Coleccion de tratados publicos de los Estados Unidos de Colombia: Edicion oficial, Količina 2

Sprednja platnica "La Luz", 1884
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Stran 76 - The Government of New Granada guarantees to the Government of the United States that the right of way or transit across the Isthmus of Panama upon any modes of communication that now exist, or that may be hereafter constructed, shall be open and free to the Government and citizens of the United States...
Stran 169 - ... exportation of any articles to the territories of the other than such as are, or may be, payable on the exportation of the like articles to any other foreign country...
Stran 41 - Citizens of the other party, shall succeed to their said personal goods, whether by testament or ab intestato, and they may take possession thereof, either by themselves or others acting for them, and dispose of the same at their will, paying such dues only as the inhabitants of the Country wherein the said goods are, shall be subject to pay in like cases...
Stran 65 - When any vessel, belonging to the citizens of either of the contracting parties, shall be wrecked, foundered, or shall suffer any damage on the coasts, or within the dominions of the other, there shall be given to them all assistance and protection, in the same manner which is usual and customary with the vessels of the nation where the damage happens, permitting them to unload the said vessel, if necessary...
Stran 45 - And whereas it frequently happens that vessels sail for a port or place belonging to an enemy, without knowing that the same is...
Stran 172 - Plata, it is agreed, that if at any time any interruption of friendly commercial intercourse, or any rupture, should unfortunately take place between the two contracting parties, the subjects or citizens of either of the two contracting parties residing in the dominions of the other, shall have the privilege of remaining and continuing their trade therein, without any kind of interruption, so long as they behave peaceably, and commit no offence against the laws...
Stran 62 - ... collected , whether the importation be made in vessels of the one country, or of the other. And they further agree, that whatever may be lawfully exported or re-exported, from the one country in its own vessels to any foreign country, may, in like manner, be exported or re-exported, in the vessels of the other country. And the same bounties, duties and drawbacks shall be allowed and collected whether such exportation or reexportation be made in vessels of the United States or of Denmark.
Stran 43 - Provided, however, and it is hereby agreed, that the stipulations in this article contained, declaring that the flag shall cover the property, shall be understood as applying to those powers only who...
Stran 67 - ... to neutral places, but also from one place belonging to an enemy to another place belonging to an enemy, whether they be under the jurisdiction of one power or under several.
Stran 18 - Panamá u otro punto elegible a pluralidad, una asamblea de plenipotenciarios de cada estado "que nos sirviese de consejo en los grandes conflictos, de punto de contacto en los peligros comunes, de fiel intérprete en los tratados públicos cuando ocurran dificultades, y de conciliador, en fin, de nuestras diferencias".

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