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The present volume follows the example of that for the year 1873 in being composed of material published during the year 1874 in the form of Circulars of Information from this Office.

The material contained in Circular No.2 will probably be republished during the present year with considerable additions and in an improved form.

Circular No. 3 is believed to be the most complete, succinct, and authentic description of German secondary education published in the English language.

Each circular has its separate title, table of contents, (to which readers are referred,) and numeration of pages. Each page is also numbered consecutively at the bottom from 1 to 221.

Attention is invited to the following errata:

Page 9, seventeenth line from bottom : read B. G. Northrop, iustead of E. G. Northrup.,

Page 9, third line from bottom : read Pickard, instead of Prichard. Page 27, third line: read B. W. Byrne, instead of E. W. Byrne. Page 27, fourth line: read D. G. Beede, instead of D. E. Beede. Page 27, fifth line: read T. W. Bicknell, instead of T. B. Bicknell. Page 50 : read Schwarz-Senborn, instead of Schwartz-Senborn. U.S. BUREAU OF EDUCATION,

Washington, 1875.

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