Prose Writings of Bayard Taylor ...

Sprednja platnica
G.P. Putnam, 1862

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Stran 362 - Ay, now am I in Arden ; the more fool I : when I was at home, I was in a better place : but travellers must be content.
Stran 160 - He maketh the deep to boil like a pot: he maketh the sea like a pot of ointment.
Stran 47 - ... faculties for action, intercourse with its fellows or advancement in any path of ambition, into shapes which it never before imagined. As in the turn of the dissolving views, there is a period when it wears neither the old nor the new phase, but the vanishing images of the one and the growing perceptions of the other are blended in painful and misty confusion. One knows not whether he is awake or in some wonderful dream. Never have I had so much difficulty in establishing, satisfactorily to my...
Stran 154 - Swiss blood was aroused ; he was the old soldier again. He sprang from his seat, and, waving his hand around his head, as if swinging a sword, exclaimed : " Gentlemen, this is the happiest day of my life. It makes me glad to hear those cannon : they remind me of the time when I was a soldier. Yes, I am glad to hear them — this is a great day for California !" Then, recollecting himself, he sat down, the tears streaming from his eyes.
Stran 104 - Eldorado, are the general rendezvous of business and amusement —combining 'change, park, club-room and promenade all in one. There, everybody not constantly employed in one spot, may be seen at some time of the day. The character of the groups scattered along the plaza is oftentimes very interesting. In one place are three or four speculators bargaining for lots, buying and selling
Stran 155 - ... appointed by the Delegates, elected by the people of California to form a Constitution, to address you. in their names and in behalf of the whole people of California, and express the thanks of the Convention for the aid and cooperation they have received from you in the discharge of the i esponsible duty of creating a State Government.
Stran 109 - Ethiopian serenaders, and at the other hells, violins, guitars or wheezy accordeons, as the case may be. The atmosphere of these places is rank with tobacco-smoke, and filled with a feverish, stifling heat, which communicates an unhealthy glow to the faces of the players. We shall not be deterred from entering by the heat and smoke or the motley characters into whose company we shall be thrown There are rare chances here for seeing human nature in one of its most dark and exciting phases.
Stran 292 - ... rich with the choicest technicalities of the Parisian cuisine. Then, vessels were coming in -day after day, to lie deserted and useless at their anchorage. Now scarce a day passed, but some cluster of sails, bound outward through the Golden Gate, took their way to all the corners of the Pacific. Like the magic seed of the Indian juggler, which grew, blossomed, and bore fruit before the eyes of his spectators, San Francisco seemed to have accomplished in a day the growth of half a century.
Stran 68 - We only toil, who are the first of things, And make perpetual moan, Still from one sorrow to another thrown: Nor ever fold our wings, And cease from wanderings, Nor steep our brows in slumber's holy balm; Nor harken what the inner spirit sings, "There is no joy but calm!
Stran 77 - The deposits most easily reached are soon exhausted by the crowd, and the labor required to carry on further work successfully deters single individuals from attempting it. Those who, retaining their health, return home disappointed, say they have been humbugged about the gold, when in fact, they have humbugged themselves about the work. If any one expects to dig treasures out of the earth, in California, without severe labor, he is wofully mistaken. Of all classes of men, those who pave streets...

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