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« The situation in which the Spanish Treasury has been placed by these operations inay be stated in the following manner: “ The Spanish Treasury has received these sumns :

Francs. € Remittances from the Government's banker

11,597,863 «• Remittances from Mr. Guebhard

10,952,137 «• Paid to British Claimants

10,850,000 • Paid to the Spanish Embassies

4,000,000 «« Paid to the French Government


39,400,000 “ for which sum of 39,400,000 francs, Spain is still debtor, in-66 67,000,000 bonds of the Royal loan. “ 132,017,040 rentes perpetuelles, after deduction of sinking fund. 66 199,017,040

“ The issue of the rentes perpetuelles was authorised by M. Roy, the Minister of Finance, and fixed at the sum of 135,782,000 francs, which it was expressly forbidden to exceed.

• The statement of the engagements which the Spanish government will have to meet abroad, from this to the 1st of July, 1830, also deserves notice : « Arrears of the rentes perpetuelles

6,839,100 66 Ditto of the Royal loan

3,381,750 “ Ditto due on English claims, amounting to 400,0001. on the 1st of March next.

750,000 6 Reimbursement of the sixth series of the loan

4,509,000 " Annuity to the French Government

4,000,000 “ Ditto to the English claimants, in virtue of the treaty of the 28th of October, 1828, payable next month in 200,0001.

5,040,000 “ The sinking-fund to the 1st of July, will amount to

1,000,000 25,519,850



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our cause.

“ By the Grace of God, We, eagerly offered to us the tribute of Nicholas the First, Emperor and their property, to second us with Autocrat of all the Russias, &c. all their efforts, and God has blessed

“Thanks to the Decrees of Divine Providence, the treaty of perpetual “ Our intrépid warriors have peace between Russia and the given, both in Europe and in Asia, Ottoman Porte was concluded, and both by sea and by land, new proofs signed at Adrianople, on the 2nd of their heroic valour. They have (14) September, by the respective triumphed at once over the obplenipotentiaries of the twoempires. stacles presented by nature, and the

"The whole world is sufficiently desperate resistance of the enemy. acquainted with the irresistible ne- Hastening from victory to victory, cessity which alone could force us they have crossed the chain of the to have recourse to arms. In this Saganlouck mountains. They saw legitimate war, undertaken for the the summit of the Balkan sink bedefence of the rights of our empire, fore them, and have stopped only our faithful subjects, incessantly at the very gates of Constantianimated by an ardent attachment nople. Formidable only to the to the throne and the country, have enemy in arms, they have shown

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themselves to the peaceable inha- double barrier, by means of the bitants full of clemency, humanity, establishment of a line of quaranand mildness.

tine on the banks of the Danube, “In these days of combat and agreed to on both sides.—Our soliglory, constantly free from all desire citude has also been extended to the of conquest, we have never ceased fate of the nations professing our to invite the Porte to concur in re- religion, who are subject to the establishing harmony between the Ottoman dominion. The antient two empires. The commanders of privileges of the principalities of our armies, after every victory, Moldavia and Wallachia have been hastened, by our order, to offer to sanctioned, and their welfare conit peace and friendship. Neverthe- solidated by new advantages. The less, our efforts were always fruit- rights granted to the Servians by less. It was not till he saw our the treaty of Bucharest, and constandards displayed not far from his firmed by the convention of Akercapital, that the Sultan was at mann, were still suspended in their length sensible, from our conduct, application. that our object was, not to overturn “These stipulations will hencehis throne, but to obtain the exe- forward be faithfully observed. cution of the treaties. Being then The political existence of Greece, convinced of the purity of our in- determined by Russia, in concert tentions, he held out his hand to with the allied courts of France receive that peace which had been and England, has been formally so often proposed to him. This recognized by the Ottoman Porte. peace promises to Russia happy and Such are the fundamental bases of prosperous results. The blood of a peace which have happily termiour warriors is redeemed by nu- nated a sanguinary and obstinate merous advantages. The passage In announcing to all our beof the Dardanelles and the Bos- loved subjects this happy event, a phorus is henceforward free, and new gift of the benediction of open to the commerce of all the heaven bestowed upon Russia, we nations of the world. The security address with them the most ardent of our frontiers, especially on the thanksgiving to the Almighty, who Asiatic side, is for ever guaranteed has deigned, by his divine decrees, by the incorporation with the em- to raise our dear country to such a pire of the fortresses of Anapa, high degree of glory. May the Poti, Akhaltzik, Atzkour, and Ak- fruits of this peace be developed and halkalaki. Our proceedings with multiplied more and more to the the Porte are confirmed by it, and advantage of our beloved subjects, re-established in all their force. whose welfare will always be the Just indemnities are secured for the first object of our constant soliexpenses of the war, and the indi- citude. vidual losses experienced by our sub- “Given at St. Petersburgh the jects. The scourge of the plague, 19th September (1st October) which has so often threatened the year 1829, and the 4th of the southern provinces of Russia, our reign." will, in future, be checked by a


TREATY of PEACE between Russia and TURKEY, and the Sepa

RATE Act annexed to it.

In the name of God Almighty! restores to the Sublime Porte the -His imperial majesty, the most principality of Moldavia, with all high and most mighty emperor and the boundaries which it had before autocrat of all the Russias, and the commencement of the war to his highness the most high and which this present treaty has put most mighty emperor of the Otto- an end. mans, animated with an equal His imperial majesty also redesire to put an end to the calami- stores the principality of Wallachia, ties of war, and to establish, on the Banat of Crayova, Bulgaria, solid and immutable bascs, peace, and the country of Dobridge, from friendship, and good harmony the Danube as far as the sea, tobetween their empires, have re- gether with Silistria, Hirsova, solved, with a common accord, to Matzia, Isaklya, Toulza, Babadag, intrust this salutary work to, &c. Bazardjik, Varna, Pravody, and [Here follow the names and titles other towns, burghs, and villages of the different plenipotentiaries on which it contains, the whole extent both sides.]

of the Balkan from Emine, BourArt. 1.--All enmity and all dif. nou as far as Kazan, and all the ferences which have subsisted his country from the Balkans as far as therto between the two empires the sea, with Siliminea, Jamboli, shall cease from this day, as well Aidos, Karnabat, Missenovica, on land as on sca, and there shall Akhioly, Bourgas, Sizopolis, Kirkbe in perpetuity peace, friendship, Klissi, the city of Adrianople, Lule and good intelligence, between his Bourgas, and all the towns, burghs, majesty the emperor and padishah and villages, and in general all of all the Russians, and his high- places, which the Russian troops ness the padishah of the Ottomans, have occupied in Roumelia. their heirs and successors to the Art. III.--The Pruth shall conthrone, as well as between their tinue to form the limit of the two respective empires. The two high empires, from the point where that contracting parties will devote river touches the territory of Moltheir particular attention to pre- davia to its junction with the Davent all that might cause misun- nube ; from that spot the frontier derstandings to revive between line will follow the course of the their respective subjects. They Danube as far as the mouth of St. will scrupulously fulfil all the con- George's, so that, leaving all the ditions of the present treaty of islands formed by the different peace, and will watch, at the same arms of that river in possession of time, lest it should be infringed in Russia, the right bank shall remain any manner, directly or indirectly. as formerly, in the possession of the

Art. II.--His majesty the em- Ottoman Porte. Nevertheless, it peror and padishah of all the Rus- is agreed that this right bank shall sias, wishing to give to his high- remain uninhabited from the point ness the emperor and padishah of where the arm of the St. George the Ottomans a pledge of the sin, separates itself from that of Soucerity of his friendly disposition, line, to a distance of two hours from the river, and that no estab- consider henceforward as the frone lishment of any kind shall be tiers between the territories of the formed there, any more than on imperial Court of Russia, and those the islands which shall remain in of the Sublime Ottoman Porte in possession of the Court of Russia, Asia, the line which, following the where, with the exception of the present limit of the Gouriel from quarantines which may be estab- the Black Sea, ascends as far as the lished there, it shall not be allowed border of Imeritia, and from thence, to make any other establishment in the straightest direction, as far as or fortifications. The merchant- the point where the frontiers of vessels of the powers shall have the the Pachaliks of Akhaltzik and of liberty of navigating the Danube Kars meet those of Georgia, leaving in all its course ; and those which in this manner to the north of, and bear the Ottoman flag shall have within that line, the town of Akfree entrance into the mouths of haltzik and the fort of Khallnalick, Keli and Souline, that of St. at a distance of not less than two George remaining common to the hours. ships of war and merchant-vessels All the countries situated to the of the two contracting powers. south and west of this line of deBut the Russian ships of war, when marcation, towards the Pachaliks of ascending the Danube, shall not Kars and Trebizond, together with go beyond the point of its junction the major part of the Pachalik of with the Pruth.

Akhaltzik, shall remain in perArt. IV.- Georgia, Imeritia, petuity under the domination of the Mingrelia, Gouriel, and several Sublime Porte, whilst those which other provinces of the Caucasus, are situated to the north and east having been for many years and of the said line, towards Georgia, in perpetuity united to the em- Imeritia, and the Gouriel, as well pire of Russia, and that empire as all the litoral of the Black Sea, having besides, by the treaty from the mouth of the Kouben as concluded with Persia at Tourke far as the port of St. Nicholas inmantchai, on the 10th of February, clusively, under the domination 1828, acquired the Khanats of of the emperor of Russia. In conErivan and of Naktchivan, the sequence, the imperial court of two high contracting powers have Russia gives up and restores to the recognized the necessity of estab- Sublime Porte the remainder of the lishing between their respective Pachalik of Akhaltzik, the town states, on the whole of that line, a and the Pachalik of Kars, the town well determined frontier, capable and the Pachalik of Bayazid, the of preventing all future discussion. town and the Pachalik of ErzeThey have equally taken into con- roum, as well as all the places sideration the proper means to op- occupied by the Russian troops, and pose insurmountable obstacles to which may be out of the abovethe incursions and depredations mentioned line. which the neighbouring tribes hi- Art. V.-The principalities of therto committed, and which have Moldavia and Wallachia having, so often compromised the relations by a capitulation, placed themselves of friendship and good feeling be- under the suzeraneté of the sublime tween the two empires; conse- Porte, and Russia having guaquently it has been agreed upon to ranteed their prosperity, it is uns - derstood that they shall preserve liberty of commerce secured to them

all the privileges and immunities by the former treaties concluded granted to them in virtue of their between the two high contracting capitulation, whether by the trea- powers. No infringement of that ties concluded between the two liberty of commerce shall be comimperial courts, or by the Hatti- mitted, neither shall it be per

Sheriffs issued at different times. mitted to be checked, in any case [ In consequence, they shall enjoy nor under any pretence, by a prohi: the free exercise of their religion, bition or any restriction whatever, i perfect security, a national and in- nor in consequence of any regulaI dependent administration, and the tion or measure, whether it be one

full liberty of trade. The additional of internal administration or one of

clauses to antecedent stipulations, internal legislation. Russian subI considered necessary to secure to jects, vessels, and merchandise, 3 these two provinces the enjoyment shall be secure against all violence

of their rights, shall be inscribed in and all chicanery. The former

the annexed separate act, which is shall live under the exclusive juris$

and shall be considered as forming diction and police of the ministers an integral part of the present and the consuls of Russia. The treaty.

Russian vessels shall not be subArt. VI.--The circumstances jected to any visit on board whatwhich have occurred since the ever on the part of the Ottoman conclusion of the convention of authorities, neither out at sea nor Akermann not having permitted in any of the ports or roadsteads the Sublime Porte to undertake belonging to the dominions of the immediately the execution of the Sublime Porte. And all merchanclauses of the separate act relative dise and commodities belonging to to' Servia, and annexed to the a Russian subject, after having paid fifth article of the said convention, the custom-house duties required the Sublime Porte engages in by the tariffs, shall be freely conthe most solemn manner to fulfil veyed, deposited on land, in the them without the least delay, and warehouses of the proprietor or of with the most scrupulous exactness; his consignee, or else transferred to and to proceed, in particular, to the the vessels of any other nation immediate restitution of the six whatever, without the Russian districts detached from Servia, so as subjects being required to give to ensure for ever the tranquillity notice to the local authorities, and and the welfare of that faithful still less to ask their permission. It and obedient nation. The firman, is expressly agreed upon, that all confirmed by the Hatti-Sheriff, grain proceeding from Russia shall which shall order the execution of enjoy the same privileges, and that the aforesaid clauses, shall be deli- its free transit shall never experivered and communicated to the ence, under any pretence, any diffiimperial court of Russia within the culty or impediment. The Sublime period of a month from the date of Porte engages, besides, to watch the signature of the treaty of peace. carefully that the commerce and

Art.VII.--Russian subjects shall navigation of the Black Sea shall enjoy, throughout the whole extent not experience the slightest obof the Ottoman empire, as well bystruction of any nature whatever. land as by sea, the full and entire For this purpose the Sublime Porte

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