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Cambridge and Hunt.

County of Southampton.

William Dodge Cooper Cooper, of Toddington, esq.
George Henry Cherry, of Denford, esq.
Henry William Mason, of Amersham, esq.
Richard Orton, of Upwell, esq.
Laurence Armistead, of Cranage, esq.
Gordon Will. Francis Gregor, of Trewarthenick, eeq
Edward Williams Hasell, of Dalemaine, esq.
William Evans, of Alestree, esq.
Sir Humphrey Phineas Davie, of Creedy, bart.
William Boucher, of the Close, Sarum, esq.
Brice Pearse, of Monkham in Woodford, esq.
William Blathwayte, of Dyrham Park, esq.
William Gordon, of Haffield, esq.
Charles Phelips, of Briggins Park, esq.
Thomas Rider, of Broughton Place, esq.
Joshua Grundy, of the Oaks, esq.
Richard Thorold, of Weelsby House, esq.
Thomas Fothergill, of Caerleon, esq.
Andrew Fountaine, of Narford, esq.
Samuel Amy Severne, of Thenford, esq.
Sanderson Ilderton, of Ilderton, esq.
John Sherwin Sherwin, of Bramcole Hills, esq.
Thomas Cobb, of Calthorp, esq.
George Finch, of Burley, esq.
Charles Kynaston Mainwaring, of Okley Park, esq.
Sir Alexander Hood, of Wootton, bart.
John Bateman, of Knipersley, esq.
William Edward Nightingale, of Embly, esq.
John Ruggles Brise, of Clare, esq.
Felix Calvert Ladbroke, of Headley, esq.
Sir Charles Montolieu Lamb, of Beauport, bart.
James Watt, of Aston Hall, esq.
Geo. Heneage Walker Heneage,of Compton Bassett, esq.
Edward Rudge, of Abbey Manor House, esq.
George Osbaldeston, of Ebberston.

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Glamor ganshire
Pembrokeshire ......

John Parry Wilkins, of Maesderwen, esq.
Morris Davies, of Aberystwith, esq.
Sir William Dundas, of Llanelly, bart.
William Crawshay, jun , of Cyfarthfa Castle, esq.
William Edwardes Tucker, of Sealytram, esq.
John Morris, of Newchurch, esq.

Henry Prichard, of Madyn, esq.
Daniel Vawdrey, of Plasgwynant, esq.
William Lloyd, of Bryn-Estyn.
Edward Pemberton, of Plas Isa, esq.
William John Banks, of Dolymoch, e9q.
Wythen Jones, of Rhieuport, esq.


Anglesey .....


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a son.


wife of Captain Litchfield, R. A. 2 daughter.

12. At Upper Sheen, Surrey, the wife JANUARY.

of col. C. s. Fagan, C. B. a daughter.

17. The wife of F. D. Lempriere, 1. At Clyffe Hill, Wilts, the wife of Head Master of St. Olave's Grammarmajor W. Fawcett, a son.

school, a son; her fifteenth child. 3. At Little Marlow, Bucks, the wife

18. At Crouch-end, the wise of of the rev. James Allan Park, a son.

Christopher J. Magkay, esq. a son. At the Palace, Bishopthorpe, the 19. In Upper Montagu-street, the lady of sir J. V. B. Johnstone, of Hack

wife of Frederick Solly Flcod, a son. ness, bart. a son and heir. 4. At Penenden-heath, Maidstone,

MARCH. the lady of lieutenant-colonel Tod, a daughter.

1. At Chacombe Priory, Northampe 8. At Bruges, the lady of sir David tonshire, the lady of H. J. Pye, esq. a Cunynghame, a son.

daughter, 10. At Sledmere, the lady of sir Tat- 19. At Highlands, Sussex, the lady of ton Sykes, bart. a daughter.

John Durand Baker, esq. a daughter. 15. At Anspach House, Southamp- 24. In Clarges-street, the lady of sir ton, the lady of sir Matthew Blackiston, W. Scot, of Ancrum, bart. a son.

APRIL. 18. At the Warden's lodgings, Mer. ton College, Oxford, lady Carmichael

1. At Paris, lady Perceval, a son and Anstruther, a son.

heir. 19. At the Manor-house, Herting.

3. In Lower Grosvenor-street, the fordbury, the wife of the hon. and rev.

wife of J, S. W. Sawbridge Erle Drax, Robert Eden, a son. At Wrotham-park, the seat of esq. of Charborough Park, Dorset, a

daughter. George Byng, esq. M. P. lady John

7. At Oxford, the wife of the late rev. Thynne, a daughter.

Dr. Nicoll, Regius Professor of Hebrer 24. At Ashton Giffard, the wife of W. Codrington, esq. a son.

in that University, a daughter: 25. At Millbrook, the lady of sir

10. At PentrepantSalop, the lady of

sir W. H. Clerke, bart, a son. Charles Dalrymple, a daughter, The wife of William Blundell, esq. Beaumont, esq. M. P.a son and heir.

11. At Hampstead, the wife of T. W. of Crosby-hall, Lancashire, a daughter.

Lady Alice Peel, a son. 27. At Knowle House, the wife of Edmund de Pentheny O'Kelly, esq, of

In Dublin, the countess of Mil

town, a son and heir. Clongory, a son. 28. At Hooton Pagnel House, near

At Florence, lady George William

Russell, a son. Doncaster, the lady Louisa Duncombe,

13. The countess of Sheffield a daugh

ter. 29. At Mapperton House, Dorset, the lady of sir Molyneux Hyde Nepean, Walsh, a son.

17. In Curzon-street, lady Jane bart. a daughter. 30. At the lodgings, University Col.

19. At Dublin, the viscountess Dunlege, Oxford, the wife of the rev. Dr. garvon, a son and heir. Rowley, the Master, a son.


2. In Spring-gardens, lady Georgiana

Agar Ellis, a son. 2. At Oxford, the wife of Dr. Ogle, a 5. The wife of Dr. Gilbert, Principal.

of Brazennose Col. Oxford, a daughter. At Gordon Castle, the seat of the 8. At Ashling-louse, Sussex, the wise duke of Gordon, the wife of James of Captain Rich, R. N. a daughter.. Duff, esq. a daughter.

11. At East Sheen, the hon. Mrs, 5. In Guernsey, the wife of the Rev. Penrhyn, a daughter. C. W. Stocker, Principal of Elizabeth 12. At St. John's Wood, the wife of College, a son.

J. W. May, esq. Consul-general of the 12. At Ashford-hall near Ludlow, the Netherlands, a son.

& son.


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BIRTHS. 17. At Rome, the wife of major-gen. 8. At Barkby-hall, Leicester, the wife Tolley, a daughter,

of George Pochin, esq. a son. 20. At Headley-grove, Surrey, the 9. Lady Henry Cholmondeley, a son hon. Mrs. C. Boulton, a daughter. and heir.

At Castlecraig, the right hon. 12. In Portman-square, the wife of Lady Napier, a daughter.

Eyre Coote, esq. of West-park, Hamp24. At his seat, Kilmory, Argyleshire, shire, and Leopardstown, Dublin, a the lady of sir John Powlett Orde, bart. daughter. a daughter.

13. Lady Emma Portman, a son. 31. At Stanmer, Sussex, the countess In Upper Brook-street, the wife of of Chichester, a daughter.

captain Ellice, R.N. a daughter. Lately. At Newbridge, Derry Daw- The wife of G. C. Norton, esq. lish, the residence of her father, colonel

M. P. a son. Rochfort, M, P. the lady of E. W. 14. In Grosvenor-square, the countess Meade, esq. a son and heir.

of Cawdor, a son. In Arlington-street, lady Mary At Westport, the marchioness of Stephenson, a daughter.'

Sligo, a daughter.

2). In Great Portland-street, the wife

of G. A. Moultrie, esq. of Aston-hall, 4. In Bryanstone-square, the wife of Shropshire, a son. Joseph Hume, esq. M. P. a son.

22. At West Rounton, at her father's, 11. At Dublin, the countess of the lady of sir Thomas Pasley, bart, a Erroll, a daughter.

son and heir. 12. The lady of lieutocol. George 23. At Kirtlington Park, lady DaslıPollock, C. B. Bengal Army, a son. wood, a daughter.

13. At Totteridge-park, the lady of - At Montague-house, Portmall. J. Browne, esq. M P. a daughter. square, the hon. Mrs. 11. Montague, a

14. In Connauglit-place, the lady of danghter. sir C. H. Coote, bart. M. P. a son.

At Sandon, lady G. Stuart Wort. 15. At Rookwood, Surrey, the right ley, a daughter. hon. Lady Charles Spencer Churchill, a 25. At Barrow-lipon-Trent, Derby, daughter.

the lion. Mrs. Beaumont, a son. In Grosvenor-square, the countess of

27. At Woodhall-park, the wife of the Monntcharles, a daughter.

hon. A. L. Melville à son. 17. At Englefield-green, the wife of Lately. Lady Forbes, of Craigievar, a Lieutenant-colonel Salway, a daughter. daughter.

In Stratford-place, the lady of G. W. Tapps, esq. M. P., a son.

AUGUST. 21. At kinsale, the wife of captain G. H. Boldero, 10th Regiment, a son. 1. At Creedy, the wife of lieutenanta

22, In Langham-place, the lady of colonel Ferguson, a daughter. sir G. Heathcote, bart. M. P. a son.

At Sandhurst, the right hon. In Upper Portland-place, the lady H. Paget, a daughter. wife of Henry St. George Tucker, esq. a 4. The wife of the right hon. R. Peel, daughter,

23. In Hill-street, Berkeley-square, 6. At Edinburgh, the wife of captain lady C. N. Grenville, a son.

Basil Hall, R. N. a daughter. 24. At Horfield Court, near Bristol, 7. In Hereford-street, the countess the wife of W. R. Alder, esq. of Horn- of Guildford, a son and heir. elift House, Berwick, a son and heir. 8. At Upton-house, near Poole, the

25. At Weldon Rectory, lady Louisa wife of Edward Doughty, esq. a son and Finch Hatton, a daughter.

heir. 26. In Charles-street, Berkley-square, 12. At Diston-house, Gloucestershire, lady Augusta Baring, a son.

the lion. Mrs. S. Gist, a daughter. 30. The wife of rev. Dr. Goodenough, 24. The lady of sir Alexander Hood, a daughter.

bart. high sheriff of the county of JULY.

Somerset, a daughter.

26. The wife of James Reid, M. D. 4. At Mendhain Harleston, Norsolk, Charlotte-street, Bloomsbury-square, a the wife of sir G. Crewe, bart. a dauglia dnughter. ter.

28. Lady Elizabeth Drummond, a son.

a son.

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a son.

BIRTHS. 3). At Wycombe Abbey, Bucks, 13. At Kinnaird, Forfarshire, lady !ady Granville Somerset, a son.

Carnegie, a son. Lately. At Cheam, the wife of R. 15. At Derrynoyd-lodge, Ireland, the Vernon Smith, esq. M. P. a daughter.. wife of the hono Justice Torrens, a

In Dublin, the lady of sir J. Fra. daughter. zer, bart. lieutenant-colonel 7th Hus. 17. The wife of the rey. Charles sars, & son.

Wodsworth, Preb. of St. Paul's, &c., a In Dublin, the wife of J. H. Hutch- daughter. inson, esq. M. P. a son.

At Sarsden, the hon. Mrs. Langs. ton, a daughter.

In Fitzwilliam-square, Dublin, SEPTEMBER.

Lady Douglas, a daughter. 3. At Wentworth, viscountess Mil. 21. In Portland-place, lady M. Ross, ton, a daughter.

4. At Highlands, near Calne, the - The wife of lieut..col. Wallace, wife of W. Wayte, esq. a son and heir. late major in the king's dragoon guards,

5. At Hempstead-court, Gloucester- a daughter. shire, lady J. Somerset, a son.

28. At Nice, the wife of the right 6. At Great Horkesley Rectory, hon. Thomas P. Courtenay, a daughEssex, the lady of sir A. Henniker, ter. bart. a daughter.

29. At Bishop's-court, the seat of 8. In Langham-place, the wife of the lord Graves, the hon. Mrs. C. Heneage, hon. W. Cust, a son.

a daughter. 12. In Belgrave-street, the hon. Mrs. At Chalford, Gloucestershire, Smith, a daughter.

lady Prevost, a daughter. 15. In Cavendish-square, the lady of Lately. At Anne's-grove, Cork, thie sir M. S. Stewart, a son.

wife of lieut.-gen. the hon. A. Annesley, In Wilton-crescent, the wise of of a daughter. Digby Wrangham, esq. & son.

At Knapton, the hon. Mrs. Vesey, a 16. At Sandwell, the Countess of daughter. Dartmouth, a daughter.

At Gopsall, the countess Howe, a son. 20. At Kingston-grove, Oxfordshire, At Goodwood, the duchess of Rich. the hon. Mrs. W. Rodney, a son and mond, a son. heir.

NOVEMBER. 22. At Pewsey, the wife of the hon. and rev. F. Pleydell Bouverie, a daugh- 2. At Ramsgate, the wife of lieut..col. ter.

C. King, a daughter. 26. The wife of lieutenant-colonel In Park-crescent, Portland-place, Wilson, Chelsea-college, a son.

the hon. Mrs. Shaw, a daughter. 27. At Gloucester, Lady F. Bankes, a The right hon. countess of Dun

4. At Bromley-palace, the lady Sarah OCTOBER

Murray, a son.

7. At Runnymede, the hon. Mrs. N. 1. At Bonshill, Staffordshire, lady Reid, a daughter. Jane Peel, a son.

8. At Elvetham, Hampshire, lady 8. At the Hills, Donglas, Isle of Man, Charlotte Calthorpe, a son. the hon. Mrs. Alexander Murray, of a 9. At Torquay, the wife of lieutenantson and heir.

colonel Elphinstone, a daughter. 9. The wife of major R. C. Pollock, a 12. In Charles street, Berkeley-sq., daughter.

lady J. Hobhouse, a daughter. In Clarges-street, the wife of At Brighton, the hon. Mrs. Fazalieutenant-colonel sir W. Herries, a kerley, a son.

raven, a son.


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14. Ast the Palace, Bangor, the wife At Moccass-court, the lady of sir of captain Majendie, a son. G. Cornwall, bart. a daughter.

In Upper Grosvenor-street, the 11. At Leamington Priory, the wife lady of sir James Fitzgerald, hart. : of captain G. Baker, R. N. of twin daughter. danghters, one still-born.

Lady Conway, a daughter. 13. In London, Lady Catherine Buck- 22. At Eaton-place, the wife of Chas. ley, of twin boys,

Brownlowv, esq. M, P. a daughter,


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BIRTHS. 10. At Whitehall-house, the hon. Cocks, to Frances Mercy, daughter of Mrs. Wardlaw, a son.

II. Bromley, esq.of Abberley Lodge. 12. At Normanby, lady Sheffield, a 1. At Lewisham, the rev. Edwin

Kempson, of Castle Bromwich, War24. At Castle Bromwich, the countess wickshire, to Mary, youngest daughter of Bradford, a daughter.

of Jasper Thomas Holmes, esq. of Lately. At Argyle-house, thic countess Blackheath. of Aberdeen, a son.

8. At Dean, co. Lancaster, L. B. HolAt Moulsey-hurst-house, the wife of lingshead, esq. of Stanwell, Middlesex, lieut.-col. D. St. Ledger Hill, a daugh- to Eliza, second daughter of the late ter.

rev. W. Hampson. The lady of lord Clanmorris, a son. 14. At Hayes, capt. Curric, R.N. to

At Florence, the wife of Thos. Jones Jane, third daughter of the late Charles
Ireland, esq. a son.

Boynton Wood, esq.
In Bedford-square, the wife of W.J. 17. At Brighton, W. Champion, csq.
Lysley, esq. barrister-at-law, a daughter. 15th hussars, to Harriet, eldest dau.

of T. R. Kemp, esq. M.P.

21. At Bath, the rev. E. Dewdncy, to

Emily, youngest daughter of lady Elea1. At Brighton, the hon. Mrs. An

nor Lindsey. derson, a daughter.

22. At St. George's Hanover-square, At Deighton Grove, near York, the

the earl Cornwallis, to Miss Laura wife of J. H. Fletcher, esq. surveyor, Hayes. General Post Office, a daughter.

At Pontefract, Robert Smith, esq. 4. At the General Post Office, Mrs.

to Esther Ann, eldest daughter of Edw. Freeling, a son.

Truman, esq. banker. 7. In Wilton-crescent, lady Frances

27. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Higginson, a daughter.

lieut.-col. Wyatt, first life-guards, to 9. In Fitzwilliam-square, Dublin, the Martha, widow of the late Cynne Lloyd, viscountess Bangor, a son.

esq. 14. At Port Eliot, lady Jemima Eliot, At Trinity Church, St. Mary-le

bone, lieut. John Wainewright, C. B., 17. At Mistley Hall, the wife of the lieut.-governor of Portsmouth, to Eliza. right hon. the Speaker of the House of beth, second daughter of S. Powell, exq. Commons, a daughter.

of Upper Harley-street. 23. At Alpha Lodge, the wife of

At Westbury-upon-Trym, Alfred major-general Ashworth, a son.

George, esq. of Lawrence-Weston, to - At Heydon Hall, Norfolk, the wife

Eliza, second daughter of W. Edwards, of W. Lytton Bulwer, esq. a son.

esq. of Salisbury: 29. In St. James's-place, the wise of 31. At Kensington, Robert Thew, esq. Archdeacon King, a son.

major, Bombay artillery, to Jane, eldest 30. In Portland-place, the wife of daugiiter of Robert Forbes, esq. of Abel Smith, esq. M. P. a son.

Kensington. 31. The hon. Mrs. Ferguson, a daugliter.

FEBRUARY Lately. At Maidstone, the wise of lieutenant-colonel Tod, a son.

2. At St. James's, the rev. Walter At Eslington-house, the hon. Mrs.

Davenport Bromley, of Baginton, WarLiddell, a daughter.

wickshire, to the lady Louisa Dawson, In Bloomsbury-square, the wise of daughter of the earl of Portarlington. W. Ward, esq. M. P. a son.

3. At Marlston, Berks, capt. VersLady Harriet Clive, a son.

turme, only son of sir Louis Versturme, of Bath, to Anne Elizabeth, only daugh

ter of the late Benj. Bunbury, esq. of MARRIAGES.

Marlston House.

George, eldest son of Samuel New. JANUARY.

ton, esq. of Croxton Park, Cambridge.

shire, tu Charlotte, daughter of general 1. At Abberley, co. Worcester, the Onslow, of Staughton House, Huntingrev. H. Somers Cocks, rector of Leiglı, donshire. only son of the late hon. Reginald 10. At Crediton, the rev. W. Moles.

a son.

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