Revue celtique, Količina 1

Sprednja platnica
F. Vieweg, 1872

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Stran 51 - They say, moreover, that in every battle, wherever that flag went before them, if they were to gain the victory a live crow (? raven ) would appear flying on the middle of the flag ; but, if they were doomed to be defeated, it would hang down motionless. And this was often proved to be so.
Stran 141 - ... 2° d'un texte donnant pour chaque nom le dépouillement géographique des auteurs anciens, des inscriptions, des médailles, et le résumé des discussions touchant son emplacement; 3...
Stran 42 - Erin, in the setting of the sun in the clouds of evening. Great anger and rage possessed him at their sight, because of the multitude of his foes, because of the number of his enemies.
Stran 422 - Elle hurlait, elle appelait Dieu, elle était bouleversée corps et âme : — Enterrez mes neuf fils, et je vous promets un cordon de cire qui fera trois fois le tour de vos murs i : Qui fera trois fois le tour de votre église, et trois fois le tour de votre asile.
Stran 39 - And there arose a wild, impetuous, precipitate, furious, dark, frightful, voracious, merciless, combative, contentious, vulture-(flight) screaming and fluttering over their heads. And there arose also the satyrs and the idiots, and the maniacs of the valleys, and the witches, and the goblins, and the destroying demons of the air and of the firmament, and the feeble demoniac phantorn host; and they were screaming and comparing the valour and combat of both parties.
Stran 258 - Jesus' crozier upon it and did not reach [it], but it bowed westwards to turn on its right side, for its face was from the south, to wit, to Tara. And the trace of the crozier abides on its left side still, and yet the crozier moved not from Patrick's hand. And the earth swallowed the twelve other images as far as their heads, and they are thus in sign of the miracle, and he cursed the demon, and banished him to hell, and Patrick called them ail cum rege Loegaire; these are they who adored the idol.
Stran 312 - Augustodunum pour y avoir transporté le souvenir et le culte de son génie gaulois, mais son sanctuaire primitif et vénéré resta toujours au Mont Beuvray. En consultant les usages traditionnels qui n'ont pas plus disparu dans le Morvan que chez les Bretons, on voit durant le moyen-âge, au premier mercredi de mai, une fête qui rappelle les pardons de la Bretagne et celle dont Grégoire de Tours a donné la description ' , se tenir durant trois jours, sur le plateau désert de Bibracte...
Stran 50 - ... he was seized with a boiling, terrible anger, and an excessive elevation, and greatness of spirit and mind. A bird of valour and championship arose in him, and fluttered over his head, and on his breath.
Stran 435 - Défense des dissertations sur l'origine de la maison de France et sur la mouvance de la Bretagne.
Stran 272 - BREIZOUNEC (commonly called Breton and Armorican) ; a Version into WELSH, mostly new, and closely resembling the Breton ; and a Version GAELIC or MANX or CERNAWEG ; with Illustrative Articles by CHRISTOLL TERRIEN and CHARLES WARING SAXTON, DD Ch.

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