Slike strani
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Shurtliff, Wilford Haskill, a w sp Weber Stoke a. '07

[blocks in formation]



Milwaukee, Wis.

Indianapolis, Ind.

Boonville, Ind.

Marshalltown, Ia.

Warsaw, Ind.

Ogden, Utah
Waterloo, Ia.
Elk City, Okla.


Paducah, Ky.

Edmond, Okla.

B.D. (Iowa State Normal

Sioux City, Ia.

s. '85

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Smith, Alice Georgette Bowden, s A.M. (Cornell u.) '08

Smith, Bertram Henry, s

Smith, Bessie Belle, s
Smith, Cora Witman, s
Smith, Fleda Emma, s

Smith, Grace Anne, s
Smith, Lewis Wilbur, a

Smith, Linnie May, s
Smith, Lucile, a w sp

Smith, Lydia Little, a

Smith, Marietta Brooks, a

Springfield hs. '02

Parsons hs. '07

[blocks in formation]


Smoot, Lucy Jackson, s Snoddy, Ethel Morey, s


Snyder, Jessie May, sa w sp
Sohl, Ruth Louise, a w sp
Solomon, Mary Louise, a
Spence, Margaret, s
Sperry, Maud Charity, a w sp
Sprague, Elizabeth C., w
Sprague, Irene, s

Spraker, George Rice, w sp

Stansbury, Clara, a w sp
Stanton, Mia, a w sp
Stapp, Juanita, a w sp
Staveley, Ada B., s

St. Clair, Flora Catherine, 8
Steele, Mattie D., s
Steele, Viola Alice, w sp
Stein, Margarete Lonie, a w
Steiner, Louise A., s

Steinhauer, Bertha, s

Steininger, Lillian, w sp
Stephens, Merle Marie, s

Stern, Gertrude, a w sp

[blocks in formation]

Stevens, Margaret Cooper, saw sp W. Des Moines hs.; Drake Des Moines, Ia.

[blocks in formation]



Taylor, Mary Ardella, a w sp Taylor, Miriam Maude, s Taylor, Myrtle May, s a w sp Taylor, Polk Knox, s

Teodoro, Jose, s

Textrude, Thelma, s

Thielens, Elizabeth Louise, w sp Thielens, Mary Florine, a

Thomas, Chauncey Rapelje, a sp Thomas, Nelle, w sp

Thomas, William Harold, s

Thompson, Dora Belle, s
Thompson, Frank Carl, s

Thompson, Frank F., s

Thompson, Helen Cora, 8

Thompson, Laura Colwell, s

Thomson, Anne, 8

[blocks in formation]

Thompson, Margaret Murray, w sp Laurel Girls' hs. '07

Thornton, Hortense Randolph, s

Throop, Frances, s

Thrush, Ida May, a w sp
Thuet, Emma, s

Thursby, Isabelle Starr, a w sp

Tillman, Florence, s
Todd, Laura A., 8

Todd, Olvia, s
Toenningsen, Alma, s
Torrey, May, s

Towle, Edith Mary, s sp
Tracht, Luella Belle, s
Tracy, Catharine Jay, s

Tredway, Charles Edwin, s

Newton inst., '95

Lungston a. '65

Chicago Free Kindergar

ten Assoc. '90

South Belvidere hs. '07 Normal s., Winona, Minn. Oread inst.; Florida State


Canon City, Colo. Omaha, Neb. Chicago Cleveland,O.[Miss. Crystal Springs, Birmingham, Ala. Chicago


St. Paul, Minn. Orange City, Fla.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

von Glümer, Berta, s

Waggaman, Louise, s

Wagner, Lulu Gertrude, a w sp
Walker, Edna, s

Walker, Grace Lillian, s
Walker, Helen Adalaide, s

Walker, Margaret, s
Walker, Nettie, 8
Walker, Placentia Bessie, s
Wallace, Ada Hinsdale, s
Wallace, Mary Elizabeth, s
Waller, Gay, 8

Waller, Ida West, s

Walter, Cora Viola, s Wareing, Ethel Margaret, s Warner, Anna M., s

Warning, Winnie Caroline, s

Warren, Irene, s a w

Webber, Edna, s

Weber, Laura Mabel, s

Weddle, Charlotte, s

Woman's Normal s. '02
Houston hs. '01

Milwaukee-Downer hs. '06
Paris hs. '99; Normal s.
S.B. (Geneva c.) '05
Boston Cooking s. '02; s.
of Domestic Art, Brook-
line, Mass., '07
S.B. (Galloway c.) '94
Normal Training s., Ind-
dianapolis, '07
Austin hs. '03
Biloxi hs. '04

Madison hs. '97

M.E.L. (San Antonio Female c.) '06

M.E.L. (San Antonio Female c., '02

DeKalb Normal s. '01
Jessamine c. '04

[blocks in formation]


Clarion, Ia. Tyler, Tex. Paris Ottawa, Kan. St. Louis, Mo.

[Colo. Colorado Springs,

South Bend, Ind.


Detroit, Mich. Snohomish, Wash. Pasadena, Cal.

Russell, Kan.

Cedar Rapids, Ia.
New York
Houston, Tex.
Paris, Tex.
Enon Valley, Pa.
Newton, Mass.

Little Rock, Ark.
Indianapolis, Ind.

Biloxi, Miss.
Madison, Ind.
Madill, Okla.

Madill, Okla.


Corsicana, Tex. Utica, N. Y. Madison, Wis.


Van Wert, O.

Illinois State Normal s.'06 Lostant

Webster, Gertrude Watson, s w sp Hyde Park hs.

Weigley, Mildred, s
Weimer, Grace, s

Weld, Emma Skinner, 8 w
Werntz, Carl Newland, w
Wetzel, Beulah, s
Wetzler, Adelaide, a w
Wharton, Mary Eastin, s

Lake View hs. '04

Wooster c.

Senior c. (u. of Chicago) Northwestern a.

B.Di. (Iowa State Normal s.) '05 Senior c. (u. of Chicago)

L.I. (Peabody c.) '06


St. Joseph, Mo.

Beach City, O.

Traer, Ia.


Spring Hill, Tenn.

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