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the year, is of importance. For such and for all who are suffering from the nervous prostrations of overwork, there is probably no better climate to be found. It is a climate in which the drain upon vitality is, with any proper manner of living, less than the gain."

On the slopes of the Sierra Madre range of mountains Flourishes. northeasterly from Los Angeles is Pasadena, a prosperous city of about 20,000 population and growing rapidly. Here hundreds of well-to-do people from the East and Europe have settled, building elaborate and artistic homes, determined to spend their years where life is worth living, because of the out-of-door possibilities of this region. Space does not permit any detailed description of Pasadena, nor of the many other places of similar charm scattered throughout this section. Between Los Angeles and Pasadena is the ostrich farm, a successful industry established by a young Englishman some years ago. A carload of ostriches were brought by him from South Africa, and here amid conditions of sand and sunshine similar to their home, these birds have thrived and made themselves and their owner happy. The ostrich farm is one of the sights of this section, and the owner has made a comfortable fortune from his enterprise.

Sea Beaches
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In Pasadena are dozens of tourist hotels, which are full all winter and some of them all summer, with people from abroad who seek health and recreation. From Pasadena extends an electric railway to Altadena, where a marvelous cable road lifts the traveler up to Echo mountain, site of the Mt. Lowe observatory, which has gained fame in the astronomical world through the discoveries of Dr. Lewis Swift and other star-gazing scientists. From Echo mountain to Mt. Lowe extends an electric railway, which is one of the marvels of engineering. At Mt. Lowe is Alpine Tavern (altitude about 5,000 feet), an attractive resort visited yearly by thousands of tourists.

The lure of the sea draws south California residents to Santa Monica, Redondo, San Pedro, Long Beach, Newport and other points where the sandy beach and the warm waters of the Pacific combine to make sea-bathing a



Deep Sea

delight. At Santa Monica the Southern Pacific has established a terminal, Port Los Angeles, by constructing a famous wharf nearly a mile long, extending into Santa Monica bay. At this wharf deep sea vessels are readily moored. At San Pedro government engineers have been Making a employed for some years in building a breakwater, which is making a deep sea harbor for Los Angeles. An appropriation of over three millions of dollars has already been made for this work, and a good part of this amount expended. Construction of this breakwater means great things for the commercial future of Los Angeles and then the city will be in position to command its share of the growing commerce with Oriental ports.

Across San Pedro channel is Santa Catalina, a picturesque, mountainous island, reached by daily steamer from San Pedro, noted for the fishing possibilities off its coves and on its shores; fishing for tuna and other game fish being a sport that has gained fame wherever fishermen congregate. The tuna attains a length of five or six feet and often weighs one hundred to one hundred and fifty pounds. Occasionally, a Jew fish is landed, weighing three or four hundred pounds. The Metropole Hotel at Avalon, Catalina Island, is open all the year round. On the way from Los Angeles to Santa Monica is the National Soldiers' Home, one of the finest homes which the government has erected for the care and comfort of its veteran soldiers.

the Orange

As noted elsewhere the one chief industry of this Golden Crop of south region is the orange growing industry, that has Tree. shown and is showing still, marvelous development, From small beginnings the business has grown until over twenty-four thousand carloads of oranges were shipped from these south counties in the season of 1900-1901, or nearly nine millions of boxes. seasons were as follows:

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Most of the orange groves are located in Los Angeles, Groves. Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino counties, but in San Diego, Ventura and Santa Barbara, the industry is spreading rapidly. The development of artesian wells and the utilization of a large subterranean water supply as well as the systematic obtaining of water for irrigating from streams and springs are elements which have given orange and lemon growing in this region a tremendous impetus in recent years.

Orderly Riverside.

To describe the orange growing region in detail is impossible within the limits of this volume. Riverside, Redlands, Azusa, Duarte, Ontario, Monrovia, Covina and Pomona are all centers for orange shipments. Riverside, in Riverside county, is widely known as the "Orange Grove City." Its population to-day exceeds 10,000, and its valuation is something over $6,000,000. In the orange season of 1899-1900 the city of Riverside shipped 4,400 carloads of oranges and lemons, of the approximate value to the producers of $2,000,000, a sum exceeding the entire assessed valuation of all real and personal property in San Bernardino county at the inception of the Riverside colony.

The sentiment of the Riverside people is so strongly against saloons that for many years their presence has not been permitted, and the result is shown in the very orderly condition of the city, and the very few instances of lawbreaking and the small number of arrests. During a recent fair, lasting for eight days, when the streets were crowded each day by from 10,000 to 20,000 people, there was not one single case of drunkenness nor a single arrest.

At Riverside has just been built the new Glenwood Hotel, the only hotel in the world constructed after the style of the old missions. In Riverside is located the Sherman Indian Institute, established by an Act of Congress at a cost of $75,000. Of the profits of orange growing hundreds of residents of Riverside and surroundings can speak intelligently. While all agree as to the charm of the industry and its profits, yet personal experiences differ according to the location and the methods of the grower.

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