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MARRIAGES. worth, rector of St. Breoke, &c. Corn- eldest daughter of sir E. Eardley Wil. wall, second son of the late sir W. mot, bart. Molesworth, bart. to Frances Susanna, third daughter of the late James Buller,

MARCH. esq. of Downes, Devon.

ll. At St. Peter's, Dublin, the rev. 2. At St. Alban's, s. F. T. Wylde, Robert Trail, son of the archdeacon of esq. barrister -at - law, to Margaret, Connor, to Anne, eldest daughter of the youngest daughter of P. Martineau, esq. late sir Samuel, and sister of the pre- 3. At the Rectory-House, St. Marysent sir

Edm. Hayes, bart. of Drumboe le-bone, J. F. W. Herschell, esq. of Castle Donegal.

Slough, Bucks, to Margaret Brodie, 12. At the Rectory, Mary-le-hone, second daughter of the late rev. Dr. the rev. Robert Anderson, to the hon. Alex. Stewart, Canongate, Edinburgh. Caroline Dorothea Shore, third daugh- 6. At Dalry House, Edinburgh, T. H. ter of lord Teignmonth.

Graham, esq. of Edmond Castle, CumAt Mary-le-bone Church, the hon. berland, to Mary, daughter of the late H. Statford Jerningham, eldest son of sir David Carnegie, of Southesk, bart. lord Stafford, to Miss Howard, daughter 9. At All Souls, Langham - place, to the late Edward Howard, esq. F.R.S. Bertram Mitford, esq.of Mitford Castle, and niece to his grace the duke of Northumberland, to Frances, eldest Norfolk.

daughter of the late capt. H. Mitford, 17. At St. George's Hanover-square, R.N. of Fisbury, Hants. lieut.-colonel Freemantle, Coldstream 10. Capt. Henry Bentinck, Coldstream guards, to Agnes, third daughter of the guards, youngest son of major-gen.John late David Lyon, esq. of Portland-place. Charles and lady Jemima Bentinck, to

At Trinity Church, St. Mary-le. Receira Antoinette, daughter of adm. bone, T. J. Ireland, esq. to Elizabeth, sir James Hawkins Whitshed, K.C.B. daughter of sir W. Earle Welby, bart. of 11. Ai Worcester, Chas. Wm. Warner, Denton-Hall, Lincolnshire.

esq.son of lieut..col.Warner, to Isabella, 18. At St. George's, Charles Scrase eldest daughter of Carmichael, Dickins, esq. to lady F. Eliza Compton, esq. of Bromwich-hill. sister of the present marquis of North- 12. At Mitcham, Surrey, Wm. Seyampton.

mour, esq. barrister-at-law, to Sarah 19. At Walton, Burton-on-Trent, Lydia, eldest daughter of the late lieut.. John, eldest son of Theophilus Levett, gen. sir Henry Oakes, bart. of Mitchamesq. of Witchner Park, co. Stafford, to Hall. Sophia Eliza, third daughter of the hon. At Brimfield, Salop, R. C. Hall, Robert Kennedy.

second son of the late Benj. Hall, esq. 20. At Malta, Thomas Lewis Gooch, M.P.of Hemsol Castle, Glanjorganshire, esq. youngest son ot sir Thomas Gooch, to Mary Anne Wade, of Leominster, bart. M.P. of Benacre-hall, Suffolk, to Herefordshire. Anne Europa, eldest daughter of col. 20. At Bath, the rev. Hamilton Chibion. W. H. Gardner, and niece to the chester, son of the late col. Chichester, late vice-adm. lord viscount Gardner. of Arlington Court, co. Devon, to Mary

At St. Mary's, Bryanstone-square, Eliz. Bateman, of Darley-Abbey, co. lord Bingbam, to the lady Anne Brude- Derby, only daughter of the late Rich, nell, youngest daughter of the earl of Bateman, esq. Cardigan.

24. At Devon, the rev. A. Johnson, 26. At Stoke Danınrel, Devonshire, professor of Anglo-Saxon in the UniR. N. Julian, esq, only son of major versity of Oxford, to Eliz. Clark, only Julian, of Estover, near Plymouth, to

child of the late John Daniell, esq. of Fanny, second daughter of John Briggs, Hendford House, Somerset. esq. of Devonport.

At Batb, the rev. H. Stonhouse intely. At Lincoln, the rev. W. J. Vigor, preb. of Ledbury, grandson of Charlton Staunton, only son of the rev. the late sir James Stonhouse, bart. and Dr. Staunton, of Staunton-Ilall, Notts, nephew of the bishop of Hereford, to to Isabella, only daughter of the dean of Louisa Burt, eldest daughter of John Lincoln.

Taylor, esg. M.D. of Bati. At Berhswell, Warwichshire, Geo. 26. At. St. Pancras, James Cockburn, Graham Blackwell, esy. of Ainpney esq. of Devonshire-square, to MadelinePark, Gloucestershire, to Eliz. Emma, Susan, eldest daughter of John Dunlop,

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MARRIAGES. esq. of Tain, Ross-shire, and niece to 7. The hon. J. H. Roper Curson, sir T. Wallace Duplop.

fourth son of lord Teynham, to Isabella, 26. At Old Windsor, H. Every, esq. daughter of the late col. Hodgson, of Eggington-Hall, Derby, to the hon. E. I. C. Caroline Flower, second daughter of 8. At Sandhurst, lieuto-gen. Butler, viscount Ashbrook.

to Ann, eldest daughter of sir Jolin At St. George's, Hanover-square, Bateman. the earl Nelson, to Hilare, widow of 9. At Edinburgh, John Page Read, George Ulric Barlow, esq. and third esq. of Crow Hall, Suffolk, to Helen, daughter of sir Robert Barlow, K.C.B. second daughter of sir James Colquhoun,

- At Cheltenham, the rev. H. Withy, bart. of Luss. to Christian Dottin, fourth daughter of 11. At Bathwick, W. Francis Knatchthe late hon. John Gay Alleyne, bart. of bull, esq. of Babington, Somerset, to Barbadoes.

Emma Louisa, danghter of the late - At Cheltenham, col. Stacpoole, Charles Gordon Gray, esq. of Stratton son of the late Geo. Hogan Stacpoole, House. esq. of Cragbrian Castle, co. Clare, to At Malabar Point, Bombay, capt. Jane Wasey, of Prior's Court, Berkshire, sir C. Malcolm, knt.R.N. superintendent eldest daughter of the late Jobn Wasey, of marine, to Elmira-Riddell, youngest esq.

daughter of major-gen. Sbaw. At Saucсthorpe, John-George 12. At Paris, R. H. Gowland, esq. Pole, esq. eldest son of sir W. Templer eldest son of the late R. Gowland, esq. Pole, bart. of Shute House, Devon, M.P. to Anne Boscawen, only daughter to Margaretta, second daughter of H. of R. M. Barnard, esq. E.I. C. Barton, esq. of Saucethorpe Hall, Lin. 18. At St. James's, John Win. Fisher, colnshire.

esq. to Louisa Catherine, eldest daughter 28. At Clatford, John Hill, esq. of of the late Wm. Haymes, esq. of Kib. Standen Blouse, Wilts, to Sarah, youngest worth, Leicestershire, and niece to sir daughter of the late Wm. Richards, esq. W. B. Cave, bart. of Stretton Hall, of Clatford, Hants.

Derbyshire. 3). At viscount Middleton's, Upper 20. At Chichester, the rev. H. Hay. Brook-street, the rev. Wm. John Brod- man Dodd, to Francis Elizabeth, eldest rick to the hon. Harriet Brodrick, third daughter of the rev. Dr. Holland, and daughter of viscount Middleton.

grand daughter of the late lord chanLately. Viscount Stormont, eldest cellor Erskine. son of the earl of Mansfield, to Louisa, 21. At High Clere, the rey. J. C. third daughter of Cuthbert Ellison, esq. Stapleton, to lady Harriott Elizabeth M.P.

Herbert, daughter to the earl of Car

narvon. APRIL.

The hon. and rev. Charles George

Perceval, third son of lord Arden, and 2. At Poddington, Bedfordshire, w. rector of Calverton, Bucks, to Mary Oakes Blount, esq. of Delves House, only daughter of the rev. Primatt Sussex, only son of sir Charles Burrell Knapp, rector of Shenley. Blount, to Frances Charlotte, fifth Peter Freeland, esq. jun. of Castle daughter of the late Richard Orlebar, Craevie, co. Galloway, N. B. to Ano, esq. of Hinwick House.

daughter of W. C. Lake, esq. of Castle At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Godwyn, Gloucestershire. Frederick Patten, esq. R.N. to Alicia 22. At Kew, Surrey, Geo. Arbuthnot, Cavendish, daughter of Wm. Hillier, esq. only son of col. sir Rob. Arbuthnot, esq. of Boley-hill, Rochester.

to Augusta, youngest daughter of the 6. At $t. George's, Hanover-square, late Christopher Papendick, esq. the hon. G. H. Talbot, brother of the 25. At St. Ann's, Dublin, the rev. earl of Shrewsbury, to Miss Augusta Charles Bushe, rector of Castlehaven, Jones, of Green - street, Grosvenor- second son of the right hon. the lord Square.

chief justice, to Fanny Elizabeth, second 7. At Ardingly, H. Williams, esq. of daughter of the late James Bury, esq.of Gray's lon, to Harriot Louisa, second St. Leonard, Essex. daughter of Gibbs Crawfurd, esq. of 28. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Lywood, Sussex, and piece to the coun. capt. Henniker, Ř. N. only brother of tess Winterton,

the right hon. lord Heoniker, to Anne

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MARRIAGES. Eliza Elizabeth, daughter of the late hon. lieut.-gen. sir Brydges Henniker,

JUNE. and sister to the present baronet.

28. At Brighton, John Wilmer Field, 1. At Paris, Robert Bree, M. D. of esq. of Heaton-hall and Helmsley-lodge, George-street, Hanover-square, to Eliz. co. York, to Isabella Helena, daughter widow of major Malkin, late of the 21st to the late capt. Elliott Salter, R.N.


At St. George's, Hanover-square,

T.Calverley, esq.of Ewell House, Surrey, MAY.

to Elizabeth Goldwyer, widow of the

Jate C. Blagrave, esq. of Berkeley5. At Tichborne, the right hon. lord square. Dormer, of Grove Park, Warwickshire, 4. At St. George's, Hanover-square, to Elizabeth Anne, eldest daughter of Robert Dering, esq. rifle, brigade, to sir Henry Tichborne, bart.

Letitia, youngest daughter of the late At Hastings, the rev. Edward sir George Shee, bart. of Lockleys, co. Cardwell, professor of ancient history in Hertford. the University of Oxford, and rector of - At Christchurch, St. Mary-le-bone, Stoke Bruern, co. Northampton, to Adam Dufl, esq. third son of R. W. Cecilia, youngest daughter of the late Duff, esq. of Feiteresso Castle, KincarH. Feilden, esq. of Wition House, Lan- dineshire, N. B. to Eleanor, eldest cashire.

daughter of the late capt. Thos. Fraser, At Hampton, Octavius Hanbury, of Woodcot House, Oxfordshire. esq. son of the late Charles Hanbury, At Bloomsbury, the rey. William esq. of Halstead Hall, Essex, to Mary Brownlow, to Fanny, only daughter of Armstrong, daughter of the late Edw. R. J. Chambers, esq. of Middle Temple, Strettell, esq. Advocate-general, E.I.C. and grand-daughter of the late sir Ro

6. At Mary-le-bone Church, John, bert Chambers, chief justice of Bengal. eldest son of John Archer Houblon, esq. 6. At Bombay, H. Smith, esq. lieut. of Hallingbury-place, Essex, and of col. 1st light cavalry, to Elizabeth, Welford, Berks, to Anne, daughter of eldest daughter of the hon. sir P. Grant, capt. W. Deans Dundas R. N. and judge of the Supreme Court of Bombay. grand-daughter of Charles Dundas, esq. 8. At Coolattin Park, co. Wicklow, M.P. for Berks.

the seat of earl Fitzwilliam, Wm. Went8. At Sandhurst, lieuto-gen. Butler, worth Fitzwilliam Hume, esq. of Humeto Ann, eldest daughter of sir John wood, to Margaret Bruce,eldest daughter Bateman.

of Robert Challoner, esq. of Guisbo18. At Charlton Kings, Gloucester rough, co. York. shire, the rev. W. Spencer Phillips, to 9. At Bramdean, Wilts, sir John Penelope, youngest daughter of the late Maxwell Tylden, to Elizabeth, only commodore Broughton, and niece of sir daughter of the rev. H. Lomax Walsh, John Delves Broughton, bart. of Dod- LL.D. of Grimblesthorpe, Lincolnshire. dington Hall, co. Chester.

13. At St. George's, C. R. Pemberton, 19. At the British Ambassador's esq. to Henrietta, eldest daughter of Chapel, Paris, Charles Hay Seton, esq. N. W. Peach, esq. M.P. of Kettering. 5th drag. guards, second son of the late ham Hall, Norfolk. sir Alex. Seton, bart. of Abercorn, to 16. At St. Mary-le-bone Church, Caroline, daughter of Walter Parry Western Wood, youngest son of alder. Hodges, esq.

man Wood, M. P. to Sarah Letitia, 20. At St. James's, Westminster, T. youngest daughter of John Morris, esq. Gabb, esq. of Abergavenny, to Marcia, of Baker-street. daughter of the late sir Christ. Wil. At St. George's, Hanover-square, loughby, bart.

Charles E. Henry, esq. to Jane, youngest 26. At Wargrave, Berks, Edmond daughter of the late Ed. Horlock MorCurrie, son of J. E. Currie, esq. of timer, esq. of Bellefield House, Wilts. Standlake Park, to Margaret, third At Bath, W. W. Huntley, esq. to daughter of the late George Valentine Emily Theresa, eldest daughter of sir Cooke, esq. of Hertford-street, London. Lewis Versturme.

29. At Florence, sir Grenville Tem- 18. J. R. Wise, esq. late consul-gen. ple, bart, to Mary, daughter of George in Sweden, to Jane Hannah,only daughter Baring, esq.

of the late col. Elliston, of Sudbrook

MARRIAGES. Holme, co. Lincoln, and widow of H. R. daughter of Richard Norman, esq. and Drummond, esq.

niece to the duke of Rutland. 22. At Blendworth, Michael Sey. 14. At Midhurst, Sussex, rev. J. W.. mour, esq. capt. R.N. second son of sir Geldart, LL.D. regius professor of civil M. Seymour, bart. to Dorothea, eldest law, Cambridge, to Mary Jane, third daughter of sir William Knighton, bart. daughter of Richard Wardroper, esq.

23. At St. James's, lord Wriothesley At All Souls, Mary-le-bone, Robt. Russell, fourth son of the duke of Bed- youngest son of the late Geo. Sandilands, ford, to Eliza Laura Henrietta, youngest esq. of Nut-hill, Fife, to Mary, youngest daughter of lord Wm. Russell.

daughter of the late sir Charles Style, At Exeter, B. C. Greenhill, esq.

bart. of Wateringbury, Kent. of Puriton, Somerset, to Henrietta, At All Souls, Langham-place, daughter of lieut.-col. Macdonald, and capt. Andrew Ellison, 60th rifle corps, grand-daughter of the celebrated Flora to Betsy Edwards, daughter of the late Macdonald.

Henry Smith, esq. of Harley-street. 24. At Great Thornham, Suffolk, 15. At Berne, Jervoise Clark Jer. John Longueville, eldest son of J. J. voise, esq. eldest son of the rev. sir Bedingfield, esq. of Ditchingham Hall, Samuel C. Jervoise, bart. of IdsworthNorfolk, to the hon. Mary, second park, Hants, to Georgiana, youngest daughter of the right hon. lord Hen- daughter of G. N. Thompson, esq. of niker.

Chapel-street, Grosvenor-place. 29. At St. Mary-le-bonc Church, 18. At Gilling, Yorkshire, Samuel Sheffield Grace, esq. second son of the Ware, esq. to Mary Divett, widow of the Jate Richard Grace, esq. M.P. of Boley, late Thomas Divett, esq. M.P. and brother of sir Wm. Grace, bart. to 20. At Kensington, major-gen. NewHarriet Georgiana, second daughter of bery, to Margaret, widow of the late rey. lieut.-gen. sir John Hamilton, bart. Inigo Jones, of Chobham-place, Surrey,

Lutely. In Dublin, the rev. R. Pack- and daughter of the late lieut.-gen. H. enham, son of admiral the hon. sir T. R. Gale. Packenham, to Harriet Maria, youngest 21. At Wimbledon, Alex. Atherton daughter of the late right hon. Denis Park, esq. second son of the hon. Mr. Brown, M.P.

Justice Park, to Mary Frances, daughter At Hereford, the rev. F. H. of the late George Brown, esq. of RusBrickenden, vice-provost of Worcester- sell-square. college, Oxford, to Miss Anne Coyle. At Paston, Northamptonshire, J.

Madan Maitland, esq. of Alwallon, JULY.

Hunts, eldest son of general Maitland,

of Bryanston-square, London, to Har6. At Kingston, near Portsmouth, riet Rawlins, eldest daughter of the rev. capt. Edwin Rich, R.N. son of the late Joseph Pratt. sir Charles Rich. bart. of Shirley House, At the Marquis Wellesley's, ReHants, to Sophia, youngest daughter of gent's-park, sir Richard Hunter, to capt. G. F. Angelo, of Hill, Southamp- Miss Dulany, of Brighton.

In Portman-square, by special At Eccles, Henry, second son of licence, the hon. Edward Petre, to the the late Stephen Tempest, esg. of hon. Laura Maria Slafford Jerningham, Broughton Hall, Yorkshire, to Jemima, fourth daughter of the right hon. lord second daughter of Tho. Jos. Trafford, Stafford ; the ceremony having been esq. of Trafford-park, Lancashire. previously performed according to the

7. At Granton, near Edinburgh, Her- rites of the Roman Catholic church by cules James Robertson, esq. advocate, the right rev. Dr. Bramston. to Ann Wilhelmina, daughter of the right hon. Charles Hope, lord president

AUGUST. of the court of session.

8. At All Souls, Mary-le-bone, capt. 17. At Paris, baron Henry de MauTaylor, 4th Madras cavalry, to Hene point, eldest son of field inarshal baron rietta, youngest daughter of the late de Vaudeuil, of Marseilles, to Rosalie, Christopher Saville, esq. M.P. of Park- eldest daughter of Humphry Bowles, street, Westminster.

esq. formerly of Burford, Somerset, and At Melton Mowbray, Francis lately of Fontainebleau. Grant, eaq. to Isabella Elizabeth, third In the Island of Anglesey, Cha.


MARRIAGES. Eden, esq.fourth son of the late sir Fred. to Mary-Anne, youngest daughter of the Eden, bart. of Truir, Durham, to Emma, late Mat. Rhodes, esq. of Leeds. second daughter of sir Robt. Williams, 3. At Cheltenham, the rev. Lake bart. M.P. of Fryars.

Booker, LL.D. vicar of Dudley, to Eli 17. At Cheltenham, Richard Webber, zabeth, youngest daughter of the late esq. to Eliza-Mary, eldest daughter of John Barclay, esq. M.D. of Conduite lieut..col. Foster, R.A.

street, London, and niece of the late 22. At Bakewell, co. Derby, Francis col. sir Robert Barclay, K.C.B. Hurst, esq. to Cecilia Emily, youngest At Gossford, Geo. Grant Suttie, daughter of Richard Norman, esq. and esq. of Balgone and Preston Grange, to lady Elizabeth Norman.

the lady Harriet Charteris, daughter of 25. At Great Chesterford, A. H. Pear- the right hon. the earl of Wemyss and son, esq. to Isabella, daughter of the March. hon. and rev. Richárd Fitzgerald King, 5. At Messden Bury, Herts, capt. and grand-daughter of the late earl of Thurston, R.N. of Talgarth to Eliza, Kingston.

second daughter of admiral Sotheby. 26. At Hackford, Norfolk, the rev. J. 8. At St. Mary-le-bone Church, R. H. Harris, principal of York college, Harvey, esq. of Langley Park, to Anne, Upper Canada, to Charlotte Ann, third daughter of vice-admiral sir W. Hodaughter of the rev. J. B. Collyer. tham.

27. At South Warnborough, Hants, 10. At Merthyrmawr, Glamorganthe rev. W. J. Walker, of Southrop, co. shire, the very rev. Cha. Scott Luxinore, Gloucester, to Louisa-Emily, youngest dean of St. Asaph, to Katherine, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Serj. Manley, daughter of the right hon. sir John commissioner of Excise.

Nicholl. At Brighton, James Campbell, 12. At Paris, Adam Durnford, Gor. esq. barrister-at-law, to Eliza-Matilda, don, esq. of the Bengal military service, eldest daughter of J. Moore, esq. of to Harriet-Elizabeth, only child of the Montpelier Lodge.

late Robert Gordon, esq. formerly gó28. At St. Pancras Church, Wm. T. vernor of Berbice. Jemmett, esq. barrister-at-law, to Laura, 15. At Blunham, Bedfordshire, S. E. eldest daughter of sir Edw. B. Sugden. Thornton, esq. to Julia-Anne-Frances,

second daughter of J. Campbell, esq. of

Blunham House, and niece to W.Wynd. SEPTEMBER.

ham, esq. M.P.

22. At Tichborne, Hants, the hon. 1. Edw. Amos Chaplin, esq. of Upper H.B. Arundell, brother of lord Arundell, Bedford-place, Russel-square, to Geor- to Frances-Catherine, second daughter giana, third daughter of Benj. Morland, of sir H. Tichborne, bart. esq. of Sheepstead House, Berks. 23. At Burnley, Lancashire, Theo.

At Woodford, Essex, Charles philus H. Ingram, esq. only son and Simpson Hanson, esq. of Constantinople, beir-at-law of the late Ignatius Ingram, to Charlotte, only daughter of the late esq. and grandson of the lady Margaret hon. Robert Smith, M.D. Speaker of the Hastings, daughter of Theophilus, the House of Assembly in Tobago.

eighth earl of Huntingdon, to Mary, At Mary-le-bone, James Rust,esq. only daughter of the late J. Thomson, barrister and fellow of the University esq. and niece of J. Thomson, esq. of College, Oxford, to Susannab Catherine, Primrose, near Clitheroe. only daughter of lieut. col. Rowles.

- At Berne, in Switzerland, the rev. - At Petworth, capt. the hon. Arthur Horatio Montagu, to Ann-Elizabeth, Richard Turnour, R. N. second son of only daughter of the late Thomas Wood, the earl of Winterton, to Charlotte- esq. Madras engineers, and niece to the Fitzherbert, eldest daughter of the late late sir Mark Wood, bart. George Daysh, esq. of Petworth.

24. At St. George's, Hanover-square, 2. At Aldingbourne, Sussex, visc. John Cockerell, esq. to Joanna-Mary, Andover, eldest son of the earl of Sur- eldest daughter of the late brig.-gen. folk, to Isabella, second daughter of the Catlin Craufurd. late lord Henry Howard, and niece to 26. At Exeter, Oliver Coathupé, esq. the duke of Norfolk.

of Redland, to Eliza, eldest daughter of At Roundhay, the rev. W. H. rear-admiral Cumberland. Bathurst, rector of Berwick-in-Elmet, 28. At Riddlesworth, Wyndham


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