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[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

October 7, 1915

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Surface Energy and their influence on Chemical Pheno-
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Determination of, T. W. Richards and L. B. Coombs,


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by W. H. Perkin, 337

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during the Year 1912-13, Col. S. G. Burrard, 439;
Records of the, vol. v., Reports of Survey Parties,
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of, 351

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Syringic Acid and its Derivatives, E. Plaut and M. T.
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in the Collection of the British Museum (Natural His-
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W. LI. Preece and others, 241

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Three Naturalist Travellers, 209
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Bionomics of the, W. Yorke and B. Blacklock, 711
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Unconscious, the, Dr. M. Prince, 227

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Unsymmetrical Lines in Tube-arc and Spark Spectra, A. S. King, 553

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Vale of White Horse, Hobbies in the, Rev. J. G. Cornish, 624

Valuation of the Sea, Dr. C. G. J. Petersen, 625

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Ventilation and Health, 357

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C. Sola, 519: S. Raurich, 519; the Phases of the
Planet, Early Recognition of, J. Offord, 361
Vesuvius, Altitude of, C. Cappello, 155; Rainfall of, A.
Malladra, 155

Vertebrate Palæontology, Recent Work on, 276

Vicious Circles of Neurasthenia, the, and their Treatment, Dr. J. B. Hurry, 424

Vienna Academy of Sciences, Dr. V. von Lang elected President of the, 568

Visibility, C. C. Paterson, 397

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Viverrinæ, External Characters of the, R. I. Pocock, 111
Volcanism, the Problem of, Dr. J. P. Iddings, 337
Volunteers for Scientific Work, E. Heron-Allen, 428
Vortex Motion, Prof. G. E. Hale and G. P. Luckey, 713
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Wales, University College of, Foundation of a Scholarship by S. G. Rudler, 528



dustry, 119; the, and Chemical Industry, 592; the, and English Chemical Industry, J. B. C. Kershaw, 710; the Surgery of the 566; Wounds, and Disease, Sir W. Osler, 624

Warren Prize for 1916, 212

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461, 626

Watch, Causes of Changes in the rate of a, J. J. Shaw, 519
Watches and Timepieces, Testing, 16

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Waterproof Qualities of Cloths and Military Fabrics, the Measurement of the, G. A. Le Roy, 501

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[blocks in formation]

Weber-Parkes Prize awarded to Dr. N. D. Bardswell, 649 Weeds, a Manual of, A. E. Georgia, 65

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West African Trade in Palm Kernels, etc., Committee appointed to consider the, 649; Indies, Practical Agriculture in the, 305

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Whisky, Chemical Standards for, 268

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Wigan Mining and Technical College, S. C. Laws appointed Principal of, 471

Wild Life Conservation in Theory and Practice, Dr. W. T. Hornaday, 281; in America, the Preservation of, 281

Williamsonian Tribe, the, G. R. Wieland, 354

Windsor and Chertsey, the Country around, Dewey and Bromehead, 517

Wing-venation in Zygopterous Dragon-flies, R. J. Tillyard,


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Woodlark, Life-history of the, W. Farren, 516
Woolly Rhinoceros, a Front Horn of the, obtained for the
British Museum (Natural History), 381
Wool Test for Colour-blindness to be dispensed with,

War and British Economic Policy, 119; Exhibition, a, on
behalf of the Belgian Red Cross Anglo-Belgian Com-
mittee, 378; Home Forestry and the, 176; Library in
Lyons, Formation of a, 609: Map of Italy and the
Balkan States, 588; Maps, Stanford's, 183; Medical
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Munitions of, Prof. V. B. Lewes, 488, 605; Orders and
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Prof. R. Meldola, 18; the, and British Chemical In-Works Organisation, 381


Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Fiftieth Anniversary of, 388, 526

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