Facts and Fancies for the Curious from the Harvest-Fields of Literature a Melange of Excerpta 1870

Sprednja platnica
Kessinger Publishing, 2003 - 648 strani
1870. The author collates his favorite selections from literature, none more than a page or two long. Includes Americana, Our national airs, Our historic characters, Our wonderlands, Our language, First things, Prototypes, Forecasts, Miscellanea Curiosa, Facetiae, Flashes of repartee, Word-twisting of the punsters, Clever hits of the humorists, Hits of the satirists, Evasions of ambiguity, Comical blunders, Missing the point of the jokes, Even Homer sometimes nods, Stretches of poetic license, Misquotation, Falsities and fallacies, Legendary lore, Parallel passages, Wit of the epigrammatists, Enigmas, Voices from God's acre, Honeyed phrase of compliment, Mazes of obscurity, Ideal physical proportions, Famous beauties, Female poisoners, Brevities, Toasts and mottoes, Finis coronat opus.

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