Slike strani


October 7, 191

tory), vol. iii., 584; the Snakes of Madagascar, etc., Bruce (Sir David), Trypanosomes causing Disease in Man

415; the Snakes of the Belgian and Portuguese Congo, and Domestic Animals in Central Africa, 659

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of Ethylene glycol, 389; the Glucosidification of Gly- Orientierungsproblem im allgemeinen, 38

cerol, 502

Brush (Dr. C. F.), Spontaneous Generation of Heat in
Boussinesq (J.), Extreme Slowness of Cooling in the Deep Recently Hardened Steel, 442
Parts of the Earth's Crust, 501

Bryan (Prof. G. H.), a Mistaken Butterfly, 231; to deliver
Boutaric (A.), Velocity of Reduction of Potassium Per- the Wilbur Wright Lecture, 297 ; Some Scientific Aspects
manganate, 417

of Piano-Players, 131; the Rigid Dynamics of Circling

Bouthillon (L.), the Charge of Condensers, 501

Flight, 360

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Bowles (R. W.), awarded bronze medal of the Pharma- Bryce (Lord), Utilisation of the Services of Scientific Men,

ceutical Society, 297


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lege of Surgeons, 327

ments of Anatomy, Eleventh Edition, vol. iv., part i.),

Boycott (Dr. A. E.), appointed Director of the Graham

Research Laboratory, 361

Bryson (F. F. S.), on the Sealing of Electrical Conductors

Boyle (R.), Scottish Building and Road Stones, 241

through Glass, 370

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Brackenridge (G. W.), Gist to the University of Texas, 278 Elements, 701
Bradford (E. C.), the History of Adrenalin, 601

Bull (Dr.), Discovery of a Cure for Cerebro-spinal Fever,

Bragg (Prof. W. H.), appointed to the Quain Chair of 680

Physics in the University of London, 471; Bakerian Bullard (A.), (Albert Edwards), Panama, the Canal, the

Lecture : X-Rays and Crystalline Structure, 109; the Country, and the People, Revised Edition, 5

Distribution of the Electrons in Atoms, 344 ; the Struc- Bullen (Frank T.), [Obituary], 12

ture of Magnetite and the Spinels, 561

Burgess (A. F.), The Gipsy Moth, 688

Bragg (Prof. W. H.) and W. L. Bragg, awarded the Burgess (G. K.) and 1. N. Kellberg, Behaviour of Iron

Barnard Gold Medal, 327; X-Rays and Crystal Struc- Resistance Thermometers, 491

ture, 198

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Brain (C. K.), the Coccidæ of South Africa, 554

Boiler Plugs, 654

Branner (Prof. J. C.), Direction of an Earthquake Shock, Burgess (G. K.) and R. G. Waltenberg, Emissivities o!

Metals and Oxides, 518

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Native Grasses, 553

Botanic Gardens, 681

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Burns (K.), Measurements of Wave-lengths, 27

Brenchley (Dr. W. E.), Inorganic Plant Poisons and Stimu- Burns (W.) and S. H. Prayag, Grafting the Mango-in-

lants, 314

florescence, 307

Breton (Miss A. C.), Australian Stone Implements, 124 Burrard (Col. S. G.), General Report on the Operations of

Bridgham (Mrs. S. W.), Gift to Columbia University, 278 the Survey of India during the year 1912-13,, 439

Briggs (E. A.), Hydroids from New South Wales, 665 Bury (G. W.), Arabia Infelix; or, the Turks in Yamen, 209

Briggs (D. B.), awarded the Wiltshire Prize in Geology and Busk (E. T.), Proposed Memorial to, 349

Mineralogy at Cambridge, 470

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Brigham (Prof. A. P.), Presidential Address to Association Mode of Action of Colloidal Gold, 502

of American Geographers, 154

Buss (A. A.), the Magnetic Storm and Solar Disturbance of

Brinkworth (J. H.), Measurement of the Specific Heat of June 17, 589

Steam, 334

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Bristol (Marquis of), Germany's Methods of Submarine

Butler (Sir Harcourt), Benares Hindu University, 278

War, 130

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Brochet (A.), Catalytic Reduction of Indigo, 55

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Brodie (Prof. T. G.), a Course of Lectures on Gases of the

Byles (D. B.), Water, Sewage, and Food, 85

Blood, 362, 387

Byrd (Dr. M.), the Teaching of Elementary Astronomy, 462

Broglie (M. de), Spectra of the Homogeneous Secondary

X-rays, 301

Brooks (F. T.) and R. H. Compton, appointed Demon-

strators of Botany at Cambridge, 304

Cajori (Prof. F.), Origin of a Mathematical Symbol for

Broom (Lieut. R.), Certain Triassic Stegocephalians, 472 Variation, 562

Broom (Dr. R.), New Carnivorous Therapsids, 249 : Organ Caldecott (Dr. W. A.), the Rand Gold-mining Industry, 685

of Jacobson, 250, 362 ; Permian Labyrinthodont Skulls, Calder (W.), Oil-well Engineering, 331


Caldwell (Dr. O. W.) and W. L. Eikenberry, Elements

Brown (A.), Equivalent Mass of a Spring Vibrating Longi- of General Science, 391

tudinally, 554

Calman (Dr. W. T.), the Distribution of Antartic Pycno-

Brown (Mrs. Addison), Gift of Collection of Plants to

gonida, 528

Amherst College, 305

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Brown (Dr. H. T.), Surface Tension and Ferment Action Campbell (A. J.), Extermination of Parrots, 188


Campbell (J.), Confirmation of Bequest to St. Louis Uni-

Brown (Dr. J. J. G.) and Dr. J. Ritchie, Reports from the versity School of Medicine, 414

Laboratory of the Royal College of Physicians, Edin- Campbell (L. E.), the Tapping of Rubber-trees, 629

burgh, vol. xviii., 560

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Brown (P.), Prehistoric Cave Paintings at Raigarh. 397


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etc., 417

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Browne (Rev. P.), an Integral Equation Proposed by Abel, Carnegie (Andrew), Gift by: 54:

Gifts to the Carnegie


Institute and Institute of Technology, 334

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Organic Dyes, 90

Bacillus, 140

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Notes for Ocean Voyagers, 207

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of Metals, 102 ; Iron, Carbon, and Phosphorus, 438 ; Cole (Prof. G. A. J.), a Composite Gneiss near Barna,
Munition Metals, 538; the Study of Metals and Alloys, 306; Orbicular Granite of Mullaghderg, 26; the Use

of the term “Pinacoid” in Crystallography, 318
Carpenter (Prof. R. C.), Heating and Ventilating Buildings, Cole (L. H.), Gypsum in Canada, 240
sixth edition, 424

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Carr (Dr. H. W.), the Philosophy of Change : a Study of 553 ; Sex Ratios, 658

the Fundamental Principle of the Philosophy of Berg- Coleman (Dr.), Black Rot of Coffee; Areca Palm Disease,

son, 3


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of the Questions in Plane Trigonometry, 392

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Carter (H. J.), Six New Species of Buprestidæ, 553 Collins (H. F.), Concentration of Gold in the Converter, 363
Carus-Wilson (C.), Early References to Musical Sands, 90; Colson (C.) [Obituary], 488
Extinguishing Fires, 452

Colyer (J. F.), awarded John Tomes Prize, 180

Casella and Co., Ltd., Rain-gauge, 263, 264.

Comissopulos (N. A.), Frequency of Cloud-forms at Helwan,

Cassal (Col. C. E.) and W. J. Dibdin, British Chemical 352

Industry, 273

Compton (A. H.), the Distribution of the Electrons in

Castle (F.), Workshop Arithmetic, 392

Atoms, 343

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Rabbit, 657

in the Colombo Museum (Memoirs of the Colombo
Castle and Fish, Black-and-tan Rabbit, 44

Museum, Series A., No. 1), 144

Cathcart (Dr. E. P.), Constituents of Extracts derived from Conklin (C. D., jun.), Structural Steel Drafting and Ele-

Albuminous Substances, 382

mentary Design, 425

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Linnean Society, 327

Development of Men, 613

Chaillou (Dr.) [Obituary], 488

Connolly (M.), South African Mollusca, 598

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Coomber (H.), Lessons and Experiments on Scientific

Chambers (G. F.) [Obituary), 380

Hygiene and Temperance for Elementary School

Chapman (A. C.), Constituents of Extracts derived from Children, 643

Albuminous Substances, 382

Cooper (Prof. F. C.) [Obituary], 401

Chapman (E. H.), Correlation between Changes in Baro- Coquidé (M.), Nitrification in Peaty Soils, 27
'metric Height, 306

Cornish (Rev. J. G.), Hobbies in the Vale of White Horse,
Chapman (Prof. H. H.), Forest Valuation, 555


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Evolution, 81

turbance of June 17, 1915, 450, 537, 618

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Chattaway (Dr.), Glycerol and Anhydrous Oxalic Acid, 273 681

Chaudhuri (Dr. B. L.), the Weighing Beam called Bisa Coulter (Prof. J. M.), the Evolution of Sex in Plants, 447

dángá, 529

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Chesneau (G.), Coloured Glass of the Middle Ages, 335 Coupin (H.), a Marine Yeast, 27; Morphogenic Action of
Chevalier (S.), Atmospheric Dispersion, 223

Increased Salinity on Marine Bacteria, 307; Resistance
Chignell (N. J.), Numerical Trigonometry, 392

of Marine Bacteria to Action of Salt, 195

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netic Diurnal Variations, 249; the Magnetic Storm of 251

June 17, and Aurora, 561; the Magnetic Storm and Coustet (E.), Dosage of X-rays, 436

Solar Disturbance of June 17, 1915, 480

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Christie (Dr. W. A. K.), Potash Salts, 98

Cox (G. J.), Pottery for Artists, Craftsmen, and Teachers,

Christophers (Major), the Spleen Rate, etc., 545

Christy (Dr. C.), Life-habits of the Okapi, 713; Supposed Cracknell (A. G.), the Laws of Algebra, 558

Horn-sheaths of an Okapi, 342 ; the Okapi, 506 Cracknell (A. G.) and A. Barraclough, Junior Algebra, 558

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Church(Sir A. H.), Bequests of, 693 : [Death), 377 : Chemical Physiology, second edition, 89; Surface Ten-

[Obituary article), 399; the Chemistry of Paints and sion and Cell Metabolism, 279; Surface Tension and

Painting, fourth edition, 259,

Ferment Action, 561

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E. Davaux, 257

ness, 243

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Radiation, 240

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Clark (A. H.), Distribution of Peripatus, 215

and Metaphysics, 339 ; Psychology without Conscious-
Clark (A. L.), the Bloom in Flax, 239

ness, 85; the Golden Bough, by Sir J. G. Frazer,

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1913, to November, 1914, 389

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Clarke (F. W.) and W. C. Wheeler, Composition of Crinoid tion of Mesopotamia, etc., 328
Skeletons, 355

Cressy (E.), Discoveries and Inventions of the Twentieth

Clarke (Dr. J. M.), the “Clark Reservation," 155.

Century, 294

Clarke (Sir Rupert), Fly River Expedition, 181

Crofton (Dr. M. W.) [Deathl, 327 : [Obituary article], 377

Clayton (H. Helm), Moving Waves of Weather in South Crookes (Sir W.), elected Honorary Member of the Society

America, 306

of Public Analysts, 327

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Crooke (W.), the Dasahra, 238
Clouston (Sir T.) [Obituary], 212

Crowther (J. A.), Molecular Physics, 87
Cluzet (J.), the Electrical Examination of Paralytics, 552 Cubberley (Prof. E. P.), awarded the Butler Silver Medal
Coblentz (W. W.), Absorption, etc., of Quartz, 155; of Columbi University, 349
Measuring Heat from Stars, 354

Culler (Dr. T. A.), a Text-book of General Physics for
Cochrane (C.), Reflective Power of Pigments, 195

College Students, 423


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Cullum (J. E.), Retirement from Superintendency of the Dessaur (F.), Röntgen Motion Pictures, 272

Valencia Observatory, 236

Detlefsen (Prof. J. A.), Genetic Studies of a Cavy Species

Cummings (B. F.), New Species of Polyplax, 167

Cross, 159

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Dewey, on the Dewlish Elephant-trench, 303
Cunningham (J. T. and J. A. T.), Hormones and Here- Dewey and Bromehead, the Country around Windsor and

Chertsey, 517
Cunningham (J. T.), Plates of Paraffin-wax, 167

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graphic Catalogue, 601

436; an Aneroid Calorimeter, 300

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Dickson (Prof. L. E.), Algebraic Invariants, 62
Curtis (H. L.), Vibration Electrometer, 183

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Curtis (Dr. M. R.), Rhode Island Red Hen, 657

Diener (Dr. C.), Anthracolithic Faunæ of Kashmir, etc., 73

Curtis (R.), Simultaneous Ovulation and Double-yolked Dines (L. H. G.), appointed Superintendent of the Valencia

Eggs, 626

Observatory, 236

Cushing (H. P.), Syenites and Granites of the Adirondack Dines (W. H.); the Probable Error of the Amplitudes in a

Region, 436

Fourier Series obtained from a given Set of Observa-

Cuyler (Miss E. and T. de Witt), Gift to the George

tions, 644

Peabody College for Teachers, 692

Dixon (A. E.), re-appointed Assistant to the Downing Pro-
Curzon (Earl), Utilisation of the Services of Scientific

fessor of Medicine at Cambridge University, 361

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Tensile Strength of Sap, 244; Changes in Sap produced

by Heating, 244

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Tropics, 440

Coccidia and Gregarines, 446

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Dames (M. L.), Shah Daula's Rats, 434

tions of Acids, 712

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Progress in Pyrometry, 576

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Darwin (Emma), a Century of Family Letters, 1792–1896, Doncaster (Dr. L.), the Determination of Sex, 197; the
Edited by Henrietta Litchfield, 503

Relation between Chromosomes and Sex De termination
Darwin (Erasınus), [Obituary], 269

in Abraxas Grossulariata," 395
Das-Gupta (H. C.), Paleontological Notes from Hazara, Donnan (Prof. F. G.), Science in the Service of the State,
307, 529


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Surgery, 92

tion, 686

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Eocene Sands, 501

North America, 1823-1827, 31'

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of Seeds in @nothera, 553 : Significance of Sterility in

at Sheffield, 304
Enothera, 443

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University in honour of, 692

Day, 571

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tine Meteorological Service, 378

Research, 120; Scientific Methods in Industry, 428;
Davis ( Prof. W. M.), Coral Reefs, 189; Darwin's Theory Testing Respirators, 507
of Coral Reefs, 442

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Mathematical Essays, 558; the Avezzano Earthquake of Human Families, 657

January 13, 76; the Seismological Society of America, Drury (F. E.), Geometry of Building Construction : Second


Year Course, 586

Dawe (M. T.), appointed Agricultural Adviser to the Govern- Dubarry (J. P.), Anti-typhoid Vaccination, 389
ment of Colombia, 708

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Dawson (C.), Flint Implement Cultures, 54

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Dawson (Dr. J.), Histology of Disseminated Sclerosis, 2f

the Sun, 111, 655

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Dunn (S. T.), Key to the Labiate of China, 491

Dendy (Prof. A.), Biological Conception of Individuality, 598 Dunn (Sir W.), Endowment of a Lectureship in Pathology

Déjerine (Prof. J. J.), awarded the Moxon Gold Medal of at Guy's Hospital, 721

the Royal College of Physicians, 622

Duparc (L.) and Mme. M. Tikanowitch, the Ural Chain;

Delavan, Re-discovery of Tempel's Comet, 353


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du Pont (P. S.), Gift to University of Pennsylvania Museum,

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Tendons of the Fingers, 722

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Edited by P. E. B. Jourdain, 3

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Denning (W. F.), August Meteors, 683 ; the Brilliant Fire- newdigata, 582

ball of Sunday, March 28, 157; the Daylight Fireball du Toit (Dr.), an Interesting Rock, 98
of July 5, 550 ; the Meteor Season, 519

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Deprat (J..), Mode of Formation of two Japanese Volcanic Distances of the Stars, 383 ; the Royal Observatory,

Centres, 581

Greenwich, 408

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A. S. E., a Mathematical Paradox, 345; (see also 403]
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Termologia, Ottica, 423

Hong-Kong University, 664

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Eastaugh (F. A.), Effect of Different Methods of Crushing the House Fly: a Slayer of Men, 699
on the Ash of Coke, 363

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Linnean Society, 327

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Figures, 589

at Lyons, 279

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pour 1915, 70; German Mentality in History, 458

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Yellow Sensation, 547

Engineering, 248

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Invention, 294

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Mathematics, 586

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Elgin, 403

Animals of Importance, 143

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two last Earthquakes at Leucade and Ithaca, °581; Foot (Miss K.) and Miss E. C. Strobell, Results of Cross-

Observations of Mellish's Comet, 363, 529

ing Two Hemipterous Species, 471

Ehrlich (Prof. Paul) [Obituary article], 707

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Forbes (Dr. H. o.), a Mistaken Butterfly, 204

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Diphtheria, 658

Medical College of Cincinnati University, 636

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Catalysis, and the Generation of Hydrogen, 312

Definite Integrals, 638

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Emery (Mrs. M. M.), Gift to the Medical College of Cin- the Factory, 573
cinnati University, 636

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Emmons (W. H.) and F. C. Calkins, Region around

Foster, 678
Philipsburg, 127

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Science, 639


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Eskola (P.), the Orijärvi Region, 239

gen for_Airships, 620
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edition, 534

and Ixodidæ of Birds, 665

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many, 47; University Appointments in War-time, 428
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Iron Lines at Centre of the Sun's Disc, 519

and Magnetism, 559; Advanced Theory of Electricity
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and Magnetism, 559
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