; proceedings against M. Pey- (228); Russia arrogates the power of
ronnet [149]; bill for regulation of the settling the Greek question, [230]
Customs, ib. petitions of the vine- Guatemala ; surrender of the capital to
growers, and depression of the wine the San-Salvadorians, [258] ; Barun-
trade, (150); reduction of the excise dia elected provisional president, ib.;
duty on wine, [151]; decline of cloth inability to pay the interest of the
manufactures (152); of the finances ib. loan from England, [259]
steam vessels and the advantages Gurney's steam carriage, description
anticipated from them in the event of of, 159
war, [153] ; reductions in public ex-
penditure, (154); affairs of Greece, Hanover, decision of the diet against the
ib.; a Neapolitan given up to his go- duke of Brunswick, (202)
vernment, in consequence of misre. Harris, lord, death of, 234
presentation, [155]; close of the ses. Harrison, Thos. architect, death of, 2:21
sion, ib.; unpopularity and weakness Hemans, Mrs., the "Song of the Night,'
of the ministry, (156); Polignac re. 555
turns and succeeds Portalis, [157]; Herculaneum, a grand mansion and
other changes, ib.; unpopularity

of the paintings discovered at, 21
new ministers, [158); particularly of Hereford, escape of J. Evans from the
Labourdonnaye and Bourmont, [159]; gaol at, 27
opposition of the journals to the cabi. Hervey, Mr., dreadful death of, occa-
net party, [162]; prosecution against sioned by hydrophobia, 152
the Journal des Debats, &c., [163]; Hounslow Heath, powder mill blown up,
Courvoisier's plan for making the pro- 104
cureurs generaux spies on public opi. Huntingtower, lord, action against, by
nion, (167); petition for the dismissal the rev. H. Trimmer, for various
of ministers, [168]; Labourdonnaye nuisances, 324
retires, [170]; the troops recalled from Hurn, rev. W. death of, 247
Greece, [171]; unsuccessful applica- Husband, a female, 10
tion from Greece for another subsidy, Hyde, near Manchester, fall of a room
[172]; origin of the quarrel between at the Norfolk Arms, and thirty per-
France and Algiers, ib.; expedition sons killed, 67
against the latter,: [173]; dreadful Hydrophobia, dreadful case of, (Mr.
thunder storms, 121; suspension Hervey) 152
bridges lately erected, 186 ; return
of the number of officers, 191 ; report Jesuits, restrictions on their entering
of the royal commercial commission, the United Kingdom, (62)

Jew, objected to as a Juror, 117
Gaol, escape of a prisoner from, at flere. Incendiary: number of houses set on
ford, 27

tire, at different times, at Sommeville,
Garth, gen. Thos. death of, 251.

by a boy named Lambert Courzot, 138
Giardinelli, prince, bis petition for dig. Indiaman, the Cambrian, loss of, 118

charge from the King's Bench opposed Infanticide: Mrs. Imeson kills one of
by Mr. Stannard, 25

her children in a fit of iusanity, and
Glasgow theatre destroyed by fire, 5 afterwards attempts to destroy herself,
Gossec, composer, death of, 217



Jungfrau, ascent of, by seven bunters 540 Lethbridge, sir Thos., his sudden change

in favour of Catholic concession, (36)
Inquests: Jas. Allen, a female married to Life boats, new, 125

another woman, 10; on a child killed Lincoln's Inn, composition of the
by its mother (Mrs. Imeson) 15; Jas. benchers with the parish of St. An-
Steward, killed by drinking, 15.

drew, &c. for poor-rates, 33
Interment, shocking case of premature, Lists: Ministers and Cabinet, 192

Sheriffs, 193
Inverness, floods in, 150

Births, 194
Inundations, extensive, at Dantzic, 78; · Marriages, 197
in Scotland, 148, 150

Promotions and Preferments, 205
Ireland : disturbed state of the country Deaths, 210

for a number of years, [18]; bill for dis. Lloyd, Dr., bishop of Oxford, death of,
franchisement of forty-shilling free. 231
holders, [.99); new registration of Lunar phenomenon, singular one ob-
freeholders, [128]; Mr. O'Connell's served at Epsom, 159
address to the Clare electors [124]; Lyndhurst, lori, supports the Catholic
he is re-elected without opposition, Relief bill, [75] ; variance between bis
[126] ; distracted state of the country, present and former opinions, [76] note,
and contests between Orangenen and (77) ditto
Catholics, [129]; meeting of the ma-
gistrates in Tipperary to restore the Malaria, silk a protection against, 547.
Insurrection Act, [130]; Mr. O'Con- Manchester: falling in of the ground in
nell elected for Clare, 118; meeting Cateaton Street, into a sewer, 161 ;
of the order of liberators held at Dub- several warehouses destroyed by fire,
lin, 119; disturbances at Fermanagh, 176
122 ; judge Jebb's remarks, at Armagh Manufactures, state of, and prices paid
assizes, on processions and meetings of to workmen, at Stockport and other
unlawful tendency, 134; meeting of parts of Lancaster, 171
magistrates to consider the state of the Marriage, fraudulent, trial of a conspi-
county of Tipperary, 156; separation racy tor, 297
of the Calvinists and Unitarians of the Martin, Jonathan, trial of, for setting fire
Synod of Ulster, 161; meeting at to York Cathedral, 301
Cork to consider the circumstances of Mawe, J. death of, 249
the Protestant church, 165; Protes. Metal, a new one discovered in the
tant colonization meeting, 184

Oural Mountains, 546
Iron, increase of manufactories of, in Metternich, prince, a cabinet of rare

France, 403; mines of, discovered in medals stolen from his seat at Kænig-
Gard and Avignon, ib.

swart, 120
Italy: death of Leo XII., [198]; suc- Mexico: civil war between the Parti-
ceeded by Castiglione, Pius VIII.,

of Pedrazza and Guerrero,

(250); the latter takes possession of
Kemble, Miss F., her debut at Covent

the government, after his rival's flight,
Garden, 173

ib.; Specie plundered at Puebla by
Kollmann composer, death of, 233

soldiers who guard it, [251]; restoration

of order, and meeting of Congress, ib.;
Labourdonnaye, count, succeeds Marla- law of expulsion, against the old Spani-

tignac, as minister of the interior, ards, (252); Guerrero's address to
(157); his excessive unpopularity, the Congress, ib.; exhausted state of

the finances, ib.; unsuccessful at-
Lafayette, M. Calemard, assassinated at tempt to raise an income tax, [253];
Paris, 85

expected Spanish invasion, ib.; extra-
Laing, major Alexander Gordon, memoir ordinary session of Congress, ib.; a
of, 526

forced loan and other expedients for
Lamarck, count, naturalist, death of, raising supplies, (254); slavery abo.

lished by Guerrero, ib.; Spanish ex-
Law Cases, &c. 90.

pedition from Cuba, and invasion
Leader, Mr. of Putney Hill, bis will de- inder gen. Barradas, [255] ; agree-

cided in the Prerogative Court, 8 ment between Santana and the Spanish
Legal offices, changes in, (122);

general Barradas, [257] ; capitulation
Leo XII., death of, (198,] 215

of the Spaniards, [258]



Miguel, Don, his frantic conduct and Hurlston, 250; princess dowager of

attack on the life of his sister, Donna Brazil, ib.; Eugenius Roche, 251.;
Maria, (177); documents relative to gen. Garth, iba; Barry St. Leger,
bis assumption of the regency, 415 ; 252; Dr. J. Watson, ib.; Cean-Ber-
ditto, to his declaring himself king, 435 mudez, 253; rev. Thos. Belsbam, ib.;
Murcia, earthquake at, 63

Dr. Carey, ib.; rev. Isaac Taylor,
Murders: Geo. Howarth, Manchester, 254; count Lamarek, naturalist, 255

54; murders perpetrated by Riem- O'Connell, Mr., claims his seatin parlia-
bauer, a Bavarian priest, 130; J. ment as member for Clare, (104); is
Burgess, poisoned, 140; Sam. Wes- heard at the bar of the House of Com-
combe, ditto, by his wife, 142; mys- mons, [107]; refuses to take the oath,
terious murder near Ripley, 172; and a writ issued for a new election,
Mrs. Franks and her daughter, 179; a (114); bis address to the electors of
little girl murdered by a boy, at Clare, [123]; his violent speeches,
Douay, 186; a whole family murdered (124); is re-elected without a contest,
by a youth at Vilsebourg, 187; Sarah 1126); promises to obtain a repeal of
Waite, 319; Samuel Langtry and his the union, (127); elected member for
housekeeper, 320

the county of Clare, 119; recommends

the formation of liberal clubs in Ire.
Nares, archdeacon, death of, 220
Navarino, battle of, court martial rela-

land, ib.; bis fracas with Mr. Mahony,
tive to the conduct of the Genoa in old Bailey: T. Muntou, perjury, 5.; J.

the action, 328
Netherlands': dissensions between the

Hunter, forgery,11; B. Barrup, killing
ministry and the states general. [200);

Mary Mortlock, 13; W. Johnstone,

colouring false money, 16
progress of the war in Batavia, and
success of the Dutch against the in-

Ooalen, island of, visited by Russian

navigators, 542
surgents, (201)
Niagara, falls of, project for blowing Oural Mountains, new metal discovered

in, 546

Optical Discovery, 546
up part of the rocks, 173; a schooner
let down the falls, 174; S, Patch leaps
into the cataract, ib.

Paintings, ancient, discovered at Hercu-
Oath to be taken by Catholics, on their laneum, 22

taking seats in parliament, 367 Patents, new list of, 547
Obituary: Von Arndt, 210; Snoek, Parliament: King's speech, [4] ; ad

Dutch actor, ib.; F. Schlegel, 211; dress, [6]; Bili brought in by Mr.
Jos. Cartwright, painter, 212; sir W. Peel for suppressing the Catholic As.
Curtis, ib.; Wm. Shield, composer, sociation, [7]; passes both houses,
213; sir M. Wood, 214; rev. W.Crowe, [9); plan proposed by ministers for
215; Leo XII., ib., Dr. John Scott, the removal of Catholic disabilities, as
216; Gossec, composer, 217; R. Wil. stated by Mr. Peel, [22] ; debate on
braham, 218; Dr. J. Young, ib.; Wes- the motion for a committee, (37); ar-
tenrieder, ib.; Edmund Turner, 219; guments against concession, [28]; the
Archdeacon Nares, 220; Thos. Har- measure opposed by the marquis of
rison, architect, 221; Fras. Plowden, Blandford, [31]; and viscount Corry,
222; Manasseh Dawes, 223; Kniazh- (32); arguments in favour of the
nio, ib.; C. A. Fischer, ib.; earl of motion, and against a dissolution of
Buchan, 224; W. Stevenson, 225 ; parliament, (33); majority in favour
countess of Derby (Miss Farren), ib.; of the motion, (35); number of the
Füessli, 227; lord Colchester, ib.; petitions against Catholic concession,
Dr. Thos. Young, 229; Dr. Curtis, (36); bill for removing Catholic dis-
230; J. Impey, 231; Dr. Lloyd, bp. abilities introduced, ib.; debate on
of Oxford, ib.; W. V. Barré, 232; its second reading, (38); the bill op-
Kollmann, composer, 233; lord Har. posed by sir E. Knatchbull, ib. ; Mr.
ris, 234; lord, Thurlow, 236; Terry, G. Bankes, [41); lord Tullamore,
actor, 237 ; Nyerup, ib.; W. T. Fitz- [43]; and Mr. Sadler, ib.; Mr. R.
gerald, 238; A. Highmore, 239; J. Grant's speech in favour of the bill,
Reeves, 240; sir David Baird, 242; W. [50]; sir c. Wetherell's against it,
Wadd, 244; rev. E.T. Vaughan, 246; (53); Mr. Peel's reply, [57] ; major-
rev. W. Hurn, 247; G. Dawe, R. A., ity for its second reading(58);
248; J. Mawe, unineralogist, 249; T. amendments during its progress

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