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The Cyrenaica and Pentapolis.

Modern Acceptation of the Term Barbary-Desert of Barca-

District of Marmarica-Its desolate State-Remains of an.

cient Improvement—Derna-Natural Advantages-Habits of

the People-Want of good Harbours-Ruins-Opinion of Pa.

cho—Excavations and Grottoes-Cyrene-- Details by Herodo.

tus-War with Egypt-Successes of the Persians–Form of

Government-Cyrene subject to Egypt-Persians-Saracens

---Present State of the Cyrenaica-Marsa-Suza-Ruins-Ap-

ollonia - Monuments of Christianity-Tombs — Theatres-

Style of Architecture-Amphitheatre-Temples—Stadium-

Hypogea-Notion of petrified Village-Account by Shaw

Remark by Della Cella-Journey of Captain Smyth-State of

Ghirza-Fountain of Apollo— Description of it-Examined by

Capt. Beechey-Plain of Merge-Barca-History of—Doubts

as to its real Position-Opinion of Della Cella-Ptolemeta or

Dolmeita-Fine Situation of the Town-Streets covered with

Grass and Shrubs-Extent of the City-Ruins-Theatres-

Magnificent Gateway-Supposed of Egyptian Origin-Hy-

pothesis of Della Cella-Disputed by Capt. Beechey—Taucra,

or ancient Teuchira-Unfavourable as a Seaport-Complete

Demolition of its Buildings-Ruins of two Christian Church.

es—Tombs-Variety of Greek Inscriptions-Mode of Burial

-Bengazi, or Berenice-Miserable Condition of the Place

Plague of Flies—Population-Character of Inhabitants—Gar.

dens of the Hesperides-Glowing Descriptions of them by an-

cient Writers-Position indicated by Scylax-Labours of Cap.

tain Beechey-Conclusion

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The Regency of Algiers.

Origin of the term Algiers Importance attached to its History

-Boundaries of the State- Appearance of the Town- Its

Interior—Population-Fortifications-Narrow Streets-His-

tory resumed-Charles V. resolves to attack Algiers-His

Force-Preparations of Hassan Aga–Storm disables the

Spaniards— Loss of Ships and Men-Sufferings of the Army

-Scattered at Sea-Fortitude of the Emperor-These Hos-

tilities had an earlier origin-Policy of Cardinal Ximenes

Success of his Measures-Moors revolt, and invite Barbaros-

sa-Spaniards deprived of Oran–Expedition of Philip V.-

Oran destroyed by an Earthquake-French attack Algiers

under Beaulieu-And under Duquesne- The City and Batte.

ries destroyed–The Dutch, Danes, Swedes, Austrians, and

Russians, adopt different Measures-English make several

efforts to reduce the Corsairs—Insults during the reign of

George II.-Resolutions by Congress of Vienna- Expedition

of Lord Exmouth-Attack on Algiers—Terms acceded to-

Captives released - French Government offended-Expedi.

tion under Bourmont-Account by Rozet-Present state of

Algiers-Revenue-War between Algiers and Tunis-Bona

-Tabarca-La Cala - Constantina-Antiquities -- Mileum

Remains—Bujeya - Province of Titteri-Bleeda and Medea

-Burgh Hamza-Auzea-Beni Mezzab—Province of Tlem-

san-Capital-Arbaal-El Herba—Maliana-Aquæ Calidæ

Colonia-Oran-Recent History-Inhabitants-Geeza-Ca.

rastel-Mostagan-Jol, or Julia Cæsarea—Tefessad-Sher-

shell-Vicinity of Algiers-French Government-Attempt at

Colonization-Difficulties–Favourable Climate and Soil-

European Powers invited to co-operate-Late Publications

on the Subject


of Metijah-Postdiluvian Formation-Uniform Operation
of General Laws-ZOOLOGY-Scorpions and Serpents-
Búska - Effah - Boah - Locusts - Quadrupeds-Horreh-
Aoudad - Nimmer-Heirie-Camel-Desert-horse-Birds
Ostrich-El Rogr-Tibib-El Hage-Graab el Sahara-Ka-
raburno-Burourou-BOTANY- List of Plants-Hashisha-
Euphorbium-Silphium-Medicinal Qualities Opinions of
Della Cella and Beechey-Reflections

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