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HARRY GIDEON WELLS, PH.D., M.D., Associate Professor of Pathology; Dean in Medical Work.

JOSEPH EDWARD RAYCROFT, A.B., M.D., Associate Professor of Physical Culture.

SOLOMON HENRY CLARK, PH.B., Associate Professor of Public Speaking.
GILBERT AMES BLISS, PH.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics.

WILLIAM HARVEY EMMONS, PH.D., Associate Professor of Economic Geology and Mineralogy.

WALDEMAR KOCH, PH.D., Associate Professor of Pharmacology.

ANTON JULIUS CARLSON, PH.D., Associate Professor of Physiology.

LEON CARROLL MARSHALL, A.M., Associate Professor of Political Economy;
Dean of the College of Commerce and Administration.

WALTER FENNO DEARBORN, PH.D., Associate Professor of Education.
SAMUEL CHESTER PARKER, A.M., Associate Professor of Education.

ALBERT BUSHNELL JOHNSON, A.M., Associate Professor of French, Brown University (Summer Quarter, 1909).

JOHN S. P. TATLOCK, PH.D., Junior Professor of English, University of Michigan (Summer Quarter, 1909).

FREDERICK LOGAN PAXSON, PH.D., Junior Professor of History, University of Michigan (Summer Quarter, 1909).

OLIVER DIMON KELLOGG, PH.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Missouri (Summer Quarter, 1909).

ALICE PELOUBET NORTON, A.M., Assistant Professor of Household Administration.

Theodore Lee Neff, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of French.

GEORGE CARTER HOWLAND, A.M., Assistant Professor of Italian Philology.
IRA WOODS HOWERTH, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology.
DAVID JUDSON LINGLE, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Physiology.

ELIZABETH WALLACE, S.B., Assistant Professor of French Literature; Dean of the Junior College of Literature (Women).

MARTIN SCHÜTZE, PH.D., Assistant Professor of German Literature. CHARLES JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Morphology and Cytology.

Household Administration; Assistant Dean of Women; Dean of the
Junior College of Arts (Women).

JOHN PAUL GOODE, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Geography.
EDWARD SCRIBNER AMES, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Philosophy.
EDGAR JOHNSON GOODSPEED, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Biblical and
Patristic Greek; Assistant Director of Haskell Oriental Museum.

ROBERT JOHNSON BONNER, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Greek.
JOHN CUMMINGS, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Political Economy.
FREDRIC MASON BLANCHARD, A.M., Assistant Professor of Public Speaking.
HENRY CHANDLER COWLES, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Ecology.
ROBERT FRANKLIN HOXIE, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Political Economy.

JOHN MERLIN POWIS SMITH, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Old Testament
Language and Literature.

JESSE MORE GREENMAN, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Botany.
GEORGE BREED ZUG, A.B., Assistant Professor of the History of Art.
CHARLES HENRY BEESON, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Latin.
WILLARD CLARK Gore, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology.
NORMAN MACLEOD HARRIS, M.B., Assistant Professor of Bacteriology.
HOWARD TAYLOR RICKETTS, S.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology.
BASIL COLEMAN HYATT HARVEY, A.B., M.B., Assistant Professor of Anatomy.
SAMUEL ALEXANDER Matthews, M.D., Assistant Professor of Experimental

REGINALD CAMPBELL THOMPSON, A.M., Assistant Professor of Semitic

PRESTON KYES, A.M., M.D., Assistant Professor of Experimental Pathology.
HENRY GORDON GALE, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Physics; Dean of the
Junior College of Arts (Men).

HIRAM PARKER WILLIAMSON, A.M., Assistant Professor of French.
JOSEPH PARKER WARREN, PH.D., Assistant Professor of History.

JAMES WEBER LINN, A.B., Assistant Professor of English; Dean of the Junior
College of Literature (Men).

WALTER WALLACE ATWOOD, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Physiography and General Geology.

EDITH FOSTER FLINT, PH.B., Assistant Professor of English.

TREVOR ARNETT, A.B., University Auditor; Lecturer on Accounting.

WILLIAM LAWRENCE TOWER, S.B., Assistant Professor of Embryology.

PERCY HOLMES BOYNTON, A.M., Assistant Professor of English.

EARL EVELYN SPERRY, PH.D., Assistant Professor of History.

HARVEY CARR, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology.

HARLAN H. BARROWS, S.B., Assistant Professor of Geology and Geography. GERTRUDE DUDLEY, Assistant Professor of Physical Culture.

WALTER SHELDON TOWER, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Pennsylvania (Summer Quarter, 1909).

CHARLES ALBERT PROCTOR, A.B., Assistant Professor of Physics, Dartmouth College (Summer Quarter, 1909).

ROBERT ELKIN NEIL DODGE, A.M., Assistant Professor of English, University of Wisconsin (Summer Quarter, 1909).

EDWARD PROKOSCH, A.M., Assistant Professor of German, University of Wisconsin (Summer Quarter, 1909).

MURRAY SHIPLEY WILDMAN, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Political Economy, University of Missouri (Summer Quarter, 1909).

CHARLES EDWARD AMORY WINSLOW, S.B., Assistant Professor of Bacteriology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Winter Quarter, 1910). CALVIN N. KENDALL, A.M., Superintendent of Schools, Indianapolis, Ind. (Summer Quarter, 1909).

VICTOR EMMANUEL HELLEBERG, A.B., LL.B., Instructor in Sociology.
THOR ROTHSTEIN, A.B., M.D., Instructor in Neuropathology.

1 Resigned.

JOHN ADELBERT PARKHURST, S.M., Instructor in Practical Astronomy.
ELIZABETH HOPKINS DUNN, A.M., M.D., Instructor in Anatomy.

GEORGE ELMER Shambaugh, M.D., Instructor in Anatomy of Ear, Nose, and

ADOLPH CHARLES VON NOÉ, PH.D., Instructor in German Literature.

MARCUS WILSON Jernegan, PH.D., Instructor in History.

CHESTER NATHAN GOULD, PH.D., Instructor in German.

SUSAN HELEN BALLOU, PH.B., Instructor in Latin.

REUBEN MYRON STRONG, PH.D., Instructor in Zoology.

PHILIP FOX, S.M., Instructor in Astrophysics.

WILLIAM PIERCE GORSUCH, A.B., Instructor in Public Speaking.

ARTHUR CONSTANT LUNN, PH.D., Instructor in Applied Mathematics.
CURTIS HOWE Walker, Ph.D., Instructor in History.

ALBERT ELLSWORTH HILL, A.B., Instructor in English.

JOHN JACOB MEYER, PH.D., Instructor in German.

RALPH EMERSON HOUSE, PH.D., Instructor in Romance Languages.
DICE ROBINS ANDERSON, A.M., Instructor in History.

HENRY PORTER CHANDLER, A.B., Instructor in English.

CHESTER WHITNEY WRIGHT, PH.D., Instructor in Political Economy.

CHARLES GOETTSCH, PH.D., Instructor in German.

DAVID ALLAN ROBERTSON, A.B., Instructor in English; Secretary to the President.

HENRI CHARLES EDOUARD DAVID, A.M., Instructor in French.

FREDERICK DENNISON BRAMHALL, PH.B., Instructor in Political Science.

WILLIAM JESSE GOAD LAND, PH.D., Instructor in Botany.

EDWIN GARVEy Kirk, Ph.D., Instructor in Anatomy.

ALBERT WOELFEL, M.D., Instructor in Physiology.

THOMAS ALBERT KNOTT, A.B., Instructor in English.

WILLIAM CROCKER, PH.D., Instructor in Plant Physiology.

BERTRAM GRIFFITH NELSON, A.B., Instructor in Public Speaking.

OSCAR RIDDLE, PH.D., Instructor in Experimental Therapeutics and Zoology.

EARLE BROWNELL BABCOCK, PH.В., Instructor in French.

JAMES ALFRED FIELD, A.B., Instructor in Political Economy.

WALTER EUGENE CLARK, PH.D., Instructor in Sanskrit and Indo-European Comparative Philology.

ANDREW FRIDLEY MCLEOD, PH.D., Research Instructor in Chemistry.

FRANK HENRY PIKE, PH.D., Instructor in Physiology.

EDITH ETHEL BARNARD, PH.D., Instructor in Chemistry.

VICTOR ERNEST SHELFORD, PH.D., Instructor in Zoology.

DANIEL DAVID LUCKENBILL, PH.D., Instructor in Semitics.

FRANK NUGENT FREEMAN, PH.D., Instructor in Educational Psychology. WILLIAM DUNCAN MACMILLAN, PH.D., Instructor in Astronomy.

ARTHUR CARLETON TROWBRIDGE, S.B,, Instructor in Geology.

ALICE TEMPLE, ED. B., Instructor in Education.

ROBERT JAMES WALLACE, Instructor in Photophysics.

CHARLES READ BASKERVILL, A.M., Instructor in English, University of Texas (Summer Quarter, 1909).

WILBERT LESTER CARR, A.M., Supervisor of Latin, Indianapolis Public Schools (Summer Quarter, 1909).

ELLEN CHURCHILL SEMPLE, PH.D., Lecturer on Anthropogeography (Spring Quarter, 1910).

BIRD THOMAS BALDWIN, PH.D., Lecturer on Education.

EDITH ABBOTT, PH.D., Special Lecturer in Political Economy.

ALAN W. C. MENZIES, A.M., S.B., Research Associate in Chemistry.

ANDREW EDWARD HARVEY, PH.D., Associate in History.
WILLIAM KELLEY WRIGHT, PH.D., Associate in Philosophy.
KARL TINSLEY WAUGH, PH.D., Associate in Psychology.

LEMUEL CHARLES RAIFORD, A.M., Associate in Chemistry.

SAMUEL NORTHRUP HARPER, A.B., Associate in the Russian Language and Literature.

JACOB HAROLD HEINZELMAN, A.B., Associate in German.

HERMANN IRVING SCHLESINGER, PH.D., Associate in Chemistry.

CARL HENRY GRABO, PH.D., Associate in English.

ERNEST ANDERSON, A.B., S.M., Associate in Chemistry.

RALPH EDWARD SHELDON, PH.D., Associate in Anatomy.
HANS ERNST GRONOW, PH.D., Associate in German.

FRANK CHRISTIAN BECHT, S.B., Associate in Physiology.

FRANCES ADA KNOX, A.B., Assistant in History.

EDGAR HUTCHINSON JOHNSON, A.M., Assistant in Political Economy.
SHIGEO YAMANOUCHI, PH.D., Assistant in Morphology.

ALVIN LESTER BARTON, A.B., Assistant in History.

WILLIAM ROSS HAM, A.B., Assistant in Physics.

GEORGE DAMON FULLER, A.B., Assistant in Ecology.

REGINALD RUGGLES GATES, PH.D., Assistant in Morphology.

ELBERT CLARK, S.B., Assistant in Anatomy.

BERTHOLD LOUIS ULLMAN, PH.D., Assistant in Latin.

PAUL GUSTAV HEINEMANN, PH.D., Assistant in Bacteriology.
STEWART JOSEPH LLOYD, A.B., Assistant in Chemistry.

JAMES PATTERSON, S.B., Assistant in Anatomy.

JOHN LEONARD HANCOCK, A.M., Assistant in Greek.

DAVID DUKE TODD, S.M., Assistant in Bacteriology.

THEOPHIL HENRY HILDEBRANDT, A.B., S.M., Assistant in Mathematics.

ROBERT RUSS KERN, A.B., Assistant in Political Economy.

JAMES RICHARD GREER, S.B., Assistant in Physiology.

HERBERT HORACE BUNZEL, S.B., Assistant in Physiological Chemistry.
LEONARD BLOOMFIELD, PH.D., Assistant in German.

ARNO BENEDICT LUCKHARDT, S.B., Assistant in Bacteriology.
ROBERT MAURICE MATHEWS, A.B., Assistant in Mathematics.
JOHN YIUBONG LEE, S.B., Assistant in Physics.

ETHEL MARY TERRY, A.B., Assistant in Chemistry.

JOHN CURTIS KENNEDY, A.B., Assistant in Political Economy.

RUSSELL MORSE WILDER, S.B., Assistant in Anatomy.

JOHN FRANKLIN EBERSOLE, A.M., Assistant in Political Economy.
EZEKIEL HENRY DOWNEY, A.M., Assistant in Political Economy.
MAURICE CHARLES PINCOFFs, Assistant in Anatomy.

H. LOUISA LIVERMORE, Assistant in Physical Culture.
OSCAR ANDREW KNUDSON, Assistant in Physical Culture.
MARGARET BARRETT, Assistant in Physical Culture.

WILLIAM CLINTON ALDEN, PH.D., Docent in Field Geology.
ROWLAND HECTOR MODE, PH.D., Docent in Semitics.



The work of instruction in Arts, Literature, and Science is organized as follows: The Graduate School of Arts and Literature; the Ogden Graduate School of Science, the College of Arts; the College of Literature; the College of Philosophy; the College of Science; the College of Commerce and Administration. The work of the undergraduate Colleges is divided, for purposes of classification and administration, into two two-year sections, instead of into classes, known respectively as the Senior Colleges and the Junior Colleges. The Faculties and the courses of instruction are grouped under thirty-two Departments (see Part II, Courses of Instruction).


The university year is divided into four quarters of about twelve weeks each. The Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters begin on the first day of October, January, and April, respectively, and the Summer Quarter on the day next following the last day of the Spring Quarter. The Summer Quarter is divided into two equal terms.

At the close of the Autumn and Winter Quarters there is a recess of about a week. At the close of the Spring Quarter there is no recess. At the close of the Summer Quarter there is a recess of about four weeks.

Students are admitted at the opening of any one of the four quarters, and at the opening of the second term of the Summer Quarter.

Degrees are conferred at the close of each quarter at the quarterly Convocation.


A course of instruction offered daily (i. e., four or five days a week) throughout a quarter is called a major. A course offered daily throughout a term is called a minor. A course offered two hours daily for a term is called a double minor; for a quarter, a double major. A seminar usually counts as a major.

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