The Ethno-geography of the Pomo and Neighboring Indians, Količina 6 ,Izdaje 1–3

Sprednja platnica
The University Press, 1908 - 332 strani

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Stran 30 - The Men generally go naked, but the Women combing out Bulrushes, make with them a loose Garment, which ty'd round their middle, hangs down about their Hipps : And hides what Nature would have concealed : They wear likewise about their shoulders a Deer skin with the Hair thereon...
Stran 118 - Porno are included a great number of tribes or little bands, thirty, according to Hudson, Purdy, and Wilcomb — sometimes one in a valley, sometimes more — clustered in the region where the headwaters of the Eel and Russian rivers interlace, along the latter and around the estuaries of the coast. In disposition the REPORT OF NATIONAL MUSEUM, 1902.
Stran 329 - The Dialectic Divisions of the Moquelumnan Family in Relation to the Internal Differentiation of the other Linguistic Families of California (American Anthropologist, vol.
Stran 32 - Women and Children, each Woman carrying a Basket or two with Bags of Tobah, a Root called Patah (whereof they make Bread, and eat it either Raw or Baked,) broiled Fishes like Pilchards, the Seeds and Down aforementioned, and such other things : Their Baskets are made of Rushes like a deep Boat, and so well wrought as to hold Water. They hang pieces of Pearl shells...

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