Check List of American Revolutionary War Pamphlets in the Newberry Library

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Newberry Library, 1922 - 115 strani

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Stran 45 - Plan offered by the EARL of CHATHAM, to the HOUSE OF LORDS, entitled, A Provisional Act, for settling the Troubles in America, and for asserting the Supreme Legislative Authority and Superintending Power of Great Britain over the Colonies.
Stran 34 - The Controversy Between Great Britain and her Colonies Reviewed, the Several Pleas of the Colonies in Support of their Right to all the Liberties and Privileges of British Subjects and to Exemption from the Legislative Authority of Parliament Stated and Considered, and the Nature of their Connection with and Dependence on Great Britain Shewn upon the Evidence of Historical Facts and Authentic Records . London & Boston.
Stran iii - Select Letters on the TRADE and GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA; and the PRINCIPLES of LAW and POLITY, applied to the AMERICAN COLONIES.
Stran 35 - Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, the Principles of Government, and the Justice and Policy of the War with America.
Stran 64 - Letter of the Twelve United Colonies by their Delegates in Congress to the Inhabitants of Great Britain, their Humble Petition to his Majesty, and their Address to the People of Ireland.
Stran 6 - A Letter to a Friend, giving a Concise, but Just representation of the Hardships and Sufferings the Town of Boston is exposed to, and must undergo, in consequence of the late Act of the British Parliament...
Stran 55 - A cure for the spleen ; or, Amusement for a winter's evening. Being the substance of a conversation on the times, over a friendly tankard and pipe, between Sharp, a country parson...
Stran 10 - Friendly Address to all Reasonable Americans, on the Subject of our Political Confusions.
Stran 23 - Plain Truth : or, a Letter to the Author of Dispassionate Thoughts on the American War (I) Reply to the Observations of Lt.-Gen.

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