The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, Količina 36

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A. and C. Black, 1844

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Stran 319 - Year Book of Facts in Science and Art, exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Geography, Antiquities, etc.
Stran 175 - Observations on the Practicability and Utility of Opening a Communication between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, by a Ship Canal through the Isthmus of Suez, with Two Maps.
Stran 176 - CATLOW.-POPULAR CONCHOLOGY ; Or, the Shell Cabinet arranged : being an Introduction to the Modern System of Conchology : with a sketch of the Natural History of the Animals, an account of the Formation of the Shells, and a complete Descriptive List of the Families and Genera. By AGNES CATLOW.
Stran 175 - Observations on Days of Unusual Magnetic Disturbance, made at the British Colonial Magnetic Observatories under the Departments of the Ordnance and Admiralty, printed by the British Government under the Superintendence of Lieut.-Col.
Stran 163 - The worm was already at the other end ! I next held my hand above my head, and my fingers yielded a fizzing sound. There could be but one explanation — we were so near a thunder cloud as to be highly electrified by induction. I soon perceived that all the angular stones were hissing round us like points near a powerful electrical machine. I told my companions of our situation, and begged Damatter to lower his umbrella, which he had...
Stran 170 - From the kernels the Indians fashion the knobs of walking-sticks, the reels of spindles, and little toys, which are whiter than ivory, and as hard, if they are not put under water ; and if they are, they become white and hard again when dried. Bears devour the young fruit with avidity.
Stran 261 - But the most uncommon and unsightly ornamental fashion, adopted by some of both sexes, is their having the under-lip slit, or cut, quite through, in the direction of the mouth, a little below the swelling part. This incision, which is made even in the sucking children, is often above two inches long, and either by its natural retraction, when the wound is fresh, or by the repetition of some artificial management, assumes the true shape of lips, and becomes so large as to admit the tongue through.
Stran 170 - The fruit at first contains a clear insipid fluid, with which travellers allay their thirst ; afterwards this same liquor becomes milky and sweet, and it changes its taste by degrees as it acquires solidity, till at last it is almost as hard as Ivory. The liquor contained in the young fruits turns acid if they are cut from the tree and kept some time.
Stran 120 - ... of man is taxed to discover new sources of wealth, maintenance, and occupation ; and we find, under the dispensations of an all-wise Providence, that at suitable seasons resources are unveiled which have been long provided but concealed until the fit occasion presents itself. Amongst the numerous administrations of the same wise and merciful design, it is not unreasonable to believe that the...
Stran 179 - improvements in the construction of boilers, part of which improvements is applicable for regulating the supply of water and other liquids." — 23d November 1843. 17. To WILLIAM PROSSER junior, of Shaftsbury Terrace, Pimlico, gentleman, " improvements in the construction of roads, and in carriages to run thereon."— 23d November 1843.

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