Modern Culture, Količina 3 ,2. izdaja

Sprednja platnica
Edward Cornelius Toune, Graeme Mercer Adam
Self-culture magazine Company, 1896

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Stran 135 - Arctic coasts to the Gulf of Mexico, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific, with a festival of codfish.
Stran 117 - Ohio, and set out on the intended journey on the same day; the next, I arrived at Fredericksburg, and engaged Mr. Jacob Vanbraam to be my French interpreter, and proceeded with him to Alexandria, where we provided necessaries. From thence we went to Winchester, and got baggage, horses, &c. and from thence we pursued the new road to Wills' Creek, where we arrived the 14th of November.
Stran 177 - In the northern hemisphere the cyclone rotates in a direction contrary to that in which the hands of a clock move, but in the southern hemisphere the rotation coincides with the movement of the hands.
Stran 126 - ... and act tended to perpetuate disunion, and make a disruption of the States inevitable. . . . We have seen Congress gradually encroach, step by step, upon Constitutional rights, and violate, day after day and month after month, fundamental principles of the Government. We have seen a Congress that seemed to forget that there was a limit to the sphere and scope of legislation. We have seen a Congress in a minority assume to exercise power which, allowed to be consummated, would result in despotism...
Stran 184 - Britain on the one hand and France and Russia on the other, and eventually all six of the Great Powers of Europe, and possibly America, will become involved in the conflict.
Stran 126 - ... authorities in the State government of Louisiana, which had been recognized by the Government of the United States; and every man engaged in that rebellion in that convention, with the intention of superseding and upturning the civil government which had been...
Stran 132 - ... in my heart a great flame of desire to attempt some notable thing And understanding by reason of the sphere, that if I should, saile by way of...
Stran 116 - Ohio, committed to Print — I think I can do no less than apologize, in some measure, for the numberless imperfections of it. There intervened but one day between my arrival in Williamsburg, and the time for the Council's Meeting, for me to prepare and transcribe, from the rough minutes I had taken in my travels, this Journal, the writing of which only was sufficient to employ me closely the whole time, consequently admitted of no leisure to consult of a new and proper form to offer it in, or to...
Stran 161 - OF all the thousand ills that prey on Hellas, Not one is greater than the tribe of athletes! For, first, they never learn how to live well,— Nor indeed could they; seeing that a man Slave to his jaws and belly, cannot hope To heap up wealth superior to his sire's.
Stran 138 - In the mean townlet of Scrooby I marked two things, — the parish church, not big but very well builded; the second was a great manor place standing within a moat and longing to the Archbishop of York...

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