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JAMES ROWLAND ANGELL, Dean of the Senior Colleges.
LEON CARROLL MARSHALL, Dean of the College of Commerce and Adminis-



SHAILER MATHEWS, Dean of the Divinity School.
Carl Gustav LAGERGREN, Dean of the Swedish Theological Seminary.
HENRIK GUNDERSEN, Dean of the Dano-Norwegian Theological Seminary.
JAMES PARKER HALL, Dean of the Law School.
John Milton Dodson, Dean of the Medical Students.
HARRY GIDEON WELLS, Dean in Medical Work.
CHARLES HUBBARD JUDD, Director of the School of Education.

Dey, Deans of the University High School.



spondence-study), Secretaries of Departments.

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ZELLA ALLEN Dixson, Associate Librarian.
EDWIN BRANT Frost, Director of the Observatory.




NATHANIEL BUTLER, Director of Co-operating Work.
FRANK Justus MILLER, Examiner for Secondary Schools.
CHARLES REID BARNES, Examiner for Colleges.


Amos Alonzo StagG, Director of Physical Culture and Athletics.


The list of official publications is as follows:
The President's Report.

The Weekly Calendar.
The Annual Register.

The Quarterly Time Schedules.


Circular of Information, Divinity School.
Bulletin of Information, Lecture-Study.

Announcements, Summer Quarter (Preliminary Announcement of Courses).


Circular of Information, Graduate Schools.
Bulletin of Information, Assistance to Students.
Announcements, Summer Quarter.


Circular of Information, Colleges.
Bulletin of Information (illustrated), The University.
Announcements, Law School.


Circular of Information, Rush Medical College.
Announcements, School of Education.


Announcements, Correspondence Study.
Bulletin of Information, Institute of Sacred Literature.


Philosophy, Education, Psychology,
Political Economy, Political Science, History, Sociology and Anthropology.
Household Administration.
Semitic Languages and Literatures, Biblical and Patristic Greek.

Greek, Latin, Sanskrit and Indo-European Comparative Philology, History of Art.

Romance, German, English, General Literature.

Mathematics, Pre-engineering Courses, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics, Chemistry.

Geology, Geography, Paleontology.
Zoology, Anatomy, Physiology, Botany, Pathology and Bacteriology.


The Yerkes Observatory (illustrated).
University Public Lectures (Summer Quarter).
University College.

Information Concerning Railroad Rates, Schedules, and Special Parties from the South (Summer Quarter).


TION*+ HARRY PRATT JUDSON, A.M., LL.D., President of the University; Professor

of Comparative Politics and Diplomacy, and Head of the Department

of Political Science. A.B., Williams College, 1870; A.M., ibid., 1883; Principal of High School, Troy, N. Y.; Professor of History, University of Minnesota, 1885-92; Lecturer on Pedagogy, ibid., 1886-92; LL.D., Williams College, 1893; Co-editor of The American Historical Review, 1895-1902; LL.D., Queen's Univereity. Ontario, 1903; Professor of Political Science and Head Dean of the Colleges, University of Chicago, 1892-4; Professor and Head of the Department of Political Science and Dean of the Faculties of Arts, Literature, and Science, ibid., 1894-1907; Acting President, ibid., 1906-7; President, ibid., 1907—; LL.D., State University of Iowa, 1907; LL.D., Washington University, St. Louis, 1907; LL.D.,

Western Reserve University, 1909. GEORGE EDGAR VINCENT, PH.D., Professor of Sociology; Dean of the Faculties

of Arts, Literature, and Science. A.B., Yale University, 1885; editorial work, 1885-6; Literary Editor, Chautauqua Press, 1886; Vice-Principal, Chautauqua System, 1888—; Fellow in Sociology, University of Chicago, 1892–4; Assistant in Sociology, ibid., 1894–5; Instructor in Sociology, ibid., 1895-6; Assistant Professor, ibid., 1896-1900; Ph.D., ibid., 1896 ; Principal of Chautauqua, 1899-; Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago, 1900-4; Dean of the Junior Colleges, ibid., 1900-7; Professor of Sociology, ibid., 1904; Dean of the Faculties

of Arts, Literature, and Science, ibid., 1907—, GalusAA ANDERSON, A.M., S.T.D., LL.D., Professor of Homiletics. Newton

Centre, Mass. A.B., University of Rochester, 1854; A.M., ibid., 1857; Student, Rochester Theological Seminary, 1854-6; Pastor, Janesville, Wis., 1856-8; St. Louis, Mo., 1858-66 ; S.T.D., Univer. sity of Rochester, 1866; Professor of Sacred Rhetoric, Church Polity, and Pastoral Duties, Newton Theological Institution, 1866–73; Pastor, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1873-6; Pastor, Chicago, 1876-8; President of the old University of Chicago, 1878-85; LL.D., University of Rochester and Madison (now Colgate) University, 1884; Pastor, Salem, Mass., 1885; President of Denison University, 1887-90; Professor of Homiletics, Church Polity, and Pastoral Duties, Baptist Union Theological Seminary, 1890-2; Professor and Head

of the Department of Homiletics, University of Chicago, 1892–1904. Retired. WILLIAM CLEAVER WILKINSON, A.M., D.D., LL.D., Professor of Poetry and

Criticism. A.B., University of Rochester, 1857; A.M., įbid, 1863; Student, University of Paris, 1861-2; Professor of Modern Languages, University of Rochester, 1863-4; Professor of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology, Rochester Theological Seminary, 1872-81: D.D., University of Rochester, 1873; Professor of Poetry and Criticism, University of Chicago,

1892—; LL.D., Baylor University, 1904. HENRY HOLMES BELFIELD, Ph.D., Dean of the Technological Course of the

University High School. A.B., Iowa College, 1858; A.M., Griswold College, 1861; A.M., Iowa College, 1868; Ph.D., ibid., 1878; Tutor in Latin and Greek, ibid., 1858; Tator in Latin, Griswold College, 1860-1; Principal or Superintendent of Public Schools, Dubuque, Ia., 1859-60, 1861-3, 1865-6; Principal of Grammar School, Chicago, 1866–76; Principal of North Division High School, Chicago, 1876-83; Director of the Chicago Manual Training School, 18831903; Dean of the Technological

Course of the University High School, 1902–8. Retired. FRANKLIN JOHNSON, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Church History and Homiletics.

Graduate, Hamilton Theological Seminary, 1861; Pastor, Michigan and New Jersey, 1864-6; German Universities, 1866-9; D.D., University of Jena, 1869; LL.D., Ottawa University, Kansas, 1898; Pastor, Cambridge, Mass., 1874-88; Athens, Greece, 1888-9; President, Ottawa University, Kansas, 1890-2; Assistant Professor of Church History and Homiletics, University of Chicago, 1892-4; Associate Professor, ibid., 1894-5; Professor, ibid., 1895–1908. Retired.

• The names in each group, with the exception of the names of the President and the Dean of the Faculties, are arranged in order of collegiate seniority.

+For addresses of Officers of Instruction and Administration, see the University Address List.


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THOMAS WAKEFIELD GOODSPEED, D.D., Secretary of the Board of Trustees,

and University Registrar. A.B., University of Rochester, 1863; Graduate, Rochester Theological Seminary, 1866; D.D., University of Chicago, 1885; Secretary Board of Trustees, University of Chicago,

1890—; Registrar, ibid., 1897—. Thomas CHROWDER CHAMBERLIN, Ph.D., LL.D., Sc.D., Professor and Head of

the Department of Geology; Director of Museums. A.B., Beloit College, 1866; A.M., ibid., 1869; Principal High School, 1866-8; Graduate Student,

University of Michigan, 1868-9; Professor of Natural Science, State Normal School, Whitewater, Wis., 1869-73; Professor of Geology, Beloit College, 1873-82; Assistant State Geologist of Wisconsin, 1873-6; Chief Geologist, ibid., 1876-82; studied glaciers of Switzerland, 1878; Lecturer on Geology, Beloit College, 1882-7; Professor of Geology, Columbian University, 1885-?; U.S. Geologist, 1882—; Ph.D. University of Michigan, and University of Wisconsin, 1882; President, University of Wisconsin, 1887-92; Professor and Head of the Department of Geology, University of Chicago, 1892—; LL.D., University of Michigan, 1887, Beloit College, and Columbian University of same date; Geologist to Peary Expedition, 1894; President of the Chicago Academy of Sciences; Editor of The Journal of Geology; LL.D., University of Wisconsin, 1904; Sc.D., Uni. versity of Illinois, 1905; Consulting Geologist, Wisconsin Geological Survey; Commissioner, Illinois Geological Survey; Investigator, Fundamental Problems of Geology, Carnegie Institution, 1902-; President Illinois Academy of Science, 1907; President American Association for the Advancement of Science; member of Commission for

Oriental Educational Investigation. CHARLES OTIS WHITMAN, PH.D., LL.D., Sc.D., Professor and Head of the

Department of Zoology; Curator of the Zoological Museum. A.B., Bowdoin College, 1868; A.M., ibid., 1871; Principal of Westford Academy, 1869-72; Master in English High School, Boston, 1872; Ph.D., University of Leipzig, 1878; Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, 1879; Professor of Zoology, Imperial University of Japan, 1880-1; Naples Zoological Station, 1882; Assistant in Zoology, Harvard University, 1883–5; Director of the Allis Lake Laboratory, 1886-9; Professor of Zoology, Clark University, 1889-92; Professor and Head of the Department of Zoology, University of Chicago, 1892—; LL.D., University of Nebraska, 1894 ; Sc.D. (Honorary), Bowdoin College, 1894; Member of the National Academy; Associate Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences : Foreign Member of the Linnaean Society: Editor of the Journal of Morphology, the

Biological Bulletin, and the Biological Lectures. RICHARD GREEN MOULTON, Ph.D., Professor of Literary Theory and Interpre.

tation and Head of the Department of General Literature. A.B., London University, 1869; A.B., University of Cambridge, 1874; A.M., ibid., 1877; Cambridge University Extension Lecturer in Literature, 1874-90; Lecturer to the American Society for the Extension of University Teaching (Philadelphia), 1891; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1891; Lecturer to the London Society for the Extension of University Teaching: 1891-2; Professor of Literatnre (in English),

University of Chicago, 1892-1901; Professor of Literary Theory and Interpretation and Head of the

Department of General Literature, ibid., 1901— CARL GUSTAF LAGERGREN, A.B., D.D., Professor (in the Swedish Theological

Seminary) of Systematic Theology, and Dean of the Seminary.

Morgan Park. A.B., College of Östersund, Sweden, 1869; Instructor in Latin, Swedish Language and Literature, and Natural Science, Academy of Sundsvall, 1870-1; Principal of the Higher Private School, Sundsvall, 1870-1; Student, University of Upsala, Sweden, 1871-3; Pastor, Upsala, Sweden, 1871-83; Editor of Evangelisten, a Swedish Baptist paper, 1873-83; Editor of Nykterhets-vännernas Tidning, a monthly temperance paper, 1876-8; Temperance Preacher, representing the Swedish National Temperance Union, 1877-9; Editor of Predikaren, a monthly religious paper, 1878-81 ; Pastor, Sundsvall, Sweden, 1883–9; Editor of Svärdet och Murslefven, a monthly magazine, 1884-9; Dean and Professor of Systematic Theology and Pastoral Duties in the Swedish Department, Baptist Union Theological Seminary, 1889-92; D.B. (Honorary), ibid., 1890; Dean of the Swedish Theological Seminary of the Divinity School, University of Chicago, 1892—;

D.D., Western University of Ponnsylvania, 1907. John MERLE COULTER, PH.D., Professor and Head of the Department of

Botany. A.B., Hanover College, 1870; A.M., ibid., 1873; Ph.D., Hanover College and Indiana University, 1882; Botanist of Geologic Survey of the Territories, 1872-4; Professor of Natural Sciences, Hanover College, 1874-9; Professor of Biology. Wabash College, 187991; President and Professor of Botany, Indiana University, 1891-3; Vice President, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1891 ; President of Lake Forest University, 1893-6; Professor and Head of the Department of Botany, University of Chicago, 1896—; President, American Botanical Society, 1897-8; Editor of the Botanical Gazette, 1875-,

WILLIAM GARDNER HALE, A.B., LL.D., Professor and Head of the Depart

ment of Latin. A.B., Harvard University, 1870; Fellow in Philosophy, Harvard University, 1870-1; Tutor in Latin, Harvard University, 1874-6; Non-resident Fellow of Harvard University in Classics (resident in Leipzig and Göttingen), 1876–7; Tutor in Latin, Harvard Uni. versity, 1877-80: Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, Cornell University, 1880-92; Professor and Head of the Department of Latin, University of Chicago, 1892—; member of the Board of Editors of Classical Philology, Associate Editor of the Clas. sical

of the American Journal of Archaeology; formerly Joint Editor of the Cornell University Studies in Classical Philology: Corresponding Member of the Ger. man Archaeological Institute of Berlin, Athens, and Rome; President of the American Philological Association, 1892-3; LL.D., Union College, 1895; LL.D., Princeton Uni. versity, 1896; Director of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, 1895-6; Chairman of the Managing Committee of the same, 1895–9; LL.D., St. Andrews Univer. sity, 1907; LL.D., University of Aberdeen, 1907; Honorary Member of the Cambridge (England) Philological Society, 1907; Vice-President of the (English) Classical Associa.

tion, 1907CHARLES RICHMOND HENDERSON, Ph.D., D.D., Professor of Sociology and

Head of the Department of Ecclesiastical Sociology; University

Chaplain. A.B., Old University of Chicago, 1870; A.M., ibid., 1873; D.B., Baptist Onion Theological Seminary, 1873; Pastor, Terre Haute, Ind.. 1873-82, and Detroit, Mich., 1882-92; D.D., Baptist Union Theological Seminary, 1883; Assistant Professor of Sociology, and Oniversity Recorder, University of Chicago, 189244; University Chaplain, ibid., 1892—; Associate Professor of Sociology, ibid., 1894-7; Professor of Sociology, ibid., 1897—; Head of the Department of Ecclesiastical Sociology, ibid., 1904—; Ph.D., University of Leipzig,

1901. SHERBURNE WESLEY BURNHAM, A.M., Professor of Practical Astronomy, and

Astronomer in the Yerkes Observatory. Astronomer in Chicago, Private Observatory, 1870-7; A.M., Yale University, 1878; Observer at the Dearborn Observatory,

Chicago, 1877-81, 1882-4; Observer at the Washburn Observatory, Madison, Wis., 1881-2; Expert Commissioner chosen by the Trustees of the Estate of James Lick to test the seeing on Mt. Hamilton, Cal. (resulting in the location of the Lick Observatory), 1879; Astronomer at the Lick Observatory, 1888-92; Professor of Practical Astronomy and Astronomer in the Yerkes Observatory, University of Chicago, 1893–; Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1894 ; Associate of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1898; Lalande prize in Astronomy, Paris Academy of

Science, 1904.
CHARLES CHANDLER, A.M., Professor of Latin.

A.B., University of Michigan, 1871; A.M., ibid., 1874; Teacher of Languages, Pontiac, Mich., High School, 1871-4; Tutor in Academy and Instructor in Latin, Denison Univer. sity, 1874-8; Professor of Latin Language and Literature, Denison University, 1876-91;

Professor of Latin, University of Chicago, 1892– EMIL Gustav HIRSCH, A.M., LL.D., Lit.D., D.D., Professor of Rabbinical

Literature and Philosophy. A.B., University of Pennsylvania, 1872; A.M., ibid., 1875; Student, University of Berlin, 1872-6; Alumnus of Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums, 1872-6; student, Leipzig, 1876; Rabbi, 1877; LL.D., Austin College, 1896; Minister of Har Sinai Congregation, Baltimore, Md., 1877 ; of Adath-Israel Congregation, Louisville, Ky., 1878; of Sinai Congregation, Chicago, 1880- ; Editor of the Zeitgeist, Milwaukee, 1880-7: of the Reformer, New York, 1886; of The Reform Advocate, Chicago; Professor of Rabbinical Literature and Philosophy, University of Chicago, 1892—; Lit.D., Western University of Pennsylvania, 1900; D.D., Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, O., 1901 ; Trumbull Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University, 1902; Editor, Biblical Department

Jewish Encyclopedia; D.C.L., The Temple University of Philadelphia, 1908. HENRIK GUNDERSEN, A.M., D.B., Professor (in the Dano-Norwegian Theo

logical Seminary) of Systematic Theology, New Testament Interpreta

tion and Biblical Literature, and Dean of the Seminary. Morgan Park. Graduate of Tromso Academy, Norway, 1872, and Bethel Theological Seminary, Stockholm, Sweden, 1884; Examen Artium, Christiania

University, Norway, 1886; Pastor, Trondhjem, Norway, 1886-7; Graduate Christiania University with degree Candidatus Philosophice (A.M.), 1888; Professor of Greek and New Testament Interpretation in the Dano-Norwegian Department of the Baptist Union Theological Seminary, 1888–92; D.B. (Honorary), Baptist Union Theological Seminary, 1889; Assistant Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Biblical Literature, University

of Chicago, 1892-5; Dean of the Danish-Norwegian Theological Seminary, ibid., 1895–; Professor (in the Dano-Nor. wegian Theological Seminary) of Systematic Theology, New Testament Interpretation, and Biblical Literature, ibid., 1895-.

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