California Today, San Francisco, Its Metropolis

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California promotion committee of San Francisco, 1903 - 192 strani
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Stran 118 - AD 1846,) on which the city of San Francisco is situated, as will contain an area of four square leagues; said tract being bounded on the north and east by the Bay of San Francisco, on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the south by a due east and west line drawn so as to include the area aforesaid...
Stran 27 - Few cities in the world can vie with her either in the beauty or in the natural advantages of her situation; indeed, there are only two places in Europe — Constantinople and Gibraltar — that combine an equally perfect landscape with what may be called an equally imperial position.
Stran 76 - Mead, whose recent report is vastly interesting, says of our great valley that the water supply available there "ought to make of it the Egypt of the western hemisphere. Within a radius of five miles I saw every product of the temperate and semi-tropical zones which I could call to mind.
Stran 27 - ... and wine, sweeping away to the southern horizon. The city itself is full of bold hills, rising steeply from the deep water. The air is keen, dry, and bright like the air of Greece, and the waters not less blue. Perhaps it is this air and light, recalling the cities of the Mediterranean, that make one involuntarily look up to the top of these hills for the feudal castle or the ruins of the Acropolis, which one thinks must crown them.
Stran 27 - Nevada, cutting the clear air like mother-of-pearl; behind there is the roll of the ocean; to the left, the majestic gateway between mountains through which ships bear in commerce from the farthest shores of the Pacific ; to the right, valleys rich with corn and wine, sweeping away to the southern horizon. The city itself is full of bold hills, rising steeply from the deep water. The air is LJzeen, dry, and bright, like the air of Greece, and the waters not less blue.
Stran 39 - Lange, and other collections; museums and laboratories; and the agricultural experiment grounds and station, which are invaluable adjuncts "of the farming, orchard, and vineyard interests of the state. In San Francisco there are 443 officers of administration and instruction, including demonstrators and other assistants; and about 970 students in 1928-29.
Stran 178 - ... weather ; those who need clear skies and sunshine ; to whom the refreshing sleep of a cool, bracing night is a necessity after the warmth of the summer day ; those to whose enfeebled digestion or to whose capricious appetites a market stocked with fresh vegetables, fruits, and berries, every month of the year, is of importance. For such, and for all who are suffering from the nervous prostration of overwork, there is probably no better climate to be found. It is a climate in which the drain upon...
Stran 39 - ... million dollars. The University is indebted to Mrs. Phoebe A. Hearst for permanent building plans, upon a scale appropriate and comprehensive. At Berkeley there are...
Stran 19 - ... cent I have emphasized even to exaggeration. We know our friends by their slight differences in feature or expression, not by their common humanity. Much of this divergence is already fading away. Scenery and climate remain, but there is less elbow-room, and the unearned increment is disappearing. That which is solid will endure; the rest will vanish. The forces that ally us to the East are growing stronger every year with the immigration of men with new ideas.
Stran 174 - The mildness of the climate permits the most delicate plants and trees to flourish in the open air all through the winter. At Christmas may be seen hedges of calla lilies, geranium bushes ten feet and more in height, and heliotrope covering the side of a house, while the jasmine, tuberose and orange make the air heavy with their delicious perfume. Giant bananas wave their graceful leaves in the gentle breeze, and often...

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