Nature, Količina 47

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Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1893

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Kangaroo at Westminster Aquarium the Boxing III
Glacial Epoch in Australia an Ancient Dr Alfred
Alex Hodgkinson 92 Baron C
Keltie J Scott the Partition of Africa 580
Glaciers of Val dHerens William Sherwood 174
Kew Bulletin 38
Lichtenthaler G W Bequest of Natural History Collection Loewy Dr Ad Influence on Respiration of Upper Tracts
Kirby W Egmont Beetles Butterflies Moths and other
Kirman Walter Isolation of Fluorsulphonic Acid 87
Gladstone Dr J H F R S Arborescent Frost Patterns
Himalayas Dr Karl Dieners Geological Expedition in 133 Howlett W F the Deterioration of Gum Arabic
Glazebrook R T F R S Laws and Properties of Matter
Glazes Pottery W P Rex 396
Kitchener F E NakedEye Botany
Godwin Austen Colonel H H F R S Geographical Names
Jackson F G Proposed Arctic Expedition by way of Franz
Linnean Society Address of Congratulation to Rev Leonard to our Knowledge of Seedlings Dr Maxwell T Masters
Klein Dr E F R S Aminol a True Disinfectant 149
Borjos an African Canibal Tribe M Dybowski 257 the Binnenthal Prof T G Bonney F R S 263 on a Sauro
Himmel und Erde 88 Howorth Sir H H the Glacial Nightmare and the Flood
Kochs Herr Ice Formation in Animal Body 16
used 257 Physical Geography and Climate of New South ciont and other Fishes in the Green Gritty Marls immediately
Jacoby Prof Harold Rutherfurd Measures of Stars about
Image the Photography of an by Reflection Frederick J Jahrbuch der Astronomie und Geophysik 566
Krümmel Prof Map of Salinity of Surface Water of North
Goldstein Prof Experiments of

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Stran 18 - PROCESSES, AND COLLATERAL INFORMATION IN THE ARTS, MANUFACTURES, PROFESSIONS, AND TRADES, INCLUDING MEDICINE, PHARMACY, AND DOMESTIC ECONOMY ; designed as a General Book of Reference for the Manufacturer, Tradesman, Amateur, and Heads of Families.
Stran 143 - FELKIN, HM— Technical Education in a Saxon Town. Published for the City and Guilds of London Institute for the Advancement of Technical Education.
Stran 101 - I. By Sir W. THOMSON, LL.D., DCL, FRS, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Glasgow...
Stran 116 - That the magnitudes of these standards should be determined on the electro-magnetic system of measurement with reference to the centimetre as unit of length, the gramme as unit of mass, and the second as unit of time, and that by the terms centimetre and gramme are meant the standards of those denominations deposited with the Board of Trade. 3. That the standard of electrical resistance should be denominated the ohm, and should have the value 1,000,000,000 in terms of the centimetre and second. 4....
Stran xx - The purpose of this laboratory is to afford opportunities for the study and observation of the development, anatomy, and habits of common types of marine animals, under suitable direction and advice.
Stran 87 - Is it to be understood from all this that a chlorine compound which is not produced by energetic union — say an endothermic compound like...
Stran 79 - Wright (Lewis). — LIGHT ; A COURSE OF EXPERIMENTAL OPTICS, CHIEFLY WITH THE LANTERN. By LEWIS WRIGHT. With nearly 200 Engravings and Coloured Plates. Crown 8vo. 7*. 6d. ASTRONOMY. Airy. — POPULAR ASTRONOMY. With Illustrations by Sir GB AIRY, KCB, formerly Astronomer-Royal.
Stran xxx - I would commend to your consideration the propriety of transferring it to the funds of the Imperial Institute of the United Kingdom, the Colonies, and India...
Stran iv - A New and Enlarged Edition. Constructed from the best materials, and embodying the results of the most recent investigations, accompanied by a complete INDEX OF PLACES, in which the proper quantities are given by T.
Stran 116 - As a unit of resistance, the international ohm, which is based upon the ohm equal to 10" units of resistance of the CGS system of electromagnetic units, and is represented by the resistance offered to an unvarying electric current by a column of mercury at the temperature of melting ice, 14.4521 grams in mass, of a constant cross-sectional area and of the length of 106.3 centimetres.

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