Cultus Americanus: Varieties of the Liberal Tradition in American Political Culture, 1600-1865

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Lexington Books, 2006 - 305 strani
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Cultus Americanus applies a philosophical model of political culture as ideology, religion, and myth to a re-consideration of America's liberal consensus to explain cultural diversity in America. Applying this model to the formative years of American political culture from 1600-1865 demonstrates that American diversity exists within a single, coherent cultural universe, dominated by a liberal ideology that is informed and supported by both a unique American religiosity and a vibrant American mythology. Author Brent Gilchrist engagingly depicts a political culture that is more complex and more cohesive than has been previously maintained that will be of great interest to scholars and students of American politics and history.

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Interestingstraightforwardand even entertaining!

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An American raised in Canada educated and observant of American culture Dr. Brent Gilchrist provides a unique view of the American political culture and history from 16001865 in his first book Cultus ... Celotno mnenje


Articulating the Inarticulate Premise of Conformity
The Conceptual Matrix of Political Culture
Ideology in America
American Gospel
Americas Mythic Undercurrents
A Complex Consensus
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O avtorju (2006)

Brent Gilchrist is assistant professor at Brigham Young University.

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