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" Britain on the one hand and France and Russia on the other, and eventually all six of the Great Powers of Europe, and possibly America, will become involved in the conflict. "
Modern Culture - Stran 184
uredili: - 1896
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Self Culture, Količina 3 ,2. izdaja

...Sons, Philadelphia, from which have been launched so many fine war-ships—the latest the Iowa—and where were built the St. Louis and the St. Paul, companions...globe. We need not go into the particulars of this war—which, after all, may not take place—but the writer begins with some facts respecting the comparative...
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Bismarck and German Unity

Munroe Smith - 1923 - 188 strani
...easily have bred trouble ; but, as already noted, this policy was so conducted as to avoid hostility. Between Great Britain, on the one hand, and France and Russia on the other, there were more serious clashes of interest ; and it is possible that Bismarck might have established...
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Outbreak of the World War: German Documents

Germany. Auswärtiges Amt, Karl Kautsky, Maximilian Maria Karl Desiderius Montgelas, Graf von - 1924 - 688 strani to the words he had uttered at that time, and could only repeat to me that secret agreements between Great Britain on the one hand and France and Russia on the other, which would entail obligations on Great Britain in case of a European war, did not exist. England wished...
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The Hierarchy of States: Reform and Resistance in the International Order

Ian Clark, Teaching Fellow in Defence Studies Ian Clark - 1989 - 253 strani
...Britain because in many respects British and German interests conflicted less seriously than did those of Britain on the one hand, and France and Russia on the other. As yet another example of the lack of rigidity of the alliances, it has been argued that the Franco-Russian...
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