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The Mexican Year Book is issued to meet the demand for unbiased and systematized information concerning Mexico. The book has furthermore been written expressly for the American public, and has no connection, official or unofficial, with the Verican government. This is in contradistinction to former Mexican Year Books, which were compiled primarily for English use and claimed some measure of official patronage. These ceased publication in 1914.

In dealing with Mexican figures absolute accuracy is an ideal to be striven for, but one never likely to be attained. Of recent Tears, moreover, the difficulty of obtaining reliable data has been may increased by the confusion into which the recent revolugrans disturbances have thrown so many of the sources upon FLC, om- is dependent for official information and statistics. In o dijemnia, the files of the Doheny Foundation, now at Occider a College, have proved to be of the greatest benefit.

Luck of the credit for the merits of the volume is to be given * Tiere scholarly contributors whose names appear on another Tom. Iz large part they have made the book possible, and the

bers them his unfeigned gratitude. It is also advisable - that the unsigned articles appearing in the Year Book,

* exception of the Foreword to the Constitution of 1917, yrien by the editor. 30mm are certain inconsistencies of a minor nature in the - mamy cor makeup of the volume which the critical reader will

werner for himself. Among the most marked of these is wa Unt use of the accent in the spelling of Spanish names,

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labartures from uniformity the editor acknowledges .nl of deep regret remains to be recorded. When the cum a ff the Year Book was first proposed, the Honorable

I Lale-a man whose long career in public office closed u ball, and whose intimate arquaintance with Mexico mal conditions made him universally recognized as an

po that country-agreed to write an introduction to ... Death came before the article was finished,

belief of Ir. Lane. shared by many other's, that

o: Jiexico and of the United States would botti alike "**r its provies and possibilities. The Wexican áll American people know more about Mexico and

diraied to the fulfillment of this objpel,

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