The American Review of Reviews, Količina 65

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Albert Shaw
Review of Reviews, 1922

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Stran 626 - to the stupid glance of the careless passerby; but I require that they shall all be dispersed under the hammer of the Auctioneer, so that the pleasure which the acquiring of each one of them has given me shall be given again, in each case, to some inheritor of my own tastes. THE ANDERSON GALLERIES
Stran 438 - The inaugural lecture of the Sir George Watson Chair of American History, Literature and Institutions was delivered by Lord Bryce on June 27, 1921, at the Mansion House, London, before an audience that included many American visitors. With his exceptional knowledge of American life and institutions, Lord Bryce
Stran 408 - shall and may be lawful for any two or more Justices of the Peace to cause such persons to be apprehended and kept safely locked up in some secure place, and, if such Justices find it necessary, to be
Stran 430 - Handbook of American Indians," published by the Bureau of American Ethnology. Some additional facts, indicating that the use of peyote has been promoted as a commercial undertaking, were recorded in a report by WE Johnson, chief special officer of the Indian Bureau for the suppression of the liquor traffic among the Indians,
Stran 277 - of officers in excess of the number required with the Regular Army proper. This provision of law shows clearly the intent of Congress that a portion of the officers authorized are to be employed in the organization, administration and development of the National Guard, the Organized Reserves, the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, and the Citizens
Stran 408 - in chains. The attitude of public authority toward the insane was thoroughly well expressed a century and a quarter ago by a New York State statute, of 1788. which reads in part as follows: Whereas, there are sometimes persons who, by lunacy or otherwise, are furiously made or are so far disordered in their senses that they may be dangerous to
Stran 312 - Report; and the demands relative to the Army of Occupation irreconcilable with it. The undertaking exacted under this head contained neither explicitly nor implicitly any assurance that the presence .of a British force was "not to constitute in any manner a military occupation of the country or prejudice the rights of the Government of Egypt.
Stran 281 - the Assistant Secretary of War is charged with the supervision of the procurement of all military supplies and the assurance of adequate provision for the mobilization of material and industrial organizations essential to war-time needs.
Stran 548 - The author of this work, who is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, gives a description of the lives, habits, and customs of the piratical head-hunters of North Borneo, and from the prehistoric objects discovered in the island reconstructs the history of the people in their political and social relations. South America from a Surgeon's Point
Stran 68 - The several systems shall be so arranged that the cost of transportation as between competitive systems and as related to the values (valuations) of the properties through which the service is rendered shall be the same so far as practicable, so that these systems can employ uniform rates in the movement of competitive traffic and under efficient management earn substantially the same rate of return upon the value

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