Queensland Reports: Decisions of the Supreme Court of Queensland

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Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for the State of Queensland, 1910
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Stran 43 - All persons may be joined as defendants against whom the right to any relief is alleged to exist, whether jointly, severally or in the alternative; and judgment may be given against such one or more of the defendants as may be found to be liable according to their respective liabilities, without any amendment.
Stran 191 - The parties to any proceeding instituted in consequence of adultery, and the husbands and wives of such parties, shall be competent to give evidence in such proceeding ; provided that no witness in any proceeding, whether a party to the suit or not, shall be liable to be asked or bound to answer any question tending to show that he or she has been guilty of adultery, unless such witness shall have already given evidence in the same proceeding in disproof of his or her alleged adultery.
Stran 197 - In all suits and proceedings, other than proceedings to dissolve any marriage, the said Court shall proceed and act and give relief on principles and rules which in the opinion of the said Court shall be as nearly as may be conformable to the principles and rules on which the Ecclesiastical Courts have heretofore acted and given relief, but subject to the provisions herein contained, and to the rules and orders under this act.
Stran 1 - Privy Council, to provide for the admission of any appeal or appeals to Her Majesty in Council, from any judgments, sentences, decrees or orders of any Court of Justice within any British colony or possession abroad...
Stran 204 - ... so paid in advance, or so much thereof as from time to time exceeds the amount of the calls then made upon the shares in respect of which such advance has been made, the company may pay interest at such rate as the member paying such sum in advance and the directors agree upon.
Stran 4 - Where in the course of the preparation of a Record one party objects to the inclusion of a document on the ground that it is unnecessary or irrelevant, and the other party nevertheless insists upon its being included, the Record as finally printed (whether...
Stran 6 - Schedule hereto, every tenth line thereof being numbered in the margin, and shall be signed by at least one of the Counsel who attends at the hearing of the Appeal, or by the party himself if he conducts his Appeal in person.
Stran 2 - ... on the application of any party to such action or other proceeding according to the opinion of the Chief Justice, or in his absence, of the senior puisne Judge of the...
Stran 2 - ... at the discretion of the Court, from any other judgment of the Court, whether final or interlocutory, if, in the opinion of the Court, the question involved in the Appeal is one which . by reason of its great general or public importance or otherwise, ought to be submitted to His Majesty in Council for decision.
Stran 57 - The jury, in assessing damages, are entitled to look at the whole conduct of the defendant from the time the libel was published down to the time they give their verdict. They may consider what his conduct has been before action, after action, and in Court during the trial" (per Lord Esher, MR, in Praed v.

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