Slike strani

Berkeley Portman, esq. to Sarahı, only esq. of Warkworth, to Anne, eldest
daughter of Thomas Thornhill, esq. of daughter of J. Brougham, esq.
Riddlesworth Hall, Norfolk.

20. At Cowfold, Robert Aldridge, esq. 28. At Watford, the rev. Nathaniel of St. Leonard's Forest, Horsham, to Wodehouse, vicar of Worle and Dulver- Caroline-Anne Beauclerk, eldest daugh.

ton, to Georgiana, third daughter of the of C. G. Beauclerk, esq. of St. Leo- hon. and rev. William Capel, vicar of nard's Lodge, and grand-daughter to Watford.

the late duchess of Leinster. - At Fairlight, near Hastings, the 22. At Fulhamn, lieut.-col. J. R. Ward, rev. Edward Auriol, to Georgiana-Bar- C.B. second son of the hon. Robt. Ward, bara, third daughter of the late Edward of Bangor, in Ireland, to CatharineMorris, esq. and grand-daughter of the Frances, eldest daughter of John Pen. late lord Erskine.

sam, esq. of Fulham, At Paris, Thomas Stapleton, esq. At Talacre, Flintshire, Charles Bharath of the Grove, Richmond, Yorkshire, to Stanley, esq. son of the late sir William Theo Henrietta-Lavinia, second daughter of Stanley, bart. of Hooton, to Barbara,

the late Richard Fitzgerald Anster, esq. eldest daughter of sir Edward Mostyn, kes of Calcutta, and niece of sir H. Mere- bart. dith, bart.

26. At Dawlish, the rev. Wm. Multon 30. At Iver, the rev. T. G. Tyndall, Blencowe, to Maynard-Anna, eldest rector of Holton, co. Oxford, tó Miss daughter of col. Rochfort, M. P. for Ann Sullivan, daughter of the right Westmeath. hon. John Sullivan, of Richings Lodge, At Ganton, near Scarborough, R. Bucks.

Alexander, esq. barrister-at-law, to MaAt Windmill-hill, Sussex, Howard tilda, eldest daughter of sir T. Legard, Elphinstone, esq.only son of sir Howard bart. of Ganton Hall. Elphinstone, bart. C.B. to Eliz. Julia, 27. At St. George's, Hanover-square, youngest daughter of Edw. Jer. Curteis, David Baillie, esq. of Audley-square, to esq. M.P.

Miss Stewart, only daughter of lady

Stewart, and niece to the countess of OCTOBER


In the Isle of Wight, George
1. At Milford, Wilts, Thomas Le Broadrick, esq. of Hamphall Stubbs, co.
Marchant Saumarez, esq. second son of York, to Jane, daughter of the late sir
admiral sir James Saumarez, bart. to Richard Fletcher, bart.
Catherina Spencer Beresford, youngest 28. Rev. Charles Barnwell, of Mile-
daughter of the late col. Vassall; and ham Hall, Norfolk, to Sophia, daughter
at the same time and place, the rev. of the late George Wyndham, esq. of
Edward Pering Henslowe, chaplain to

Cromer Hall.
the royal artillery at Woolwich, to
Honora-Mary-Georgina, eldest daughter
of that distinguished officer.

6. 'At St. George's, Hanover-square,
lieuto-col. the hon. Seymour Bathurst, 2. In the city of Baltimore, Jerome
third son of earl Bathurst, to Miss Napoleon Buonaparte to Susan May,
Julia Hankey, only daughter of Mrs. only daughter of the late Benjamin
Hankey, of Grosvenor-square.

Willians. 10. At Trinity Church, Mary-le-bone, 3. At Kippax, S. Crompton, esq. capt. Richard Fletcher, gren. guards, M.P. of Wood-end, to Isabella-Sophia, to Miss Judith Baillie.

daughter of the hon, and rev. A. H. 13. -At St. Mary's, Bryanston-square,

Cathcart, and niece of earl Cathcart. John Searle, jun. esq. to Harriet, eldest At Cheekley, C. W. Martin, esq. daughter of the late John Talbot, esq. nephew to the duke of Atholl, to Sarah, and sister to the present earl of Shrews- eldest daughter of the rev. C. B. Charle. bary.

wood, of Oakhill, Staffordshire. 14. At Ruddington, near Nottingham, At St. Paul's, Covent-garden, Wm. capt. Edward A. Cotton, late R. A. to Harding Read, esq. consul-general for Amelia, daughter of the late rev. Wm. the Azores Islands, to Louisa Mitchell Smelt, rector of Gedling, and piece to Read. the late earl of Chesterfield.

At Chester, the rev. Robert V. lő. At Kirby Stephen, J. E. Vivian, Law, third son of the bishop of Bath

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MARRIAGES. and Wells, to Sidney-Dorothea, daughter second daughter of W. C. Marsh, esq. of the late col. Davison.

of Park Hall, Essex. -3. J. W. Fane, esq. M.P. of Wormsley, 7. At Dublin, the hon. Robert King, Oxfordshire, to Ellen-Catharine, third M.P. eldest son of viscount Lorton, to daughter of the hon. Thomas Parker, Miss Anne Booth Gore,only sister of sir brother to the earl of Macclesfield. R. B. Gore, bart. of Lissadell, co. Sligo.

8. At Cramlington, Northumberland, 8. At Mitchelstown, co. Cork, Philip major Scott, 17th lancers, to Alicia- Davies Cooke, esq. of Owston, co. York, Eliza, eldest daughter of the late rev. and Gwysaney Hall, co. Flint, to lady H. Forster Mills, chancellor of York. Helena Caroline King, eldest daughter

10. At the earl of Rosslyn's, St. of the earl of Kingston. James's-square, Bethell Walrond, esq. At Gosforth, co. Northumberland, M.P. of Montrath, Devonshire, to the Wm. Henry Ord, esq. M.P. to Frances right bon. lady Janet St. Clair, only Vere Lorraine. daughter of the earl of Rosslyn.

At St. Mary's, Bryanstone-square, ii. At the seat of the duke of Beau- J. B. Coulson, esq. capt. grep. guards, fort, Stoke Gifford, major-gen. Orde, to to Juliana Elizabeth, only child of the lady Eliz. O'Brien, widow of lord Edw. late rev. Edward Dawkins, of PortmanO'Brien.

square. 12. At St. George's, Hanover-square, At St. Mary-le-bone, Jas. Greenmajor Bruce, to Isabella, third daughter wood, esq. of Golden-square, surgeon, of col. Basseit, and niece of the late sir to Ann Sophia, youngest daughter of the Richard Bassett.

dowager lady Synge, of Manchester. 14. At Christchurch, Mary-le-bone, street. J. C. Cowell, esq. to F. A. Hester, 14. At St. George's, Hanover-square, daughter of the rev. Rich. Brickenden, capt. Wm. Locke, son of Wm. Locke, and niece of the earl of Cavan.

esq. (late of Norbury Park), to Selina, 17. At St. George's, Hanover-square, fifth daughter of admiral and lady Eliz. John Dunlop, esq. gren. guards, eldest Tollemache. son of lieut.-gen. Dunlop, to C. C. 15. At Hampton, John Kingston, esq. Jackson, daughter of major-gen, sir R. of Queen-Anne street, to Louisa-Hen. Downes Jackson, K.C.R.

rietta, second daughter of the late sir 21. At Sidmouth, Winsloe Phillipps, C. Edinonstone, bart. and grand-dau. esq. capt. 7th hussars, to Cath. Aurora, of Beaumont lord Hotham, only daughter of the late col. James A. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Kirkpatrick, E.I.C.

capt. Cuthbert, 2nd life-guards, to the 23. At Ellingham, Northumberland, hon. Jane Graves. H. S. Stephens, esq. to Mary, eldest At Prestwich, William Ewart, esq. daughter of the late Thos. Haggerston, M.P. to Mary-Anne, eldest daughter of esq. and niece to sir Carnaby Haggers- the late George Augustus Lee, esq. of

Singleton, near Manchester. At Weymouth, R. Holden, esg. 24. At Cranford, James Maxse, esq. 4th dragoon guards, to Margaret, dau. to the lady Caroline Fitzhardinge Berke. of the late Bayles Wardell, esq. of Wey- ley, second daughter of the late earl of mouth.

Berkeley, 24. At Paris, R. S. Puget, esq. son At Radbourn, Derbyshire, Henry of the late rear-adm. sir Peter Puget, Dixon, esq. of Gledhow, Yorkshire, to to Cornelia, third daughter of the late Emma Matilda, second daughter of the J. Wallace, esq. of the Madras civil rev. Edward Sacheverel Wilmot, M.A. service.

late rector of Langley, and piece of sir 30. At Upholland, co. Lancaster, Robert Wilmot, of Cheddesden. Jobu, eldest son of Thomas Woodcock, 31. At Troy, Monmouth, the lion. P. esq. of Bank House, to Sarah, eldest H. Abbott, brother to lord Colchester, daughter of J. A. Hodson, esq. M.P. of to Frances-Cecil, daughter of the late Holland-grove.

Dr. Talbot, dean of Salisbury, and niece

to the duke of Beaufort. DECEMBER.

Lately. At Paris, Miss Frances

Ellinor Allen, niece of lady Mahon, of 2. At Thaydon Garnon, Essex, the Hull, Yorkshire, to Mons. De Thiery, rev. G. Ainslie, D.D. master of Pem- son of the Baron de Thiery, Chateau de broke College, Cambridge, to Emily, Thiery, at Bondy, near Paris,

ton, bart.






The right hon. the lord Mayor (Alder

man Thompson) to be pres. of Christ's GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

Hospital. 8. The hon. Harriet Anne Curzon, St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

William Helps, esq. to be treasurer o one of the two surviving daughters, and

Joseph Timm, esq. to be solicitor to coh. of Cecil, late baron Zouche of Haryngworth, to be baroness Zouche of

the Stamp-office. Haryngworth. 19. Lieut.-gen. sir James Kempt, 81st

foot, to be colonel ; 81st ditto, major-
gen. sir Richard Downes Jackson, royal

Staff corps, to be colonel.
Gurrisons.—Lieut.-gen. sic Wm.

2. Hugh duke of Northumberland, to Inglis, to be governor of Cork-Lieut- be lieut.-gen. and gen.-governor of Iregen. John Sulivan Wood, to be lient.. lạnd. gov. of Kinsale.

4. Captains and Brevet-majors Rich. 20. Duke of Wellington, K. G. the Jones and J. E. Jones, to be lieutenant. office of constable of his majesty's Castle colonels.-Royal engineers : capt. H. W. of Dover; and Warden and keeper of Vavasour, to be lieutenant-colonel. the Cinque Ports.-John Vaughan, esq.

9. Lieutenant-colonel Edw. Purdon, baron of the court of Exchequer, knight. Royal African corps, to be lieut.-col. ed.

jl. Lord Willoughby d'Eresby to be Royal Staff Corps. Major Henry lord lieutenant of Carnarvonshire. Du Vernet, and major Fred. W. Mann, to be lieutenant-colonels.

MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. Unattached.-Brevet lieut..col. Geo. Dairs Wilson, 4th foot, and major Rob. Bath. Earl of Brecknock; majorWallace, I st. drag. guards, to be lieut..

gen. C. Palmer; or other of colonels of infantry.


Clifton Dartmouth Hardness. - ArMEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. thur Howe Holdsworth, esq. vice sir

Hatton Cooper, bart. dec. Cumberland.-Sir James Robt. Geo.

East Grinstead.- Viscount HolmsGraham, bart. of Netherby, vice John dale, vice the hon. Charles Cecil Cope: Christian Curwen, esq. dec.

Jenkinson, now earl of Liverpool.

Plymouth.--Admiral sir Geo. Cock. NAVAL PREFERMENTS.

burn, re-elected.

WVhitchurch. The hon. J. R. Townse Sir M. Seymour, bart. K.C.B. is ap- ' hend. pointed commissioner of Portsmouth dock-yard ; commissioner Ross (from

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Malta), to the dock-yard of Plymouth ; and commissioner Briggs (from Bermu. da) in the Sheerness yard.

Rev. J. M. Turner, to be bishop of

Calcutta. Rear-admiral Thomas Baker to 511persede sir Robert W. Otway, K.C.B.

Rev. T. Robinson, to be archdeacon

of Madras. in the command of our naval force on

Rey. J. H. Seymour, Preb. in Gloucester Cathedral. Rey. J. James, Preb.


Rev. C. Webber, Jun. Canon residenas Rev. Dr. Wilson, Rural Dean of tiary of Chichester. Southampton. Rev. J. Graham, a Preb. in Lincoln

Civil PREFERMENTS. catbedral.

Rev. T. Singleton, a Preb, in Mr. Sheriff Copeland, to be alderman Worcester Cathedral,

of the Ward of Bishopsgate, London.

the coast.


nall Estcourt, esq. vice earl Bruce ; W. GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

I. Bankes, esq. vice hon. T. Wodehouse.

Newark-upon-Trent.-Michael Tho23. 63rd foot, lieut.-colonel Holman mas Sadler, esq. vice lieutenant-general Custance, to be lieutenant-colonel. sir William Henry Clinton.

Unattached, major Thomas Perronnet Newport (Cornwall). — Right hon. Thompson, 65th foot, to be lieutenant. W. G. Vesey Fitzgerald. colonel of infantry.

Oxford University. - Robert Harry 26. Edwin Barnaby, of Baggrave. Ingliš, D.C.L. vice the right hon. Ron hall, Leicester, esq. colonel, to be one of bert Peel. his majesty's Privy Chamber in Ordi. Ripon.-Geo. Spence, of Pall-mall, nary,


London, esq. vice sir R. H. Inglis, bart.

Truro.-John Scott, esq. commonly

called lord viscount Encombe, vice MARCH.

lord Fitzroy Somerset ; Nath. William

Peach, esq. vice Wm. Edw. Tomline. GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

Westbury. The right hon. Robert

Peel, vice sir Manasseh Massah Lopez, 14. Royal En. - Capt. S. Romilly, bart. to be lieutenant-colonel

16. J. S. Wanley Sawbridge, of Char- ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. borough Park, Dorset, esq. and Jane Frances, his wife, to take and use the

Rev. R. A. Musgrave, Preb. of Wind. names of Erle Drax, in addition to that of Sawbridge. 19. 16th Foot, lieutenant-col. Lionel

CIVIL PREFERMENTS. Smith Hook, from the Ceylon regi. ment, to be lieutenant-colonel.

The following legal appointments have Ceylon regiment, lieut-colonel lately been made at the Colonial-office : Henry Bird, 16th foot, to be lieute-col.

--Baron Field, esq. late chief justice of 21. Lieutenant-general sir Henry New South Wales, to be civil judge at Fane, G.C.B. to be Master-surveyor and Gibraltar : William Norris, esq. barris. surveyor-general of the Ordnance.

ter, to be principal, and Jackson Per. Unattached, major James Holmes

ring, esq. barrister, to be deputy advo. Schoedde, 60th foot, to be lieutenant- cate Fiscal at Ceylon. colonel of infantry.

Brevet. lieut.-general George earl of Dalhousie, G.C. B., to have the local

APRIL. rank of general in the East Indies only ; colonel James Butler, Royal Invalid

GAZETTE PRETERMENTS, Artillery, to be major-general; majorgeneral James Butler, to be lieuto-gen. 4. James Dewar, esq. chief justice of

Colonel sir George Scovell, K.C.B. of the Supreme Court of Judicature at the royal Waggon Train, to he lieu. Bombay, knighted. tenant-governor of the royal Military 8. Right hon. Robert Gordon, amCollege.

bassador to the sublime Ottoman Porte.

13. Life Guards, capt. Hugh W. Rar. MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. ton, to be major and lieutenant-colonel.

27. 53rd Regiment, lieut..col. James Aldeburgh.- Marquis of Douro, vice Considine, to be lieut.-col.--67th ditto, Wyndham Lewis, esq.

major hon. I. R. Molyneux, to be lient.Bath.-The earl of Brecknock.

colonel. Carlisle.--Sir W. Scott, bart. vice sir 29. W. R. Cosway, esq. of Bilsington, George Graham, bart.

Kent; captain J. Franklin, R. N. ; W. Corfe Castle.-P. J. Miles, of Leigh- Seymour, esq. ; W. Campbell, esq.; court, Somerset, esq. vice N. W. Peach, captain W. E. Parry, R. N.; and W. esq.

Anglin Scarlett, esq. chief justice of Edinburghshire.—Sir George Clerk, Jamaica, knighted. of Penicuick, bart. re-elected.

Unattached, major John Townsend, Launceston.-sir J. W. Gordon, bart. 14th dragoons, to be lieutenant-colonel Alarlborough.-T. H. Sutton Buck- of infantry.


Colchester. Richard Sanderson, of

Rev. G. Hodson, archdeacon of StafUpper Harley-street, esq. vice sir G. H. ford and canon residentiary of LitchSmyth, esq.

field Cathedral. Sandwich.-General sir H. Fane, vice

Rev. T, S, Smythi, Preb, in Exeter

Cathedral. sir E. W.C. R. Owen.


Right bon. James Ochoncar lord Lieut-colonel sir Wm. Young, bart. Forbes to be high commissioner to the to be a director of the East India Come general assembly of the church of Scoto pany.

land, R, Pollen, esq. barrister-at-law, to be one of the six clerks in Chancery.




Rev. T. Gaisford, Preb. in Durbain 4. Right hon. sir W. Draper Best, Cathedral.

knt to be baron Wynford, of Wynford Rev. E. B. Sparke, Preb. in Ely Ca- Eagle, county Dorset. thedral.

Col. Fred. Wm. Trench to be Rev. E. Thorp, Preb, in Durham storekeeper of the Ordnance of the Unit. Cathedral.

ed Kingdom.

The earl of Rosslyn to be a memMAY.

ber of the privy council, and keeper of

the privy seal. GAZETTE PROMOTIONS,

Right hon. sir Nicholas Conyng

ham Tyndal to be lord chief justice of 8. Major-general sir James Carmi. the court of Common Pleas, and sworn chael Smyth, bart. to be governor and of the privy council. commander-in-chief of the Bahama Edward Burtenshaw Sugden, esq. Islands.

appointed solicitor-general, and knighi. 11. Edward A. W. Drummond Hay, · ed. esq. to be consul-general in Morocco. 10. Lient.-gen. lord R. E. H. Somer

18. War-office.--14th light dragoons, set to be lieut.-gen. of the ordnance of major John Townshend to be lieuto-col. the United Kingdom. - 30th foot, lieut.-general sir Thomas Sir James Welwood Moncrieff, Bradford, 94th foot to be colonel.--94th bart. to be one of the lords of justiciary foot, major-gen. sir John Keane, to be in Scotland. colonel.

22. Earl of Ashburnham, to be a 22. 90th foot, lieut.-col. lord George knight of the Garter. W. Russell, to be lieutenant-colonel. 24. Right hon. Robert viscount Mel.

Unattached.--Major W. Bush, 99th ville, K. T.; right hon. sir Geo. Cockfoot, to be lieut..col. of infantry.

burn, G. C. B.; sir H. Hotham, K.C.B.; Major Standish O'Grady, 24th foot, to sir Geo. Clerk, bart. ; and visc. Castle. be lieutenant-colonel of infantry. reagh; to be commissioners for execut

Brevet.-Major-general sir T.Sydney ing the office of the high admiral of the Beckwith, K. Č. B. to be lieut.-gen. in United Kingdom. the East Indies only, sir T. Beckwith 24. Adam Rolland, esq. to be clerk of having been appointed commander-in- the king's processes in Scoiland.- John chief of the company's forces at Bom- Tait, esq. to be sheriff-depute of the bay.

shires of Clackmanan, and Kinrose.

25. 73rd foot, major-general sir Fred. MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. Adam K. C. B. to be colonel.

Garrisons. Gen. Thomas lord Shire of Ayr.-W. Blair, esq.of Blair. Lynedoch, G. C. B. to be governor of

East Looe.-H. Thomas Hope, esq. of Dumbarton-castle. Dutchess-street, London.

Royal engineers, captain George Horsham.Earl of Surry.

Graydon, to be lieut-col.

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