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DEATHS.-Dec. an account of his system in two volumes street chapel, from which time he dis. 8vo. 1809, under the title of “ Instruc- tinguished himself as well in the pulpit tion of the Deaf and Dumb, or a View as by his pen. His publications are of the means by which they are taught exceedingly numerous: one of the most to understand and speak a Language.". important is his “ Calm Enquiry into

25. At Leamington, having given birth the Scripture Doctrine concerning the to a son on the preceding day, aged 25, Person of Christ, &c. 1811." Jane, wife of Gibbs Crawfurd Antrobus, The rev. John Roberts, vicar of Dy. esq. M.P. of Eaton Hall near Congleton. meirchion, co. Flint, to which living he She was the second daughter of sir was presented in 1807, by Dr. Cleaver, Coutts Trotter, bart, and was married then bishop of St. Asaph. Mr. Roberts June 25, 1827.

was the author of the English essay at 27. At Beeching-stoke, near Devizes, the Carmarthen Eisteddfod, Sept. 1823, aged 78, the rev. Charles Mayo, for up- on “The Reasons for rejecting the Welsh wards of fifty years rector of that parish, Orthography that is proposed and atand of Hewish : author of " A Chrono. tempted to be introduced with a view logical History of the European States, of superseding the system that has been from 1678 to 1792,” fol. 1793 ; and established since the publication of Dr. “A compendious View of the Universal Davies's Grammar and Dictionary, and History, from 1753 to 1802," four vols. Bishop Parry's edition of the Welsh 4to, 1804.

Bible, and that of 1630." At Great Oakley in Northampton$ shire, in his 72nd year, sir Richard

DECEMBER. Brooke de Capell Brooke, bart. of that į place, colonel of the Northamptonshire 1. In Bruton-street, aged 70, the lady militia, and F.R.S.

of the right hon. sir John Nicholl. 29. At Naples, aged 43, the hon. In Wilmington-square, aged 75, Gerrard Vanneck, brother to lord Hunt. the rev. John Harris, formerly of Ayles. ingfield.

bury, where he officiated for nearly forty In his 82d year, Robert Sinclair, years as the pastor of a church of Proesq. recorder of York.

testant dissenters. At his house in Upper Brook- 3. Aged 86, Charles Goring, esq. of street, having nearly completed his 80th Wiston Park, Sussex; half-uncle to sir year, the right hon. Henry Pomeroy, Chas. Foster Goring, bart. of Highden. second viscount Harberton, and baron At Airdrie House, co. Fife, aged Harberton, F.S. A. of Carbery, co. Kila 83, the right hon. Methven-Kellie Ers

kine, tenth earl of Kellie, viscount of 30. In Lamb's Conduit-street, in his Fenton (the premier viscounty of Scot820 year, Henry Hall, esq. senior Fellow land,) and baron of Dirleton, co. Hadof St. John's college, Oxford, and a dington, and ninth baronet of Cambo, bencher of the Inner Temple.

co, Fife. Lately. At Kirkcudbright, aged 85, At Clovelly Court, Devonshire, Dr. Patrick Murray, formerly an emi- aged 64, sir James Hamlyn Williams, nent physician in Jamaica, and one of the second baronet of that place. the assistant judges of the grand court

At Chichester, aged 87, gen. of that Island many years.

Oliver Nicolls, colonel of the 66th regiAt Hampstead, in his 80th year, the ment of foot. rev. Thomas Belsham, minister of the 5. At Madrid, at an advanced age, Unitarian chapel in Essex-street. This Don Juan Augustin Cean-Bermudez, eminent preacher, and zealous defender author of several works on the fine arts. of Unitarianism, was the elder brother 6. At Hastings, aged 17, lady Anne of the late William Belsham, the Whig Catherine Kerr, half sister to the marhistorian. In the early part of his life, quis of Lothian. he superintended the Dissenting aca- 8. At Kennington, lady Murray,widow demy at Daventry, where he was of sir R. Murray, bart. educated himself; but which office he Aged 55, the Rev. Walter Birch, resigned in 1789, his religious views B.D. rector of Stanway, Essex, and having gradnally changed from Calvin- vicar of Stanton-Bernard,' Wilts. ism to the doctrines he afterwards In Prospect-place, Lambeth, aged maintained. He afterwards succeeded 73, John Carey, LL.D. a gentleman Dr. Disney in his ministry at Essex. well known in the literary world by

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DEATHS.-Dec. several elementary works on classical Harmer, in whose office he remained literature, and by his extensive labours some time, and then commenced busias an editor; with regard to the latter, ness on his own account; but, being upmay be noticed two editions, in quarto, fortunate, he was compelled to take up of Ainsworth's Dictionary, and the ele- his residence in a garret, where he died gant series of Latin authors, known by of apoplexy. the name of the “Regent's Classics. 14. At Clapham, Surrey, aged 92, the

9. At Bowcomb cottage, Isle of Wight, relict of George Medley, esq. of New aged 64, the hon. Catherine, relict of Burlington-street, and Busted Park, Edw. Rushworth, esq. formerly M.P. Sussex, M.P. for East Grinsted; dau. for Newport.

and heiress of sir Timothy Waldo, of 10. Found dead in his bed, at Cran. Hever, Kent. Her large property is bury Park, near Winchester, William inherited by the daughters of the earl Chamberlayne, esq. M.P. for South- of Liverpool, in right of their late ampton ; first cousin to the earl of Li- mother, Julia-Evelyn-Medley, only dau. verpool, and to the late lord Zouche. and heir of sir George Shuckburgh

At Edinburgh, aged 38, the hon. Evelyn, bart, by Julia-Anabella, only Sophia Napier, sister to lord Napier. dau. and heir of James Evelyn, esq. and

Cardinal de la Fare, archbishop Anabella, sister of George Medley, of Sens.

esq. the husband of the old lady now 11. At the house of his brother, in deceased, who was married Nov. 8, 1762. John-street, Bedford-row, aged 67, Ben- At Chester, in his 69th year, Mr. jamin Tucker, esq. of Trematon castle, Joseph Haynes, drawing-master. He Cornwall, of which duchy he was sur- was a pupil of Mortimer, the celebrated veyor-general for the last twenty years. artist, from whose pictures and sketches

il. Suddenly, the rev. Isaac Taylor, he etched many plates : among others minister of the Dissenting congregation the subject of “St. Paul Preaching to at Ongar, Essex. Mr. T. was originally the Britons." educated as an engraver, and continued 15. At Brompton, major-gen. Edw, in that profession for several years, till Codd. in 1796 he was invited by a congregation At Windsor, aged 90, John Kinat Colchester to become their minister. sey, esq. formerly lieut.-col, of the Ist He continued at that place till 1810, and or royal dragoons. the following year accepted a similar of- At Milan, his native city, in bis fice at Ongar. His publications consisted 74th year, the celebrated singer Marchiefly of works of instruction or amuse- chesi. ment for young persons, such as “ Self- 17. At Hammerwood-lodge, aged 71, cultivation," * Advice to the Teens, the hon. Mrs. Dorrien Magens, sister to &c." and some of them have passed lord Dynevor. through several editions.

At Auerbach, aged 68, her serene 13. At Oulton Park, Cheshire, after highness Louisa Caroline Henrietta, only three days' illness, aged 62, the grand duchess of Hesse Darmstadt. rev. sir Philip Grey Egerton, ninth She was the daughter of prince George baronet of Egerton and Oulton Park, William, of the same house, by the rector of Tarporley, and of the upper countess Maria Louisa Albertina, of mediety of Malpas, both in the same Leiningen-Heidesheim ; was married county.

to her cousin, Louis, the present reignIn a garret, in King-street, Soho, ing duke, Feh. 19, 1777, and had several aged 64, Mr. Wm. Smith, an attorney, children. who was formerly in affluent circum- 19. In the workhouse at Great Drir. stances, having, when he retired from field, aged 87, Alex. Macintosh, several business, amassed considerable property. years proprietor of the Red Lion Inn A few years ago he purchased a mill, there, author of the “Driffield Angler." for the purpose of manufacturing starch 20. At Conington, Cambridgeshire, on a new principle; but by the specula- aged 68, the rev. Thos. Brown, rector of tion he lost upwards of 40,0001. Having that parish upwards of forty years. He failed in other speculations, he returned was the third and youngest son of Lanto London with a shattered fortune, and, celot Brown, the celebrated landscape at the period of the joint-stock mania, gardener, generally known by the name he lost 6001. by one of the mining asso- of Capability Brown. ciations. He next became clerk to Mr. 20.' At his residence in Berkeley.

DEATHS.-Dec. square, aged 65, general, the right who died at the age of 83, Jan. 28, 1818. hon. lord Charles Fitzroy, M. A., of He was returned M.P. for Southampton Wicken in Northamptonshire, colonel at the general elections of 1818 and of the 48th foot; brother to the duke 1820; but at that of 1826 Mr. Dottin of Grafton.

was chosen. Sir William was provincial 20. In bis 86th year, the distinguished grand master of the Freemasons of naturalist, count Lamarck. He had Hampshire; he also held the commisbeen blind for the last ten years.

sion of lieutenant-colonel in the Surrey 21. At Halle, in his 41st year, Joh. Volunteers. August Jacobs, professor of philology 28. In Curzon-st., the right hon. Barin that University.

bara marchioness dowager of Donegal. 23. At Bishopwearmouth, aged 46, 30. At the glebe-house of Hadleigh, George-Pearson Dawson, M.D. author Suffolk, in his 720 year, the rev. Ed. of a Nosological Practice of Physic, of ward Auriol Hay-Drummond, D.D. a treatise on the Walcheren Fever, 1810, rector of that parish, and of Dalham in and of many medical and literary essays. the same county, dean of Bocking, pre

24. At his seat, Stowell Lodge, Wilt- bendary of York and South well, and shire, aged 79, sir George Montagi, chaplain to the king. He was the fourth G.C.B. admiral of the red.

son of the hon. and most rev. Robert Aged 77, the rev. Thos. Reynolds, Hay-Drummond, lord Archbishop of rector of Little Bouden, Northampton- York. shire. Mr. R., who was the fourth in Lately. At Nice, aged 21, lady Emily descent from Dr. Edward Reynolds, Charlotte Caulfield, only surviving child bishop of Norwich, 1660-76, was author of the earl of Charlemont. of an antiquarian work of considerable At Edinburgh, lady Jane, widow of value, entitled, “Iter Britanniarum, or the hon. sir John Stuart, bart. of Fetterthat part of the Itinerary of Antoninus, cairn, baron of the Exchequer. which relates to Britain ; with a new At Edinburgh, It.-col. commandant Comment,” 4to. 1799.

W. H. D. Knox, Bengal cavalry. 25. Aged 69, Arthur Tegart, esq. of Aged 19, his highness the duke of Pall-mall, apothecary extraordinary to Oldenburg, the eldest son of the grand his Majesty, and companion of the late duchess Catherine of Russia, sister to Mr. Wadd, at the time of his fatal acci- the late and present emperor, and at the dent. (See pages 244, 245.)

time of her decease queen of Wirtem26. At his seat, Shrubland Park, near burg. Ipswich, aged 80, sir William Fowle In Gower-street, Honore Marguarite Middleton, bart a deputy lieutenant Francoise, wife of Dr. Spurzheim. and magistrate for Suffolk.

In Park-row, aged 54, lady Elizabeth28. At his seat, Champion Lodge, Jane, wife of the rev. Richard Bricken. Camberwell, aged nearly 65, sir William den, and sister to the earl of Cavan. She Champion de Crespigny, baronet, a ma- was married first, Nov. 9, 1793, to capt. gistrate for Surrey and Hampshire, Wm. Henry Jervis, R.N. elder brother LL. B. and F.S. A. Sir William was to the present viscount St. Vincent. In born January 1765, and was the only 1799 her ladyship's marriage with Mr. son of sir Claude Champion de Cres- Jervis was dissolved, and she was marpigny, LL.D. the first baronet (so cre. ried 2ndly, in March 1800, to the rev. ated in 1805), by Mary, sole daughter Rich. Brickenden, by whom she had and heiress of Joseph Clark, esq. He children. was (till his death) a member of Trinity In Finsbury, aged 63, W. M. Willett, Hall, Cambridge, where his father had esq. the editor of the Statesman in 1809, been a Fellow, and took the degree of and subsequently of the British TravelLL.B. in 1786. He succeeded to the Ter, and other periodical works. baronetry on the death of his father,

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Customs .......

20,608,710 11 7 1,191,520 39 Excise.............

...............24,802,507 13 91 2,401,919 10 11 Stamps

7,605,107 104 207,497 14 11 Taxes, under the Management of the Commissioners of Taxes.. 5,169,87 1 195 7,001 Post Office

9,287,961 9 31 79.902 17 10 One Shilling in the Pound, and Sixpence in the Ponnd on Pen.

sions aud Salaries, and Four Shillings in the Pound on Pensions

56,365 95 Hackney Coaches, and Hawkers and Pedlars

77,437 7 8 Crown Lands

449,792 17 Small Branches of the King's Hereditary Revenge

7,5+2 13 3 Surplus Fees of Regulated l’ublic Offices

67,081 0 1 Ponndage Fees, Pells Fees, Casualties, Treasury Fees, and Hospital Fees

9,353 1 TOTA LS of Ordinary Revenues..


61,140,734 6 1 4,057,000 15 104




Money received from the East India Company, on account of

Retired Pay, Pensions, &c. of bis Majesty's Forces serving in the East Indies, per Act 4 Geo. 4, c. 71....

60,000 0 0 Money received from the Trustees of Naval and Military Pen. sions ......

3,082,500 0 0 Imprest Monies, repaid by sundry Public Accountants, and other Monies paid to the Public

260,530 18 10 From the Bank of England, on account of Unclaimed Divi. denis ........

25,054 14 1 Repayment on account of Money advanced out of the Consolidated Fund, in the year 1825, for Silver Coinage

94,000 0 TOTALS of the Public Income of the United Kingdom.. 164,662,799 19 034,057,900 15 104

Whitehall, Treasury Chambers,?

23rd March, 1899,



RESOURCES, constituting the PUBLIC INCOME of the United for the Year ended 5th January, 1829.

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19,417,184 8 419,816,937 14 51 2,095,934 7 4417,035,408 10 0 485,574 17 0 7 1 90,310,505 3 8 23,353,431 13 78 1,483,235 19 3 20,759,685 5 69 1,110,510 8 94 17 6 7,317,609 7 11 7,613,720 9 0 205,515 3 7,107,950 0

280,955 0 7 19 8 5,162,873 985,205,624 16 8 299,343 5 4,849,303 8 121 110,978 6 11 5 8 7 9,207,998 11 5 2,380,739 9 0 702,418 7 0 1,500,000 0 0

170,314 9 0 129 0 0


3,159 18 7 0 6 0

213 0 6 13 18 7 60,8:4 14 511 9 190 2,55% 13 7:14 10 9

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56,365 9 5 59,468 14 8 1,302 14 6 55,006 17
77,447 7 8 77,614 18 1 10,789 19 6 66,611 16 0
448,792 17 7 525,750 0 71 464,935 6 94
7,512 13 3 12,328 4 38 3,097 95

3 67,081 0 11 67,081 0

07,081 13 9,353 1 1 9,353 1 1

9,353 1 1 57,089,833 10 3 59,188,019 14 78 5,286,599 6 114 51,605,077 + 0




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91,000 0 0

94,000 0 0


94,000 0 0 60,004,899 3 23|62,710,108 7 7 5,286,592 6 114|55,187,142 16 113 2,236,373 3 83


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