Slike strani

October 7, 1915-

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[blocks in formation]

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Percy Sladen Memorial Expeditions in South-west
Africa, 351

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[blocks in formation]

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the Sea, 625

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Theory of Knowledge,_340
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Members of Scientific Societies, 96

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Peril, 699

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the Feet, etc., of the Paradoxurine Viverrids, 472
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and Fusion, 194

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Papain, 601

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Ceylon and Burma: Mollusca (Fresh-water Gastropoda
and Pelecypoda), 584

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Prior (Nurse), Museums and Children's Welfare, 549
Prowazek (Dr. S. von) [Obituary], 213

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Pulling and Livingstone, Water Relationship between Soil
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part i., Osteology and Arthrology, Dr. T. H. Bryce, 118
Queen (Her Majesty the), Gift to the London (Royal Free
Hospital) School of Medicine for Women, 361

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Rahilly (A. J.), Some Geometrical Determinants, 250
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Researches in Teratology, 27

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Ramsay (Sir W.), Cotton for German Ammunition, 432;
Future Competition with Germany, 705; German
Science, 237; Sewage Disposal, 184; Science and the
State, 309; the National Organisation of Science, 521
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Rankin (G. A.), the Ternary System, 125
Raper (R. W.) [Obituary], 567

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Rastall (R. H.), re-appointed Additional Demonstrator of
Geology at Cambridge University, 361

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of the Granite Rocks of the English Lake District, 472
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recently erected for the Department of Natural History
of the United States National Museum, 9
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Measurements, 501

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Sirius, 519

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Rawson (Dr. S. G.) [Obituary], 123

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Rayleigh (Lord), Deep Water Waves, 249; on the Char-
acter of the "S" Sound, 645; the Principle of Simili-
tude, 66, 202, 644

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Read (Prof.) and Mr. Greaves, Nickel-aluminium, etc.,
Alloys, 102

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Reed (Dr. F. R. Cowper), Brachiopoda of the Girvan Dis-
trict, 27

Reed (W. H.) [Death], 348

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of Surface Tension, 638

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Foreign Philosophers, 703

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Influence of Gases on the Emission of Electrons and
Ions, 445; Novel Properties of the Electron Currents
from Hot Metals, 416; the Electron Theory of Matter,

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their Purification, Filtration, and Sterilisation, 85
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Ridley (H. N.), Cytinacea and Balanophoraceæ, 681
Ridley (Alderman O.), Bequest to University College,
Reading, 527

Rigaux (Edmond) [Obituary], 180

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Coast of Espiritu Santo, 569; the History of Melanesian
Society, 319

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Roberts (A. A.), the Poison War, 560

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Robinson (Prof. H.) [Obituary], 123.

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Chemistry at Liverpool University, 609

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Geitsi Gubib, an Old Volcano, 389

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the Circulating Blood, 553

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Brazilian Wilderness, 148

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Mobilisation of Science, 450

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Rosenhain (Dr. W.), an Introduction to the Study of
Physical Metallurgy, 583; Appliances for Metallo-
graphic Research, 102

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of Flies and the Disinfection of Corpses in the Battle-
line, 493

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(1884-1900), vol. xiv., C-Fittig, 5

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from the Lea Valley Deposits, 111

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Redwood (Sir B.), the Work of the British Science Guild,


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Petrograd, 436

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Venus and Sirius, 519

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District, 306

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Richard Frères, Rain Gauges, 263

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Series, 437

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versity College of Wales, 528

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Currents, vol. i., second edition, 586; Harmonic
Analysis, 204

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Russell (Hon. B.), awarded the Butler Gold Medal of
Columbia University, 349

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edition, 89; Soil Protozoa and Soil Bacteria, 499
Russell (Prof. H. N.), Note on the Sun's Temperature, 444
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494 Spectra given by B and y Rays of Radium,

Ryan (H.) and Miss P. O'Neill, Studies in the Diflavone

7, 1915

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Sage (Mrs. Russell), Gift to the Rensselaer Polytechnic In-
stitute, 362

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arietinum, 435.

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Fifth Edition, vol. xi., 171

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by Ultra-violet Light, 335

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Physics at Bedford College, 692

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at Gresham College, 304

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Sangiorgi (Prof. D.), Glaciers from the Disgrazia to the
Monte di Zocca, 330

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Depression of the Bottom of a Sea, 547

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fornia, 698

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Schäfer (Sir E.), the Endocrine Glands, 625

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Valencia Island, 491; Native Names of Irish Mammals,

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Aberration, 46

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Observatory, 381
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bridge, 471

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Osteology of Palæornis, 582
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breeding, 443; Sex-limited Inheritance in Plants, 159
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merism, 519

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Indian Monsoon Region, 547

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the Hop, 434

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Soils, 77

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North America, 553

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Scott (H.), appointed Curator in Entomology in Cambridge
University, 387

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Statue of, 12

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Jolla, 515

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visual Magnitudes, 654

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Committee of Scientific and Industrial Research, 649
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Gough's Cave, Cheddar, 329

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Society, 679; name Removed from the Internationales
Centralblatt für Laryngologia, 709

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the Hissing of Water, 500

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graphical Distribution of Mummification, 139; Influence
of Racial Admixture in Egypt, 402

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Smith (Dr. R. Travers), appointed Professor of Materia
Medica, etc., 80

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ing Rays through an Optical System, 472
Smith (W. B.), Staffordshire, 615

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boniferous Section, 417

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Second Edition, part i., 116

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scope, 713; Rapid Displacements and Photography, 167;
Stereoscopic Photography and the Proper Motions of
Stars, 694

Solander (D.), Monument to, 13

Seward (A. C.), Antarctic Fossil Plants, 704; elected Master Sollas (Dr. W. J.), Ancient Hunters and their Modern

of Downing College, Cambridge, 636

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Variability, 572

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Representatives, Second Edition, 369

Somer (A. J.), awarded Silver Medal of the Pharmaceutical
Society, 297

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Southwark (Lord), the Supply of Optical Glass, 603

Salmon Industries, 599

Southwell (T.), Report of Bengal Fishery Department, 97; | Taverner (P. A.), the Double-crested
Report on Fishery Investigations in Bengal, etc., 356
Spagnoletti (C. E. P.), [Obituary], 514

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Connecticut, 651

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Springer (F.), Fossil Crinoidea, 275
Spurrell (F. C. J.), [Obituary], 42

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for Cable Telegraphy, 551

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Pharmacopoeia, Second Edition, 641

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Stanford (Edward), War Maps, Nos. xi. and xii., 183
Stanford (R. L.), Temperature Coefficient of Magnetic Per-
meability of Irons, 547

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Russell Memorial Prize, Birmingham University, 445;
appointed Professor of Therapeutics, 138
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of Applied Physics, 257

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Tree of Teneriffe, 472; the Genus Phelipea, 711
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Zoology, 584; South African Crustacea, 98; Systematic
Natural History, 368

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[blocks in formation]

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Taylor (F. N.), Masonry as Applied to Civil Engineering,


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Taylor (Dr. W. W.), the Chemistry of Colloids and some
Technical Applications, 504

Tennant (Lieut.-Gen. J. F.) [Obituary], 42

Tennant (Mr.) on Laboratories placed at the Disposal of
the War Office, 488



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Gradient and Earthquakes, 461
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55; Middle Jurassic Flora of Cleveland, Yorks, 354
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Thompson (Prof. D'Arcy W.), Galileo and the Principles
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of Similitude, 426; Recent Studies in the Dynamics
of Living Matter, 594; the Principle of Similitude, 202
Thompson (R. Campbell), a Pilgrim's Scrip, 285
Thompson (Prof. S. P.), to Deliver the Swarthmore Lec-
Thompson (Prof. W. H.), Food Values, 651
ture, 297; Steel Suitable for Permanent Magnets, 25

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Royal Society of Arts, 348; Conduction of Electricity
through Metals, 551

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[blocks in formation]

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