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doubles its inhabitants in forty years, and all England in three hundred and sixty years." Thus in a table he shews what HE calls the progressive increase of mankind, from the flood to the birth of Christ; at which period he supposes that the eight persons who came out of the ark had encreased to one hun

dred and twenty-eight millions. "In the year 1612, there were supposed to be upon the face of the earth, three hundred and seventy millions: and in the next two hundred years the world will be fully peopled, so that there will be one head for every two habitable acres." And so this man of units, tens, and hundreds, continues his calculation, without any reference to the grand American magnet, which it is discovered, is to draw away the inhabitants, the wisdom and prosperity of Europe.

Other politicians, equally besotted with their own conceits, have supposed that the arts and sciences would most probably arrive at perfection in a country where they are most highly patronized. But, alas! they also have been lamentably blinded by the mists and delusions of folly and of passion: for to what purpose is it, that American artists and scientific men come to Europe, in order to gain a subsistence by their talents, when the united voice of all who know nothing of the matter, consents that the arts are most liberally rewarded in America.

What! because, to the narrow-minded inhabitants of the old world, it appears that the new-fangled republicans want laws to punish crimes, and strength to administer those laws which they have, are we to conclude that they possess neither laws nor punishments? Are we to suppose that because the wealthy murderer can escape unchastised, because the fraudulent debtor can cheat his creditors, and be admired for his address, because the rich villain can commit with impunity the blackest deeds, that justice does not reign in America? Certainly not. The wise and enlightened citizens of that blessed country, ever intent on gradual improvement, well know that the favour of a rich man is of more value than his blood. Besides, when it sometimes happens that a judge is shot off his horse, it is but common prudence in the

officers of the law not to persecute those who may so dreadfully revenge themselves. What! because the American republic is the only civilized and organized government that admits of slavery within its limits, and in which perpetual bondage is recognized by the constitution, are we to imagine that liberty does not flourish there? Oh, no! Doubtless all this contains some deep and important mystery, not to be penetrated by the unhallowed eyes of the nations of Europe. Hail! blest Columbia! Thou art become a happy, retreat for those whom the tyranny of ancient governments has driven from their houses. To thee, may retire the traitor, the assassin, and the swindler; and in thy arms may the liberal and enlightened philosopher, who knowing that money is the property of all alike, has obtained it by forgery, find that peace of which-which-of which I should say, in the despicable language of Europe, he has deprived the rightful owner. Happy land-woe, endless woe, be the portion of him who, in the malice of his heart, compares thee to the Thames, which receives and fattens on the common sewers that empty their dark waters into its turbid bosom. Long mayest thou flourish; flourish when the rest of the globe is sunk into the gloomy night of christianity; lost in the mazes of justice; and confounded by the inviolability of property and now, as a speculation on thy future prosperity, I venture, as the once celebrated Francis Moore, physician and astrologer, annually saith," for the information of the curious," to predict the following improvements: Improvements which time may verify when the hand that now writes them, has long mouldered in the clammy soil, or whitened in the chill and ungenial air of Britain.

"NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2318.-The celebrated Automaton physician has arrived here, and has already begun to perform some of his usual miracles. Since he has been re, we ourselves have been witnesses to one of his surprising cures. A man, whose arm had been amputated some years ago, being brought to him, was, to the utter astonishment of all who knew him, rendered after a few days, as whole as he had ever been in the very spring of his existence.

This most wonderful master-piece of modern art is composed entirely of the new metal called hardoniensiana, which, as we have already hinted, " possesses the surprising quality of moving with quickness without any force whatever being impressed upon it, and which never wears out." This automaton is hollow within, and is filled with a quantity of highly rarefied air, brought from the moon, by those adventurous æronauts, Messrs. Sharpe and Airbuilder, on which the chemists have bestowed the name of Lunatic Gas.


BALTIMORE, DECEMBER 1, 2318.-As many of our readers in distant parts of the country have doubted whether the voyage to the Moon ever did take place, we do again assure them, upon our veracity, that the information was literally correct. This ærial journey must indeed appear to many who hear of it a most extraordinary undertaking; particularly when it is recollected, that in the dark ages of English credulity, it was imagined that tubes two hundred and forty thousand miles in length, besides being exposed to many other insuperable objections, would break with their own weight. Yet such were the tubes used by our adventurers, and such were absolutely necessary to supply them with air from the dense atmosphere of our earth. At the period to which we allude, when every science was fettered with the adamantine chains of system, it was also thought impossible for goosequill, or any other wings, to be of service where the air was so rare as to offer no resistance. This idea the undertaking now under consideration has fully disproved; for, after the wonders one goose his quill has performed, what must we not expect from the labours of a number united. Before we take leave of this interesting subject we must correct an error that crept into our paper of this day month. It was on the first, and not on the fourth, of April that Messrs. Sharpe and Airbuilder departed on their journey.

NEW ORLEANS, DECEMBER 1, 2318.-THE MAMMOTH.-Some public-spirited gentlemen here, willing to encourage the breed of these useful domestic animals, have it in contemplation to establish Mammoth races, somewhere near this city. Hitherto the Mam

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moth has been only used for draught or carriage; but, as our enlightened compatriots have taken up the business, we hope soon to see it rival the fleetest horse.

The steam-engine erecting on the canal cutting across the Isthmus of Darien is we understand of a one hundred and fifty Mammoth power.

WASHINGTON, DECEMBER 1, 2318.-The antiquarian society has lately come to a determination of reprinting several works which have long ceased to excite the attention of the refined taste of modern times. These works, though utterly devoid of every qualification requisite to please the classic reader, are yet curious, in as much as they let us into the manners, customs, and ideas of our ancestors. In doing which they form as it were, one link in the endless chain of eternity. They are to be accompanied with notes, and a glossary: and the laborious work has already been undertaken by several of our literati. Those the transcription of which is already commenced, are Tragedies and Comedies, written by William Shakespear; Paradise Lost, an Epic Poem, in blank verse, by John Milton; Mother Bunch's Fairy Tales; a work usually known by the name of the Principia, written by one Newton; the History of Jack the Giant Killer; and a periodical publication, on ethics and the social duties, called the Rambler, written by Dr. Samuel Johnson. Advertisement.-The public are respectfully informed that the patent cloud attractors and cloud repellers are now brought to the highest state of perfection. Gentlemen possessing this invaluable discovery may vary the quantity of heat and cold, dryness and moisture, on their estates, according to their pleasure. Made and sold solely by the patentee at his warehouse.

The first stone of the Grand College of Atheists was laid yesterday. We have no doubt that this institution will be the means of extending the empire of pure wisdom to the farthest bounds of the globe.-The new "Vocal instrument," lately introduced for reading prayers in the churches of Virginia, is said to be the invention of one of the professors, who by this means" hopes to get rid of those dangerous enemies to reason, the clergy.

BOSTON, NEW England, DECEMBER 1, 2318.NORTHERN EXPEDITION. By a vessel direct from

Baffins Bay, we learn that Mr. Van Blubberberg has succeeded beyond his most sanguine expectations in his experiments on the possibility of taming the whale. Two of these marine giants have already become so domesticated that they obey the voice and signals of their master as readily as a dog. Mr. Van Blubberberg every day harnesses them to a vessel of six hundred tons burden, which they draw through the water. with more speed, and as much regularity, as a pair of well managed horses do a carriage on shore. We have no doubt that in a short time this discovery will entirely supersede the use of masts and sails.

FREDERICK, NEW BRUNSWICK, DECEMBER 1, 2318.-The workmen employed in sinking the immense pit in this neighbourhood, have lately discovered a most extraordinary phenomenon. It is a spring of liquid fire, possessing in an eminent degree every known chemical and culinary quality, obtained from the burning of wood, coals, &c. Yet, so singular is it in its properties, that, though it communicates caloric in any quantity, it will burn for ever without diminution; it will not ignite any other known body, and is so harmless that any animal may continue in the midst of the flame for any period without being scorched, singed, or otherwise injured."

Such, Sir, is the result of my speculations on futurity. It now only remains for me to refer them to your superior judgment for admittance or rejection; to return you my most sincere thanks for the insertion of my former communication;* and to assure you that I am the most fervent friend of your publication. * H.



HAVING, says Mr. Goad, received an extraordinary account of a natural phenomenon in the Plains of Grobogan, fifty pals or miles N. E. of Solo, a party, of which I was one, set off from Solo on the 8th of September, 1815, to examine it.

* Essay on certain Nondescripts.

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