Slike strani

dish, esq.

PROMOTIONS. 30. William Pennell, esq. to be con- Cork.-Gerard Callaghan, esq. tice sul-general in Brazil.-John Barker, sir N. C. Colthurst, deceased. esq. to be consul-general in Egypt.Richard W. Brant, esq. to be consul at ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS, Smyrna.

Richard Bagot, D. D. to be bishop of MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT.

Oxford. Aldeburgh.-Spencer Horsey Kilder

AUGUST. bee, of Great Glenham, Suffolk, esq.

Cambridge Town.-Col. Frederic w.
Trench, re-elected.

J. William Gregson, esq. to be writer Cumbridge University.-W. Caven- of the London Gazette.

3. 13th ditto, Brevet lieut.-col. sir Tralee.- Robert Vernon Smith, of R. Moubray, to be major. Sayile-row, Middlesex, esq.

7. Lord Granville C. H. Somerset; Weymouth and Melcombe Regis.-Sir R. Gordon, esq. M. P.; lord R. Ses. Edward Burtenshaw Sugden, knt. re- mour; lord Ashley; hon.C. W.W.Wynn; elected.

sir George Henry Rose ; hon. Frederie Wexford.—Sir Robert Wigram, knt. Gough Calthorpe ; W. Ward, esq. M.P.;

Francis Baring, esq. M. P.; George ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Byng, esq. M. P.; Charles N. Pallmer,

esq. M. P.; Thomas Barrett Lennard, Rev. H. T. Payne, archd. of Carmar- esq. M. P.; Charles Ross, esq. M. P.; then, with the Preb. of Llanrian an. sir G. F. Hampson, bart.; hop. B. Boupexed.

verie; colonel J. Clitherow; Drs. TurRev. J. Lupton, a minor canon of St. ner, Bright, Southey, Drever, and Paul's Cath. and of Westminster Abbey. Hume, to be commissioners for licensing

and visiting all houses within the cities JULY.

of London and Westminster, and within

seven miles thereof, for the reception of GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.


10. 11th dragoons, capt. J. R. Rot30. Henry Unwin Addington, esq. ton, to be major.— 13th foot, captain J. to be Envoy Extraordinary to the Catho. Johnson, to be major.-34th ditto, lieut. lic king.--George W. Chad, esq. to be col. C. R. Fox, to be lieut..col.4.3d minister Plenipotentiary to the Diet at ditto, capt. T. Butler, to be major. Frankfort. -- W. Turner, esq. to be 12. Lord Albert Conyngham, secre. envoy extraordinary to the Republic at tary to his majesty's Legation at Berlin, Colombia.--George Hamilton Seymour, knighted. esq. to be secretary to his majesty's 25. 17th foot, lieut.-col. John Austin, embassy to the Ottoman Porte.-lord to be lieut.-col.-44th foot, major R. Albert Conyngham, to be secretary to Macdonald to be lieut.-col.-2rid West his majesty's Legation at Berlin.— The India reg. lieut.-col. F. Cockburn to be hon. J. Duncan Bligh, to be secretary to

lieutenant-colonel. and capt. hon. J. his majesty's legation at Florence. Montague to be capt. and lieut.-col.

17th foot, major H. Despard, to be Civil PREFERMENTS.


Unattached. Brevet lieut.-colonel C. Lieutenant-colonel Rowan and Mr.

Holland Hastings to be lieut.-col.Mayne have been appointed to the two

Brevet lieut.-col. Matthias Everard, new offices under the Metropolitan Police Act; and John Wray, esq.,

from the 13th foot, to be lieut.-col.-

to be receiver under the act.

Brevet col. George W. Phipps to be R. Smith, esq. of Buckden, and R. major.gen. in the army. Swan, esq. of Lincoln, to be principal

To be lieut-colonels of infantry by registrars of the Diocese and Constitue purchase, majors T. Reed, 53rd foot';

and B.J. Smith, 11th dragoons. tional Court of Lincoln.


County of Clare.—Daniel O'Connell, Corfe Castle. George Bankes, esq.. of Derinane-abbey, co. Kerry, esq.

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PROMOTIONS. County of Down.--Visc. Castlereagh. be lieut..col.-70th foot, Brevet lieut..

County of Wicklow.-R. Iloward, of col. T. Evans, to be lieut.-col. Bushy-park.

Unutlached.-Major H. Barring

ton, 5th foot, and major P. Phipps, ist SEPTEMBER.

dragoons, to be lieut.-cols.

Grisons. Lieutenant-general GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

W. T. Dilkes, to be lient.-governor of

Quebec. 16. John Hayes, esq. commodore E. I. C.; R. H. Cunlifle, esq. lieut.

NOVEMBER. col. commandant E. 1. C. ; Jeremiah Bryant, esq. lient.-col. E.I.C. knighted.

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. lient.-col. T. N. Harris to be Brigade major on the staff of major-gen.sir Colin

2. Royal Artillery, captain and brevet Campbell, at Portsmouth.

major T. A. Brandreth, to be lieuto-col. H. J. Shepherd, esq. son of sir

---Royal engineers, captain A. Fraser, to Samuel Shepherd, a conimissioner of

be lieutenant-colonel. bankrupts, and counsel to the Admiralty,

17. John M‘Donald, esq. lieuto-col. has been appointed by the lord chancel.

E. I. C. and envoy-extraordinary, to the lor clerk of the Custodies, vacant by the

Shah of Persia, knighted by patent. death of lord Thurlow.

21. Earl Amherst and earl Howe to The right hon. Richard earl of be lords of his majesty's bed-chamber. Glengall, a representative peer for Ireland.

MEMBER RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. 24. Marquis Conyngham to be go

Eye.---P. Chas. Sidney, esq. vice sir vernor, captain, constable and lieute

Miles Nightingall, dec. nant of Windsor Castle vice earl of Harrington.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. War-office-1st Life guards, gen. Stapleton viscount Combermere, G.C.B, Rev. C.J. Hoare, archdeacon of Winto be colonel vice general the earl of chester. Harrington, dec.-- 3rd light dragoons. Rev. E. Berens, Preb. in Salisbury major-gen. lord George Tho. Beresford. Cathedral. to be colonel.--24th foot, major-gen, sir James Lyon, to be col.-97th foot

major-gen. hon. R. W. O'Callaghan, to
be colonel.

Garrisons.—Lieut.-general sir G.
Murray, to be governor of fort George.

7. Right hon. Stratford Canning, and 30. Dublin.-Charles Scudamore of right hon. Robert Gordon, ambassador Wimpole-street, London, M. D. F.R.S.

to the Sublime Ottoman Porte, to be knighted.

G. C. B.

14. Ist dragoons.--Lient. gen. lord R. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

E. H. Somerset, 17th light dragoons, to

be col. vice gen. Garth, dec. -- 17th Rev. H. Dampier, to a Preb, in Ely light dragoons. : major gen. sir J. Elley, Cathedral.

to be col.-66th foot, ljeut.-gen, sir W.

Anson, to be col.--Ceylon reg.; lieut.OCTOBER

col. Charles Arch. Macalister, to be


17th. 63rd foot, lient-col. Francis 5. 49th foot, gen. sir Gordon Drum- Battersby, to be lieut.-col.-83rd ditto: mond, to be col.—71st foot, major-gen. col.-Unattacheú: major A. Hope Pat

inajor hon. Henry Dundas, to be lieut.sir Colin Halkett, to be col.- 95th foot, major-gen. sir Arch. Campbell, to be

tison, 97th foot, to be lient-col. of in. colonel.

fantry. 12. The right hon, sir Brook Taylor,

CIVIL PREFERMENTS. sworn of his majesty's privy council.

26. 30th foot, major J. Powell, to W. Bolland, esq., to be a haron of the be lient.-col. -- 54th foot, lieut.-col. Excheqner. F. L. Nott, and lieut-col, A. Kelly, to David Pollock, esq., to be recorder of Vol. LXXI.


DEATHS.JAN. Maidstone; Russell Gurney, esq., com- Andries Snoek, one of the greatest mon pleader to the city of London; and tragic actors of modern times. This disW. E. Burnaby, esq., junior counsel to tinguished performer, whose talents the Bank of England; all vice Mr. shed a lustre on the Dutch stage, ob. Baron Bolland.

tained the suffrages not only of his own Robert Benson, esq., to be deputy countrymen but of all foreigners of taste recorder of Salisbury, vice Mr. Tinney. who visited Amsterdam. Among those

Algernon Greville, esq. private secre- who expressed their admiration of his tary to the duke of Wellington, to be wonderful powers, was a no less eminent Bath king at arms.

and competent critic than Talma, Fer actors have rivalled or even approached him in the characters of Hamlet, Richard, Mahomet, Sylla, Brutus, Achilles, Orosmanes, Rodrigo, and the

Stranger; and he retained even to the DEATHS.

last nearly all the energy of his prime,

having performed, within the month JANUARY

previous to his death, the parts of

Edipus, Mahomet, Ninus; the last, on 1. At Bristol, aged 70, Edw. Chinn, the 13th December. His funeral took esq. late of the Moat in Newent, and the place on the 16th January,, when his representative of a very ancient family remains were deposited in the Roman at that place,

Catholic church, called the VriedenAt, near Exeter, duivje; on which occasion was performed aged 81, William Swiney, csq. admiral a requiem composed by Bertelman. of the red, who had served for seventy The crowd collected around the building years in the royal navy. He entered was so great, that it was with the utmost into this service at a very early age, on difficulty that many of the cortège could beard the Hero, of 74 guns, commanded make their way into the church, or that by the late lord Mount Edgecumbe, a the sentinels could prevent the throng few weeks before sir Edward Hawke's from attempting to enter. On the action with Conflans. He was actively 22nd of the same month, a solemn reemployed on the American and West- presentation in honour of this omaIndia station nearly the whole of the ment of the drama, was held at the American war. He was advanced to theatre; the boxes were hung with the rank of rear-admiral in 1797, of black draperies, and on the stage was vice-admiral in 1801, and of admiral in placed a magnificent tomb, with the bust 1808.

of Snoek, beneath a lofty canopy of the 2. At Heidelberg, aged 85, Christian same sable hue as the other decorations Gottlieb von Arndt, imperial Russian of the house. councillor. He was formerly attached 4. At the rectory, Bottesford, in her to the Russian cabinet in the reign of 77th year, Roosilia, widow of admiral Catherine II., and assisted that empress Evelyn Sutton, of Screveton-hall, Notts, in her literary employments. He wrote and mother of the late sir Chas. Sutton, also several treatises on the Russian K.C.B. language, which are esteemed for the 6. At West End, Hampstead, aged classical purity of their style. His last 69, Charles Beazley, esq. architect, forwork, on the Origin, &c. of the Euro. merly of Whitehall, and of Walmer, pean Dialects, published at Frankfort Kent. in 1818, has excited the attention of 7. At Thirsk, aged 85, Matthew Buitliterary men even in America.

terwick, esq. for many years register of 3. At Stockton, aged 24, Emily the North Riding. Maria, second daughter of the late coi. 8. At the Mauritius, aged 22, MontSymes, of Bally Arthur, Wicklow, and gomerie Stewart, acting lieutenant on wife of George Prescott, esq. eldest son board his Majesty's ship Helicon, and of sir Geo. Prescott, of Theobald's-park, nephew to the earl of Galloway. He bart. She was married July 10, 1827. was the eldest son of the Hon. Mont.

At Paris, aged 63, Madame la gomerie-Granville-John Stewart, by Marechale Massena, duchess de Rivoli Catherine, dau. of Patrick Honyman, and princess d'Esling.

esq. At Amsterdam, in his 62nd year, 10. At Boulogne, aged 72, Richard

DEATHSC-JAN. Peake, esq. formerly treasurer of Drury- be placed. Having prevailed upon his Jane Theatre, which office he held for wise, a daughter of the celebrated Jew. upwards of forty years.

ish deist, Mendelsohn, to follow his 11. At Dresden, of apoplexy, Fred. example, he associated himself with Von Schlegel. This celebrated writer Gentz and other converts to the same was born at Hanover in the year 1772, opinion, and in 1808 transferred his and was afterwards apprenticed to a residence to Vienna, where he was apmerchant in Leipsic; whilst his elder pointed to the situation of consellor of brother, A. W. Von Schlegel, was highly Legation in the imperial chancery by distinguishing himself at Gottingen. prince Metternich ; and for several years Frederic, however, evincing a decided conducted the affairs of secretary to the distaste for the mercantile profession, Austrian envoy at the diet of Frankfort. returned to his father, and was per- In 1819 he was allowed to retire from mitted to follow the natural bent of official avocations, from which period bis genius, which led him, during his he devoted himself entirely to his spesojourn at the Universities of Gottin- culations and studies. gen and Leipsic, to devote himself to 12 At Solihull, Warwickshire, aged the study of languages with exemplary 72, the rev. Charles Curtis, M.A. rector ardour. He entered the lists as an of that parish and of St. Martin's, Bir. author at a very early age, attracted the mingham. He was the youngest brother attention of the public by the novelty of the alderman and baronet, who died of his opinions on subjects connected only six days after him. with ancient literature, and acquired no 13. At Paris, Miss Haggerston, sister little fame by his critical labours in the of sir Carnaby Haggerston, bart. of field of ancient and modern poesy. His Haguerston. first attempts, the “ History of Poetry At Exmouth, aged 87, Charles among the Greeks and Romans,” which Baring, esq. uncle to sir Thomas Baring, appeared in 1792, and the “ Greeks and bart. M.P. and younger brother to sir Romans," which followed in 1797, were Francis the 1st baronet. He married very favourably received. At a later Margaret, daughter and heiress of Wm. period, particularly after his conversion Gould, esq. of East Looe, in Cornwall, to the Roman Catholic religion, his and by her had two sons and four favourite pursuit was ethics and ro- daughters ; . William, 2. Charles, 3. mantic literature, in which departments Jaquetta, married in 1791 to sir Stafhis “ Prelections on German History," ford Henry Northcote, the present and and “ History of Literature," have se- seventh bart. of Pynes in Devonshire, cured him a high reputation. His pub. and has a numerous family; 4. Frances, lic lectures on Modern History, and on married to Wm. Jackson, esq. of Cow'. the Literary Annals of all nations, de- ley in Devonshire ; 5. Eleanor, 6. livered in 1811-12, created a deep Emily, 7. Lucy, 8. Caroline. sensation throughout Germany, as com- Mary-Margaret, wife of John Haybining a high degree of literary attain. thorne, esq. of Hill-house, Mangots. ments with much originality of per- field, and second daughter and coception. His manner of viewing and heiress of Edward Curtis, esq. of Martreating these subjects, no less than dyke-house, Clifton. his dramatic compositions and poems, 14. At Clifton-wood-house, the wife afforded abundant aliment to the new of lieut.-col. Brereton, inspecting field school of the Romantesque in that coun- ollicer of the Bristol district. try, soon after its foundation had been Ayed 63, the rev. William Villiers laid, in contra-distinction to the 6 Clas- Robinson), rector of Grafton Underwood, sical school," chiefly through the in- and of Irchester cum Wollaston, Northstruinentality of his brother. An over- amptonshire; and last surviving brother wrought impression of the pre-eminent of sir George Robinson, bart. M.P. for genius and glory of the middle ages Northampton. strengthened the principles his mind - Suddenly, in York-street, Portmanhad already imbibed ; and, though him- square, the rev. James Wallace, eldest self the son of a Protestant clergyman, son of John Wallace, esq. of Golden. he scrupled not to pass over to the square, and first cousin to the right hon. Roman Catholic religion, within the ex. lord Wallace. He was of Christ's Col. clusive pale of which he conceived the lege, Cambridge, P.A. 1789. regeneration of that golden epocha to Suddenly, at the Verulam Arms,

P %


DEATHS.-JAN St. Alban's, aged 49, George Digby, 1746 to 1749, by Mary, daughter of the

captain in the royal navy; brother rev. Gideon Hardinge, vicar of Kings. to rear-admiral Henry Digby, uncle to ton-tipon Thames. Jady Ellenborough, and cousin to earl 16. At his apartments, Charing-cross, Digby. Captain Digby was the fourth aged about 40, Joseph Cartwright, esq. and youngest son of the very rev. Wm. Jate paymaster-general of his majesty's Digby, dean of Durham, by Charlotte, forces in the Ionian Islands, a member daughter of Joseph Cox, esq. He was of the Society of British Artists, and made a commander R.N. in 1802, and marine painter in ordinary to the duke obtained post-rar., Jan. 2, 1806. He of Clarence. was almost constantly employed during 17. At York-place, Clifton, aged 82, the whole of the war, commanding in G. Merrick, esq. many years clerk of the succession the Fleche of 16 guns, Beagle arraigns in Bristol. 18, Cossack 24, and Lavinia frigate. At Nash-court, Dorsetshire, the Captain Digby married, Sept. 13, 1821, seat of his son-in-law, John Hussey, Elizabeth only daughter of the late sir esq. in his 63rd year, Thomas Raymond John Benn Walsh, bart.

Arundell, esq. uncle to lord Arundell 15. At Shieldgreen, Kirklington, of Wardour. Cumberland, aged about 70, by a most At Vienna, of a milk fever, aged dreadful death from fire, Mr. Thomas 23, the princess Metternich, the wife of Sanderson, long known as a provincial the diplomatist, to whom she had been poet and author. He was the only sur- married eighteen months. viving of the seven sons (five of whom At Naples, aged 20, J. Maberley, died in infancy) of the rev. Mr. Sander- esq. second son of John Maberley, esq. son, of Sebergham, to whom a mural M.P. for Abingdon. monument was erected in 1795, by his 18. At his house at Ramsgate, aged sixth son, the rev. Joseph Sanderson, of 77, sir William Curtis, baronet, alderTuinbridge, who dierl some years ago, man of Bridge-Ward, father of the leaving the subject of this notice a mo- corporation of the city of London, and derate competency: Carefully and clas- formerly one of its representatives in sically educated, he for some years parliament, president of the artillery taught a school with success. But he company, and of Christ's hospital. The had an aversion for the bustle of the family of sir William Curtis was originworld; he neglected the graces, and ally from Nottinghamshire. His grand. courted solitude; yet he was sensibly father and father were settled at Wapalive to the charms of literature, and his ping, and established there an extensive heart was thoroughly imbued with the trade in sea-biscuit. The latter, at his beat feelings of our nature.

death, left by Mary, daughter of Timothy sonal appearance, latterly, was strongly Tennant, of Wapping, esq. five sons, indicative of the seclusion and loneliness Timothy, James, William, George, and of his life. His head and eye were Charles. The first and third succeeded fine ; but his general conformation was to the firm of the original house. Jittle elegant, while, from long practice, James is now the only survivor, and is his speech and his garb alike partook of distributor of sea-policy stamps. George rusticity. As an author, Mr. Sanderson was captain in the service of the East first became familiar to the public by India company, and one of the elder various prose and poetical pieces, pub. brethren of the Trinity-house, and died lished many vears ago, under the signa. in 1819. Charles died the 12th inst. ture of “Crito," by the late Mr. John (see the preceding page.) In the year Ware, in the Cumberland Pacquet, then 1785, on the death of Richard Atkinson, the only newspaper in that county. esq., a considerable number of the inhaSubsequently he occasionally contribuit. bitints of the Tower Ward solicited Mr. ed to the literary department of the William Curtis to take upon him the Carlisle Journal. In 1800, he published, office of alderman of that district. At in Carlisle, a small volume by subscrip- that time he was not even a freeman of tion, entitled “ Original Poems, by London ; but, at the instance of his Thomas Sanderson.”'

friends, he was induced to qualify, and 16. Aged 87, sir Edward Stracey, was accordingly elected to that station, bart. of Rickheath-hall, co. Norfolk, the which he retained for a period of fortythird and youngest son of Sir John three years. From his original business Stracey, knt.. recorder of London from he first diverged into the pursuit of the

His per'.

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