Transactions and Proceedings of the Geographical Society of the Pacific

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Stran 25 - ... of large bodies of ice, but they had not before been able to trace the cause. They now found the noise to originate from immense ponderous fragments of ice, breaking off from the higher parts of the main body, and falling from a very considerable height, which in one instance produced so violent a shock that it was sensibly felt by the whole party, although the ground on which they were was at least two leagues from the spot where the fall of ice had taken place.
Stran 28 - Navigantium atque itinerantium bibliotheca; or a complete collection of voyages and travels. Consisting of above six hundred of the most authentic writers.
Stran 107 - ANDERSON, GEORGE WILLIAM. A new, authentic and complete collection of voyages round the world. London [ca.
Stran 14 - Moone took from him, and what ells y* hee had woorth the taking, and so let him go ; and here Drake watered his ship and departed, sayling northwards till he came to 48. gr. of the septentrionall latitud, still finding a very lardge sea trending toward the north, but being afraid to spend long time in seeking for the straite, hee turned back againe, "still keping along the cost as nere land as hee might, vntill hee came to 44. gr...
Stran 16 - Adde hereunto, that though we searched the coast diligently, euen vnto the 48 deg., yet found we not the land to trend so much as one point in any place towards the East, but rather running on continually North-west, as if it went directly to meet with Asia...
Stran 94 - Majesty's right and title to the same ; namely a plate, nailed upon a fair great post, whereupon was engraved her Majesty's name, the day and year of our arrival there, with the free giving up of the province and people into her Majesty's hands, together with her Highness...
Stran 22 - The next day, after our comming to anchor in the aforesaid harbour, the people of the countrey shewed themselues, sending off a man with great expedition to vs in a canow. Who being yet but a little from the shoare, and a great way from our ship, spake...
Stran 7 - in a very good harborough, called by Magellan Port St. Julian, where we found a gibbet standing upon the maine, which we supposed to be the place where Magellan did execution upon his disobedient and rebellious company ; . . . . in this port our Generall began to inquire diligently of the actions of M.
Stran 107 - Voyages of Discovery and Exploration on the Northwest Coast of America 1539-1603, Davidson's translation, Washington 1886.

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