Slike strani

through the committee rejected, ib.; Piracy: trial of Clements, &c., for cap-
effect of the bill on the articles of the ture of the José, Portuguese vessel,
Scottish union, (59); the Catholic bill 68
carried to the Lords, (65); duke of Pirates, the brig Islam plundered by,
Wellington's speech, [66]; the arch- 155
bishop of Canterbury's do., and Placard, seditious, against the Catholic
amendment to throw out the bill, bill, 29, 80
(69); bishop of Oxford's speech for Plowden, Francis, death of, 222
the bill, [71]; archbishop of Armagh Plunkett, lord, his speech on the Catho-
against it, (73); bishops of London lic Relief Bill, (92).
and Durham do., [74]; the lord chan. Plurane, a new metal discovered in the
cellor for it, (75); marquis of Anglesea Oural mountains, 546
do., [79] ; duke of Richmond &c. Poetry: by M. T. Sadler, M.P., 553 ;
against it, ib. ; marquis of Salisbury John Clare, 554; Mrs. Hemans, 555
do., (81); lord Tenterden do., (82); Poison detected in a body after seven
lord Grey for it, (84); lord Eldon years' interment, 189
against, [87]; Iord Plunkett for, [92]; Poisoning, by laudanum, for the purpose
duke of Wellington's reply at the close of robbery, case of, 324
of the debate, (94}; bill passed, [96] ;

Police :-
bill for disfranchisement of forty- Bow Street : seditious placards, 28
shilling freeholders in Ireland, [99]; Lambeth Street: seditious placards, 80
opposed by Mr. Huskisson, [100]; Union Hall: singular case of Mr. Ro-
bill passed, [104); Mr. O'Connell bertsson, 82.
claims to sit without taking the oath Police, New, regulations of, 380
of supremacy, ib.; he is heard at the Polignac, prince, his visit to France, and
bar, [107]; his election declared void, attempt to introduce him into the mi.
[114]; motion for a committee on nistry, (138); he returns and succeeds
the silk-trade, [116]; opposed by Portalis, 1157): his unpopularity,
ministers, (117); the budget, [119]; [158]
prorogation of parliament, and the Poor's-rates, composition of the benchers
speech, [121]

of Lincoln's Inn with St. Andrew's
Pedestrianism, wager won by J. West, by parish, &c., for, 33
walking backwards, III

Portugal; unsuccessful conspiracies at
Peel, Mr. his former opposition to Ca- Lisbon, [175] ; trials of conspirators,

tholic concession, [2] ; bringe in a ib.; execution of Moreira, &c., [176];
bill against the Catholic Association, cruel treatment of the prisoners, ib. ;
[7]; moves for a committee on Ca. sequestrations and extortions, [177];
tholic disabilities, [12]; vacates bis Miguel's attempt to kill his sister, ib.;
seat for Oxford, ib.; his letter to the unprincipled machinations of the
vice-chancellor, ib. note; opposed at queen-mother, [178]; she makes Lu-
the election, by sir R. H. Inglis, [13]; zuriaga her prime minister, [179];
returned for Westbury, ib. ; his ex- confiscations and executions of con-
planation of the views of ministers in stitutionalists at Oporto, ib. ; the pro-
proposing unconditional removal of ceedings of Miguel's partizans backed
Catholic disabilities, (221; brings in by the priesthood, [180]; the queen
the Catholic Relief bill, [36] ; his countermands the liberation of pri.
reply to sir c. Wetherell's speech soners, (181); many of whom are
against it, (57).

shipped off to Africa, ib.; Miguel's
Persia: the Russian ambassador and issue of paper money, and oppressive

his snite massacred at Teheran, [223]; measures resulting from it, (183);
the Schah's grandson sent to St. Pe- expedition against Terceira, (184];
tersburg to deprecate the revenge of its failure, (186); Miguel acknow-
Russia ib.

ledged king by Spain, ibo; applica-
Peru : the Peruvians blockade Guaya- tions to the British ministry, on the

quil, (243) ; See Columbia. Cause of part of Don Pedro, against Miguel,
the quarrel with Columbia, [249]; La ib.; our government refuse to intera
Fuente declares himself supreme fere, (187); and prevents Saldanha
chief, (250); and supports Bolivaris and the Portuguese refugees from
interests, ib.

landing at Terceira, (188); the con.
Phænomena: a pig born with its helly duct of our ministry defended, [190];

open, 183; a bicephalous girl, ib. diplomatic correspondence in 1826,


· relative to the Portuguese Constitu- take Mesambri and Bourgas; (212) ;
tion, 405; documents relative to the and Aidos, ib.; flight of the Turks
assumption of the regency by Miguel, from Sambol, (213); their defeat be.
415 ; correspondence between the fore Selimno, [214] ; capture of Adri.
marquis of Barbacena and the earl of anople by the Russians, [215] ; mili
Aberdeen, relative to the interposi- tary operations in Asiatic Turkey, ib.;
tion of Great Britain, on Miguel's ineffectual attempt of the Turks to
declaring himself king, 435; corre- recover Akbalzik, ib. ; Paskewitch
spondence regarding Portuguese mili. defeats the Seraskier, [216]; sur-

tary refugees in Great Britairi, 443 render of Erzeroum, (217); alarm at
Port of London, new regulations re- Constantinople, [218]; negotiations

lative to, 174; duty of the harbour. opened at Adrianople, ib. ; definitive
i masters, 175

treaty signed, [219]; its conditions,
Post-oftice, the new, opening of, 166 ; ib.; the two supplementary conven.
description of the building, ib.

years, 182

tions, highly favourable to Russia,
Price, sir Uvedale, death of, 246

[221]; disturbance at Teheran, oc-
Public Documents : Domestic, 367 ; casioned by the conduct of the Rus-
Foreign, 400

sian ambassador, in which he and his

suite are massacred, [223]; the em.
Ramsgate : the thcatre burnt down, 186 peror's manifesto, 473; treaty of
Records, Public, report of the commis- peace with Turkey, 475 ; separate
sioners for, 394

act relative to Moldavia and Walla-
Reeves, J., death of, 240

chia, 481. Voyage of discovery by the
Rents, abatements in, made by the mar- Ship Siniavin, 553.
quis of Stafford, during the last eight

Sadler, Mr., his maiden speech against
Riots : at Spitalfields and Bethnal Green, the Catholic Relief bill, [43] ; stanzas

and destruction of silk-looms, [131]; by, the ‘Banks of the Dove' 553
at Macclesfield, [132] ; at Coventry, Safety Lamp, account of its inven-
ib.; at Barnsley, [133]; at Maccles- tion, 516
field, 84 ; at Ancoats, 88; Messrs. St. Leger, Barry, death of, 252
Parker's factory burnt, 90 ; at Roch. Scarlett, sir James, succeeds sir C.
dale, several persons killed by the Wetherell as attorney-general, [63]
soldiery, 93; at Bethnal Green, 99; Schlegel, F., death of, 211
disturbances between the Catholics Scotland, right of voting in election of
and Protestants at Fermanagh, and representative peers, granted to Ca-
several of the latter killed, 122

tholics, [59]; destructive inundations
River, one set on fire in Kentucky, the in the north eastern districts, 148 ;

surface being covered with oil, 183 flood at Banff, ib.; round Elgin, &c.
Riembauer, a priest at Renderstadt, 149; inundations of the river Lossie,

tried for a series of horrible crimes, ib.; renewal of the inundations, 150

Scott, Dr. Jonathan, death of, 216
Roche, Eugenius, death of, 251

Servant, action brought by, against her
Royal Society, new council, 184

mistress, for defamation of character,
Russia : Count Diebitsch succeeds Witt- 37

genstein in the command against Shark, combat hetween one and a man,
Turkey, (205); adın. Kumany takes at Calcutta, 170
the port of Sizeboli, ib.; unsuccess- Shield, Wm., composer, death of, 213
ful attempt of the Turks to retake it, Ships: Sir H. Davy's inethod for the
(206); action between the Turkish preventing decomposition of copper
fleet and some frigates, ib. ; Diebitsch bottoms, 5]3; disadvantages prevente
invests Silistria, ib.; battle of Eski. ing its adoption, 515
Arnautlar, between general Roth and Shipwrecks, the 'Nightingale' schooner,
the grand Vizier, (207); Diebitsch off Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, 32; loss
hastens to relieve Pravadi, which is of the Cambria' Indiaman, 118
invested by the Vizier, ib.; battle of Silk, a protection against Malaria, 546
Kulertscha, in which Diebitsch de- Silk trade, depression of, [116]; mo-
feats the Vizier, [208]; Diebitsch tion for a committee to inquire into
makes overtures of peace, [209]; sur- it, ib. ; similar depression in France,
render of Silistria, [210]; the Rus- 1118]; great increase of manufac-
sians cross the Balkan, 1211); and tories, ib. ; bill passed for reducing


the duties on the raw material, [119]; of G. Howarth, 54; J. Moore, steal-
riots among the workmen at Spital. ing two rabbits, 64; J. Clements, &c.
fields, &c. [131] ; at Macclesfield, piracy, 68; Esther Hibner, &c. mur-
Coventry, &c. [132]

der of an apprentice, 71 ; Moses
Slavery abolished in Mexico, by a de- Jacobs, arson, 74; Charlotte Philp,
cree of Guerrero, (254) note

cruelty to a servant, 86; Hannah
Snoek, Dutch actor, death of, 210

Atherton, child-stealing, 92; A. Fin-
Spain: Ferdinand marries a Neapolitan layson, stealing sir W. Beechey's

princess, [193] ; executions at Barce- plate, 105 ; E. M. Van Butchell, sur-
lona, ib. ; Cadiz made a free port, geon, manslaughter, 112; Riem.
(194); fraudulent loan contracted by bauer, a Bavarian priest, 130; W.
the Spanish government, [197]; earth- Vialls, wounding his fellow-appren-
quake in Murcia, 63; finanical opera- tice, 136; John Stratford, poisoning,
tions, 472.

140; Kezia Wescombe, and Richard
Steam-carriage, Mr. Gurney's, 159 Quaintance, poisoning the former's
Steam, anticipated advantages of, in husbaud, 142; T. Read, and others,
naval warfare, (153)

murdering J. O'Neill, 144; Jones,
Suicides : Mr. A. Knight, Worcester, Maynard, and West, forgery, 162 ;

17; Miss Norton starves herself to Carter and wife, stealing bank.notes,
death, 26

164; Thos. Buxton, &c. illegal mar-

riage, 297 ; J. Martin, setting fire to
Tables : Public income, 256

York Minster, 301 ; T. Churchyard,
expenditure, 258

slaying a fellow-servant, 306 ; Thos.
Ways and means, 265

Birmingham, a soldier, murder of
Public funded debt, 266

Sarah Waite, 311; Jas. Butler, setting
unfunded debt, 269

fire to a floor-cloth manufactory,
Foreign trade, 270

Chelsea, 314; John and Catherine
Trade of the United Kingdom, Stewart, poisoning for the purpose

of robbing, 316; J. Stacey, murder
Navigation and vessels, 272 of Mr. Langtry and his housekeeper,
Stocks, 284

326; Leary, Roche, Magrath, &c. for
Prices of corn, 285

conspiracy to murder Mr. Low, Mr.
Hay, &c. ib.

Creagh, and adm. Evans, 359.
Butcher's meat, ib. Turkey, progress of the war with Russia,
Bills of mortality, 286

(205), (see Russia); treaty of peace
Meteorological Table, ib. signed at Adrianople, [219]; its con-
Taylor, rev. Isaac, death of, 254

ditions apparently very moderate,
Temple, Inner, regulations relative to [220]; but by the two subsidiary
admitting members, 120

conventions the Russians remain in
Terceira, unsuccessful expedition against, Turkey for ten years, (221)

from Portugal, (184)
Terry, comedian, death of, 237

Vaughan, rev. E. T., death of, 246
Theatrical engagements, action (Kemble Ulster, synod of, separation between
v. Farren) relative to, 107

the Calvinists and Unitarians, 161
Thunder-storms: mill destroyed at Toot. United States: no attempt made to re-

hill, near Ongar, 114; violent storms peal the Tariff bill, (233) ; general
in France, 121

Jackson installed as President, ib.;
Thurlow, lord, death of, 236

his inaugural speech, [234), 483; set-
Trials : Thos. Munton, perjury, 5; John tlement of boundaries by the treaty of

Hunter_(blind man), forgery, 11; Ghent, 484; relations with France,
Benj. Barrup, killing Mary Mort- Spain, Russia, &c. 485; state of
Jock, 13; W. Johnstone, colouring Sonth America, 486; commercial in-
false money, 16; J. M. Binckes, tercourse with Peru, 487; Mexico's
fraudulently disposing of a govern. refusal to ratify its treaty, ib.; pro-
ment situation, 30; Jane Jameson, posed improvement in the election of
killing her mother, 44; Sam. Berry, presidents and vice-presidents, 488 ;
stealing a pig, ib.; Wm. Dowsett, effect of the tariff on commerce and
burglary, 46; J. Williams, attorney, manufactures, 490; finances, 491 ; the
forgery, 49 ; W. Kennedy, Dragoon treasury department, 494 ; pension
guards, attempt to murder rev. H, Jaw, 495 ; Indian tribes, ib. ; recom-
Willoughby, 51; J. Latimer, murder mended that they should settle west
against bringing forward the Catholic France, (150)
Question (3) ; his speech, pointing Wollaston, Dr., memoir of, 521
out the necessity for concession, [66]; Wood, Sir Mark, death of, 214
his reply at close of the debate on the
second reading of the Catholic Relief York Minster, the choir destroyed by
bill (94); his letter to the lord lieu. fire, by Martin, the incendiary, 23;

of the Mississippi, 497; naval de- relative to the Portuguese refugees in
partment, 498; frauds on the trea. England, 448
sury, il. ; army, 499; improvements Westminster Abbey, fire in, 80
recommended in the judiciary de- Wetherell, sir Charles, refuses to draw
partment, 501; policy of forming a the bill for removing Catholic Disabi-
national bank on the expiring of the lities, (63); speaks against it in the
bank charter, 504

House (54); dismissed from his office
Vesicular calculus in a horse, 547 as Attorney-general, [62]
Universities, regulations at Cambridge Wickliffe, Mr., trial of, for shooting Mr.

relative to the practice of degrading, Benning, editor of the Kentucky
36 ; examinations and prizes, Oxford, Gazette, 116
287 ; do. Cambridge, 288

Will, Mr. Leader's, of Putney Hill, B;
University, London, report at the annual singular one of sir Gilbert East, 34
meeting, 41

Willoughby, rev. H. P. fired at and
Voyage of Discovery, Russian 542 wounded by a soldier, 51

Winchilsea, lord, duel with the duke of
Wadd, W. death of, 244

Wellington, 58
Wellington, duke of, declares himself Wine trade, depressed state of, in

tenant of Ireland, (96); duel with lord meeting for restoring the building,
· Winchilsea, 58 ; correspondence with 43, trial of Martin, 301
the marquis Barbacena and Palmella, Young, Dr. Thomas, death of, 229


T. C. Hansard, Printer, 32, Paternoster-row, London.

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