Slike strani

Woodhead, G. Sims, professor of pathology, Lieut.

Col. R.A.M.C.


Wright, C. S., lecturer in surveying and cartography, Aitken, J. E., lecturer on paper manufacture, Capt.

2nd Lieut. Royal Engineers.


Collier, R. H., teacher of motor-car engineering (elementary), Lieut. Royal Flying Corps. Korner, L. J., teacher of oxy-acetylene welding and metal cutting, mechanic Royal Flying Corps. Thain, T. E., teacher of marine engineering, Lieut. Royal Engineers. Wiltshire, C. J., assistant-teacher of theoretical mathematics ii., private Royal Army Medical Corps.


[blocks in formation]

Smith, F. Y., assistant in biology, 2nd Lieut. Royal Field Artillery.

Steele, D., assistant in agriculture, Lieut. Denbigh Hussars.

CIRENCESTER ROYAL AGRICultural College. Duncan, A. C., prof. of vet. sci. and bac., Lieut. attached 1st Regt. Royal Glos. Regt. Hopkinson, A. D., lecturer in forestry, 2nd Lieut. 4th Batt. Gordon Highlanders (twice wounded). Kershaw, M., lect. in physics and asst. lect. in chemistry, 2nd Lieut. Special Reserve (Glos. Regt.). Saunders, C. B., lecturer in botany, 2nd Lieut. 9th Batt. the Buffs.

CORK UNIVErsity College.

Cummins, Dr. H. A., professor of botany and agriculture, Major.

Harper, E. H., professor of applied mathematics, Lieut.

Magner, W., demonstrator in pathology, Lieut. R.A.M.C.

Pearson, C. B., demonstrator in surgery, Lieut. R.A.M.C.


Royal Scots.

Bennet, G., demonstrator, mechanical engineering department, first-grade mechanic, R.N.A.S.

Malpas, T. G., assistant-lecturer in physics depart

ment, Lieut. 14th Royal Scots.

O'Connor, H., lecturer on gas manufacture and gas supply, Lieut.-Col. Royal Garrison Artillery (T.F.). Ogilvie, A., lecturer on electrical wiring, Major Royal Engineers (T.F.).

White, J. L., lecturer on mechanics and mathematics,

Private 'Lothians and Border Horse.

[blocks in formation]

Horne, R. J. M., assistant in physiology, Major Forth
Royal Garrison Artillery.

Lyon, D. M., assistant in pathology, Lieut. R.A.M.C.,
Mackenzie, Dr. J. E., lecturer in chemistry, Major
5th Cavalry Field Ambulance.
Artillery Unit O.T.C., and Adjutant of Corps.
Mackie, John, assistant in natural philosophy, 2nd
Lieut. 8th Royal Scots.

Mitchell, W. M., assistant in comparative anatomy,
Lieut. Royal Army Veterinary Corps.

Todd, J. B., lecturer in engineering, Capt. Artillery
Unit O.T.C.
Watson, J. A. S., lecturer in agriculture, Quarter-
Master-Sergeant, Lothians and Border Horse.

EXETER UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. Jervis, W. W., lecturer on mathematics and geography, 2nd Lieut. 4th Devon Regiment.

GLASGOW ROYAL TECHNICAL COLlege. Agnew, J. W., lecturer in chemistry, 2nd Lieut. Highland Light Infantry (killed in action). Bourdon, E., professor of architectural design, StaffCapt. in French Army.

Burns, W. S., demonstrator in natural philosophy, 2nd Lieut. R.E.

Crawford, C. ML., technical instructor, mechanic Royal Naval Air Service.

Duncan, T. B., assistant-lecturer and demonstrator in natural philosophy, 2nd Lieut. Scottish Rifles.

Morris, F., teacher of engineering, Lieut. Army Ord- Ellis, A., lecturer in navigation, Lieut. R.N.M.B.R.

nance Corps.


Baillie, Dr. T. C., principal, Lieut. Royal Garrison Artillery.

Price, E. C., instructor in wireless telegraphy, Sergt.-
Major Royal Engineers.


Bain, Dr. D., assistant-lecturer in chemistry, Sergt.
Lothians and Border Horse.

Gray, M. W., research assistant in chemistry, 2nd Lieut. Scottish Horse.

Macpherson, A., assistant-lecturer in biology, trooper Lothians and Border Horse.

Steele, J. T., county lecturer in agriculture, 2nd Lieut. Scottish Horse.

Walker, J., assistant county lecturer in agriculture, Corpl. Lothians and Border Horse.

Wilson, A. F., county lecturer in agriculture, 2nd Lieut. Army Service Corps.

(drowned on service).

Fraser, H., assistant-lecturer and demonstrator in mechanics, 2nd Lieut. South Wales Borderers.

Gardham, H. C., lecturer in mechanics, Lieut. Royal Field Artillery.

Gray, W. C., lecturer in metallurgy, 2nd Lieut. Highland Light Infantry.

Hardie, A. G., lecturer in tanning, trooper Lothian and Border Horse.

Heilbron, I. M., lecturer in chemistry, Capt. A.S.C. Hossack, J. M., technical instructor, Company

Quarter-Master-Sergeant H.L.I.

King, L. A. L., lecturer in zoology, Lieut. Royal Field Artillery.

Macdonald, A., signalling instructor, Chief Yeoman of Signals, R.N.

M'Donald, A., lecturer in navigation, Lieut. R.N.M.B.R.

M'Lellan, R. S., lecturer in navigation, Sub-Lieut. R.N.R.

O'Connor, H., lecturer in gas engineering, Lieut.-Col. Royal Garrison Artillery.


Supplement to "Nature," July 15, 1915.

Paul, J., lecturer in mathematics, despatch rider,
Royal Engineers.

Sinclair, J. H., lecturer in engineering drawing, Bom-
bardier Motor Machine Guns, R.F.A.
Walsh, R. E., assistant-lecturer in mechanics, 2nd
Lieut. Royal Engineers.

Warden, H., technical instructor, Staff-Sergt. A.O.C.
Wilson, Dr. F. J., lecturer in chemistry, Capt. H.L.I.


Agar, Dr. W. E., lecturer in zoology, Capt. and Adjt. 5th (Reserve) H.L.I.

Drummond, J. M. F., lecturer in botany, Cadet Inns of Court O.T.C.

Dunkerly, J. S., lecturer in protozoology, 2nd Lieut.
12th Scottish Rifles (Cameronians).

Ferguson, D. R., assistant in engineering, private
Royal Engineers.


Fraser, J., lecturer on forestry and forest botany, pri-
vate Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
Gilliland, T., assistant at Dairy School, trooper Scot-
tish Horse.

King, L. A. L., lecturer in zoology, Lieut. Royal
Field Artillery.

Kirkpatrick, W., junior assistant in agriculture, Corpl.

Scottish Horse.

Kirkwood, J., assistant extension lecturer, despatch rider.

Malcolm, J. F., lecturer on bacteriology, Lieut. Royal

Field Artillery.

McCall, J. R., professor and lecturer on veterinary
science, Lieut. Royal Field Artillery.
Murray, A., extension lecturer, 'Lieut. Scottish Horse.
M'William, P.A., extension lecturer, Quarter-Master-
Sergt. Ayrshire Yeomanry.

Perry, B. P., assistant in horticultural department,
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Rifles.
Smith, J. W., assistant-superintendent, Experiment
Station, Sergt. Ayrshire Yeomanry.


MacLennan, K., bacteriologist, Lieut. in Army.
Lewin, K. R., protozoologist, 2nd Lieut. in Army.
Martin, C. H., voluntary worker in protozoology.
Lt. in Army (killed in action near Ypres on May 3).

signing, Lance-Corpl.
Tetley, E. W., assistant-lecturer in weaving and de-

2nd Lieut. 9th East Yorks.
Dennis, W. E., demonstrator in physics department,

East Riding Yeomanry.
Wolff, L., assistant-lecturer in chemistry, private in


King's Own Lancaster Regiment.
Ewan, R. F., lecturer in pure mathematics, Corpl. 5th

Forshaw, W. S., lecturer in physics, Lieut.
chester Regiment.


engineering drawing, pte, 5th King's Own Lancs. Irving, R., lecturer in practical mathematics and


Lieut. 5th Batt. Cheshire Regiment.
Allmand, A. J., assistant-lecturer in chemistry, 2nd
Service Batt. the King's Liverpool Regiment.
Angelbeck, A., tutor in geography, 2nd Lieut. 16th
Balfour, W. M., assistant-lecturer in naval architec-
ture, 2nd Lieut. Royal Garrison Artillery.
Bengough, G. D., lecturer in metallurgy, Capt. Royal

Garrison Artillery.


Lieut. 8th Irish Batt. the King's Liverpool Regt. Burfield, S. T., assistant-lecturer in zoology, and drawing, Sergt. Cheshire Field Co., R.E. Clark, J. J., assistant-lecturer in engineering design Dod, H. A., instructor in architecture, 2nd Lieut. 18th Service Batt. the King's Liverpool Regiment. Garstang, J., professor of archæology, inspector of twenty-five hospitals under the French Red Cross. Harvey-Gibson, R. J., professor of botany, Lieut.-Col. the King's Liverpool Regt.

Newberry, P. E., professor of archæology, special war service.

Brown, A. D., teacher of physics and applied Newstead, R., professor of entomology, special sanimechanics, Sergt.


Blakey, E. V., assistant, chemistry department, 2nd
Lieut. 3rd West Riding.

Park, H. E., laboratory assistant, electrical engineer-
ing department, private, Electrical Section, R.E.
Platt, B., assistant in mathematical department, 2nd
Lieut. Royal Engineers.

Ramsden, É., assistant, mechanical engineering de-
partment, 2nd Lieut.

Sadd, J. A., head of civil and mechanical engineering
department, private in Sanitary Corps.
Smith, E. W., head of chemistry department, private
in Sanitary Corps.

Hilbourne, G. W., lecturer in mathematics, Lieut. in

Vallance, R. F., lecturer in chemistry, private in Army.

Bowden, A. H., laboratory assistant, private in Army.
Clayton, J., bacteriologist, Lieut. in Army.
Daish, A. J., organic chemist, Lieut. in Army
(wounded on May 16).

Gregory, E. H., voluntary assistant on Demonstration

Farm, 2nd Lieut. attached 3rd Suffolk Regiment.
Keen, B. A., soil physicist, 2nd Lieut. in Army.
Lawrence, G., laboratory assistant, Sergt. in Army.

tation work in France.

Turnbull, G. H., assistant-lecturer in education, roth
Scottish Batt. the King's Liverpool Regiment.
Yorke, W., professor of parasitology, special Govern-

ment work.


Abbot, H., lecturer on fermentation industries, 2nd
Lieut. Royal Field Artillery.

Hill, S. E., assistant-teacher of physics, 20th Batt.
County of London (rank unknown).
Kibble, A. W., lecturer on the fermentation industries,
Sergt. Artists' Rifles.

Brill, D., mechanical engineering workshop assistant,

Curnock, W. E. M., head of department of mechanical
and civil engineering, Lieut. in Army.
Godsmark, A. E., electrical engineering steward, pri-


Matterface, J., chemistry laboratory assistant, private.
Hall, H. H., chemistry steward, private.
ing, private.
Porter, W. J., assistant-lecturer in electrical engineer

Mitchell, J., lecturer on applied mechanics, sapper
Royal Garrison Artillery.



London Regiment.

Chapman, E. H., assistant-lecturer in mathematical❘ Fitzgerald, E., science lecturer, Capt. 20th County of department, special meteorological work. Cooper, W. N., assistant-lecturer in engineering department, 2nd Lieut. the Buffs.

LONDON: BRIXTON, L.C.C. SCHOOL OF BUILDING. Bull, W. J. H., assistant science teacher, 2nd Lieut. North Staffordshire Regiment, R.M.C., Woolwich. Freeman, R. L., teacher of quantity and land surveying, Staff-Sergt.-Major, Army Service Corps. Murrell, H. F., teacher (assistant) of architecture, Lieut. Artists' Rifles (28th County of London). LONDON: CHELSEA, SOUTH-WESTERN POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE.

Nicholas, T. C., lecturer in geology (at Alexandria engaged in map drawing).

Scott, J. M., lecturer in building construction and drawing, London Scottish.



Cannan, R. K., demonstrator in chemical department, 2nd Lieut. (wounded at Hill 60). Lamb, E. H., University professor of civil and mechanical engineering, Lieut. Royal Marines. Thurston, Dr. A. P., lecturer, aeronautical department, private London Electricals (Royal Engineers).


Baldwin, G. C., computer, private.
Barton, H. H., computer, private.
Berry, A. W., computer, private.

Burkett, W. W., junior assistant, Lieut.
Chamberlain, E. A., computer, private.
Davies, W. G., computer, private.
Davis, H. W., computer, private.

Divers, S. T., computer, Quarter-Master-Sergt.
Kilby, H. H., computer, private.
Lambert, W. A., computer, private

Percival, W. G., computer, private.
Perry, P., computer, private.
Sims, R. L., computer, private.
Symms, L. S., computer, private.
Vaizey, G. R., computer, private.
Whitaker, F., computer, private.
White, P. J., computer, private.

Hughes, B., lecturer in building construction, private
Royal Army Medical Corps.
Ridley, W. O., lecturer

in electrical engineering, Sergt., employed in wireless telegraphy work. Webster, F. C., lecturer in building construction, Sergt. London Scottish.


Boyd, Dr. S., lecturer in applied anatomy, 2nd Lieut.
R.A.M.C. (T.F.).

Brown, Dr. Wm., reader in psychology, Lieut. 17th
General Hospital, 29th Div. B. Med. Exp. Force.
Capper, D. S., professor of engineering, Lieut.-Col.
Commanding University O.T.C.
Charles, Rhys, lecturer in public health, Lieut.-Col.
2nd City of London Royal Fusiliers.

de Souza, Dr. D. H., lecturer in physiology, Capt.
R.A.M.C., 4th London General Hospital.
Dixon, Dr. W. E., professor of pharmacology, special


Hare, Dr. J. Gilbert, demonstrator in bacteriology, Red Cross Hospital.

Morrell, W. P., tutor in mathematics, 'Lance-Corpl. 13th Batt. Yorks. and Lancs.

Wright, T., demonstrator in chemistry, 2nd Lieut. 3rd Royal Berks. (killed in action).

LONDON: NORTHAMPTON POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. Barlow, E., demonstrator, electrical engineering department, Sapper R.N. Division, Engineers. Boraston, C. A., demonstrator, electrical engineering department, 2nd Lieut. Divisional Engineers. Hayes, M. E., assistant, mechanical engineering department, private 4th Royal Fusiliers.

Parnell, A. P., demonstrator, technical optics department, private 10th Royal Fusiliers.

Simmons, G. S., assistant, technical optics department, private 7th Middlesex.

Ware, W. J. K., assistant, technical chemistry department, private 4th West Surrey.

LONDON NORTHERN POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. Giles, A. M., physics lecturer, 2nd Lieut. Royal Engineers.

LONDON: NORWOOD, L.C.C. TECHNICAL INSTITUTE. Cowley, H., teacher of horticulture, private 12th City of London Regiment (The Rangers).

LONDON PADDINGTON, L.C.C. TECHNICAL INSTITUTE. Bagenal, P. H., lecturer in architecture, private


Brown, W., lecturer in physics, Lieut.

Clarke, R. Balfour, demonstrator in engineering, 2nd Lieut. Army Service Corps.

Dearing, C., lecturer in physics and botany, private 'London Rifle Brigade.

Fenning, R. W., lecturer in engineering, 2nd Lieut. Artists' Rifles.

Freeman, R. L., lecturer in surveying, 2nd Lieut.
Royal Engineers.

Hough, H. W., laboratory assistant, electrical engineer-
ing and physics dept., sapper R.E. (Elec.).
Morrow, H. É., lecturer in engineering, 'Lieut. Royal
Naval Division.

Norman, H., instructor in electrical engineering, mechanic, Royal Engineers (Elec.).

Purser, W., instructor in engineering, Sergt. Royal Engineers.

Snell, A., demonstrator in engineering, mechanic, Royal Engineers.

[blocks in formation]

Fields-Clarke, P. C. E., assistant-demonstrator in civil eng. and surveying, 2nd Lieut. 2nd Lancs Regt. Hall, A. H., assistant-demonstrator in electrical engineering, Capt. Essex Regiment. Hatfield, M. B., assistant-demonstrator in mechanical engineering, private Seaforth Highlanders. Haworth, H. F., demonstrator in electrical engineering, Lieut. London Electrical Engineers (T.F.). Klugh, H., assistant-professor in mechanics and mathematics, Sub-Lieut. R.N.V.R. Newton, K., demonstrator in mechanical engineering, 2nd Lieut. Royal Garrison Artillery. Pottle, A. E., assistant-demonstrator in electrical engineering, private Hampshire Regiment. Purser, J. W., assistant-professor of civil engineering and surveying, Sub-Lieut. R.N.V.R. Sproull, A. W., assistant-demonstrator in civil engineering and surveying, 2nd. Lieut. 127th Field Co., R.E. Tapster, A. G., assistant-demonstrator in mechanical eng. private, 2nd Batt. 13th Co. of London Regt. Whittaker, H., lecturer in mechanical engineering, 2nd

Lieut. Royal Engineers.


Curtis, W. E., demonstrator in physics, sapper Royal Naval Engineers.

Finch, G., demonstrator in chemical technology, 2nd Lieut. Royal Garrison Artillery.

Fox, H. M., lecturer in biology, 2nd Lieut. Army Service Corps.

Gibbs, I. R., assistant-demonstrator in chemistry, 1st
Lieut. 10th Gloucester Regiment.

Jones, B. M., assistant-professor in chemistry, 1st
Lieut., attached to Headquarters.
Lewis, R. C., assistant-demonstrator in biology, 2nd
Lieut. 1st Batt. Royal Berks Regiment.
Richardson, A. R., assistant-professor in mathematics
and mechanics, Maj., Headqrs., No. 1 Base, B.E.F.
Sladden, C. E., assistant-demonstrator in chemistry,
2nd Lieut. Worcester Regiment.


Chapple, H. M., demonstrator in metallurgy, Motor
Cycle Division, Admir. Br. Air Service.
Courtman, E. O., demonstrator in metallurgy, Capt
University of London O.T.C.

Holman, B. W., demonstrator in mining, 2nd Lieut.
Royal Engineers.

Merrett, W. H., assistant-professor in metallurgy, Capt. London Electrical Engineers.


Austen, E. E., assistant, Capt. 28th (Artists' Rifles) London Regt. (attached to Army Sanitary Corps). Blair, K. G., assistant, private 4th Seaforth Highlanders.

Dollman, J. G., assistant, private Inns of Court Officers Training Corps.

Edwards, W. N., assistant, private R.A.M.C., 3rd East Anglian Field Ambulance.

Riley, N. D., assistant, Lieut. Army Service Corps.
Smith, W. Campbell, assistant, Lieut. 28th (Artists'
Rifles) London Regiment.

Stammwitz, P., taxidermist, trooper 1st County of Lon-
don Yeomanry (Middlesex Hussars).
Totton, A. K., assistant, Lieut. Duke of Cornwall's
Light Infantry.

Treatt, C. C., assistant, Lieut. Royal Army Flying

Wernham, H. F., assistant, private 28th (Artists' Rifles) London Regiment.

Aveling, Rev. F., lecturer in synthetic psychology,
Chaplain, 55th Division.

Crymble, Dr. C. R., demonstrator in chemistry, assist-
ant chemical physiology, 'Lieut. 3rd R. I. Fusiliers.
Derry, D. E., demonstrator in anatomy, lecturer in
physical anthropology, Lieut. R.A.M.Č.
Filon, Prof. L. N. G., prof. of app. maths. and mech.,
Maj. 2nd Batt. 4th City of London Regt., R.F.
Foulerton, A. R. G., lecturer, hygiene and public
health, Capt. R.A.M.C. (Sanitation Commission).
Goodbody, Dr. F. W., asst. prof. path. chemistry,
Capt. R.A.M.C., attached 28th Co. of London Regt.
Green, C. M., assistant in botany, 2nd Lieut. Royal
Sussex Regiment (wounded).

Gunn, J. W. C., assistant, pharmacology, Lieut.
Hill, T. G., reader in plant physiology, Capt.-Adjt.
University of London O.T.Ċ.

Jameson, Dr. W. W., assistant and lecturer, hygiene

and public health, Lieut. R.A.M.C. Kenwood, Prof. H. R., professor of hygiene and public health, Lieut.-Col. R.A.M.C. (Sanitation Commis.). Mant, H. T., demonstrator in anatomy, lecturer in Simmons, E. W., demonstrator in geology, 2nd Lieut. surgical anatomy, Lieut. R.A.M.C. 6th York and Lancaster Regiment. Slade, Dr. R. E., assistant in chemistry, 2nd Lieut.

Univ. of London O.T.C., special service in France. Spearman, Prof. C., Grote professor of philosophy of mind and logic, Major, General Staff.

Venn, H. J. P., demonstrator in chemistry, Sub-Lieut. Royal Naval Division.

LONDON: WEST HAM TECHNICAL INSTITUTE. Clarke, F. C., lecturer in mathematics, Capt. London Electrical Engineers.

Cresswell, W. T., lecturer in building construction and quantities, Major R.E.

Martin, L. C., assistant-lecturer in physics department, private R.N.D., Deal Batt.

Miller, C. P., demonstrator, civil and mechanical engineer. dept., 2nd Lieut. York. and Lancs. Regt.


Benslyn, W. T., architectural department, sapper
Royal Engineers.

Bevis, J., gas engineering department, Corpl. Cyclist
Creswell, W. T., architectural department, Capt.
Batt. London Regiment.
Royal Engineers.

Gough, H. J., civil engineering department (rank unknown).

Webster, F. C., architectural department, Pioneer Sergt. London Scottish.

LONDON: WOOLWICH POLYTECHNIC. Barry, P. L., chemical laboratory steward, rifleman (Q.V.R.).

Dunger, H. C. physical laboratory steward and instru-
ment maker, Staff-Sergt. Army Ordnance Corps.
Elliott, H., lecturer in engineering, Lieut.
Franklin, P. C., lecturer in mathematics, Capt. Army
Service Corps.

Frier, G. D., engineering laboratory attendant, private 20th London Regiment.

Honeybourne, H. C., assistant-teacher, physics, Capt. 20th London Regiment.

Little, E., lecturer in mathematics, Capt. Army Service Corps.

Otto, C. A., woodwork instructor and pattern-maker, sapper Royal Engineers.

LOUGHBOROUGH TECHNICAL INSTITUTE. Dyche-Teague, D. R., lecturer in machine construction, engineer-artificer in Navy.

Harris, J. W., lecturer in chemistry, 2nd Lieut. Yorks and Lancs.

King, J., lecturer in chemistry, 2nd Lieut. Yorks and Lancs.

MANCHESTER: SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY. Gamble, C. W., director of photography and printing crafts department, Lieut. Royal Naval Volun. Res. Hoyle, B., demonstrator in the school of technology, Lance-Corpl. Royal Engineers. Lees, S., reader in applied thermodynamics, Eng. Lieut. Royal Navy.

Wilson, S. P., demonstrator in the sch. of tech., 2nd Lieut. 10th (Service) Batt. South Lancs. Regt.


Cook, G., junior demonstrator in engineering, 2nd Lieut. Royal Garrison Artillery. Edgar, E. C., senior lecturer in chemistry, 2nd Lieut. Manchester Univ. O.T.C. (Unattached List T.F.). Florance, D. C. H., lecturer and demonstrator in physics, 2nd Lieut. 16th Div. Royal Field Artillery. Holland, Sir T. H., prof. of geol., C.O. of Manchester Univ. O.T.C., Major (Unattached List, T.F.). Jones, W. J., assistant-lecturer and demonstrator in chem., 2nd. Lieut. 12th (S.) Batt. Royal Welsh Fus. Partington, J. R., assist.-lect. and demon. in chem., 2nd Lieut. 12th (S.) Batt. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Pring, J. A., demonstrator in electro-chemistry, Lieut. 8th (S.) Batt. Royal Fusiliers. Robinson, H., lecturer and demonstrator in physics, 2nd Lieut. Royal Garrison Artillery. Wardle, R. A., lecturer in economic zoology, private, Public Schools and Univ. Corps, Royal Fusiliers.

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE: ARMSTRONG COLllege. Gallon, J., prize demonstrator in mining, etc., 2nd Lieut.

Garrett, F. C., lecturer in chemistry, Lieut-Col.
Hall, A. A., assistant-lecturer in agricultural chem-
istry, 2nd Lieut.

Little, W. B., instructor in horticulture, Capt.
Morris-Airey, H., lecturer in physics, Lieut. Royal

Naval Volunteer Reserve.

[blocks in formation]

Buxton, L. H. D., demonstrator in physical anthro-
pology, 2nd Lieut. 4th Cameron Highlanders.
Collier, W., Litchfield lecturer in medicine, Maj.

Dodds-Parker, A. P., Litchfield lecturer in surgery,
lecturer in applied anatomy, Lieut.-Col. R.A.M.C.
Douglas, Dr. C. G., demonstrator in physiology,
Lieut. R.A.M.C.

Douglas, J. A., demonstrator in geology, 2nd Lieut. 3rd Gordon Highlanders.

Dreyer, G., professor of pathology, hon. consulting
Foster, E. C., asst. demon. in human anatomy, Major
pathologist, 3rd Southern General Hospital.
Gibson, Dr. A. G., lecturer in morbid anatomy, Capt.
R.A.M.C., registrar 3rd Southern General Hospital.


Gill, W. B., demonstrator in physics, Lieut. R.G.A.
Gunn, J. A., reader in pharmacology, Lieut. R.A.M.C.
Hasell, E. W., demonstrator in rural economy, Lieut.
Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry.
Jenkin, C. F., professor of engineering science, Lieut.
R.N.V.R. (Air Service).
Jenkinson, Dr. J. W., lecturer in embryology, Capt.
12th Worcesters, attached 2nd Roy. Dub. Fusiliers
(killed in action at Dardanelles, June 4, 1915).
Ogilvie, A. G., demonstrator in geography, Lieut.
7th London Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.
Osler, Sir W., regius prof. of medicine, Hon. Col.
S. Midland Division R.A.M.C.

Smith, G. W., demonstrator in comparative anatomy,
Capt. 13th Rifle Brigade.

Tizard, H. T., demonstrator in physics, 2nd Lieut. Royal Garrison Artillery, attached R.F.C. Townsend, J. S. E., Wykeham professor of physics, Lieut. R.N.V.R. (Air Service).

Walker, Dr. E. W. A., lecturer in pathology, hon. consulting pathologist, 3rd Southern Gen. Hospital.

PLYMOUTH TECHNICAL SCHOOL. Riley, T. N., lecturer in electrical engineering, Lieut. Naval Division (Engineers).

PORTSMOUTH MUNICIPAL COllege. Davies, H., head of mathematical physics and elecGrant, L., demonstrator in physics, sapper, Hampshire trical engineering department, Capt. Royal Eng. Fortress, Royal Engineers.

Howes, A., lecturer in mathematics, Sergt.-Instructor 12th Batt. Essex Regiment. Kerrison, A. V., lecturer in mathematics and physics, 2nd Lieut. Royal Garrison Artillery. Lineham, E., lecturer in mathematics, private Mechanical Transport, Army Service Corps. Maltby, O. B., lecturer in engineering, Lieut. Border Regiment.

READING UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. Auld, S. J. M., professor of agricultural chemistry, Bartlett, H. J., lecturer in geography, Sergt. 2nd Lieut. 4th Batt. Royal Berks. South Midland Brigade, Army Service Corps. Carter, R. H., agricultural analyst, private 1st London (City of London) Sanitary Company, R.A.M.C. Cole, F. J., professor of zoology, 2nd Lieut. O.T.C. Golding, J., research chemist in dairying, Lieut.


Hart-Synnot, R. V. O., dean of agriculture, Capt. 2nd Batt. (Royal Guernsey) Channel Islands Militia. Hitchins, W. W., lecturer in building construction and surveying, sapper.

Lewin, R. R., lecturer in agricultural botany, 2nd
Lieut. 3rd Batt. Royal Sussex Regiment.
McLaren, S. B., professor of mathematics, 2nd Lieut.
39th Divisional Signal Co. (Reading) Royal Eng.

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