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June 1, 1893









NOVEMBER 1892 to APRIL 1893

"To the solid ground

Of Nature trusts the mind which builds for aye."-WORDSWORTH

London and New York





June 1, 1893

ABASTOUMAN, a New Observatory at, 133


Abbadie (M. d'), on the Variations in the Intensity of Terrestrial
Gravitation, 384

Abbe (Prof. C.), Atmospheric Electricity, Earth-Currents and
Terrestrial Magnetism, 261

Abbott's (Dr. W. L.) Collections of African Mammals, F. W.
True, 39

Abbott (W. J. L.), Walrus in the Thames Valley, 132

Abney (Captain W. de W., F.R.S.), Sensitiveness of the Eye
to Light and Colour, 538

Abnormality in the Veins of the Rabbit, on an, Prof. W. N.
Parker, 270

Absorption of our Atmosphere, Photographic, Prof. Schaeberle,

Abyssinia, Proposed Expedition of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
Bent to, 115

Academy, French, Science Prizes, 232

Academy of Sciences, Turin Royal, the Bressa Prizes, 233
Acoustics, on Plane and Spherical Sound-Waves of Finite
Amplitude, Dr. C. V. Burton, 500

Addenbrooke (Mr.), Diffusion of Light, 191

Aeronautics: Meteorological Balloon Ascent at Berlin, A. L.
Rotch, 46; Dirigible Balloon in Construction at Chalais-
Meudon, 112; Exploration of the Higher Regions of the
Atmosphere by Means of Free Balloons provided with Auto-
matic Recorders, Gustave Hermite, 119; the First Aerial
Voyage across the English Channel, R. de C. Ward, 143;
the Longest Balloon Ascent on Record, Maurice Mallet, 182
Africa: Marine Shells of South Africa, G. B. Sowerby, 27;
the Ferns of South Africa, Thos. R. Sim, J. G. Baker,
F.R.S., 291; Dromedaries in German South-West Africa,
Captain von François, 38; New Harbour found in German
South-West, 452; Dr. W. L. Abbott's Collection of African
Mammals, F. W. True, 39; Mr. D. J. Rankin's Zambesi
Journey, 64; Kettler's Afrikanische Nachrichten, 115;
Captain H. L. Gallwey's Travels in Benin Country, 134;
E. Wilkinson's Journey in Kalabari Desert, 134; M.
Alexandre Delcommune's Lomami Expedition, 209; the
Uganda Commission, 210; Proposed Exploration of Africa
by Telegraph, Cecil Rhodes, 210; the Bonjo, a Cannibal
Tribe, M. Dybowski, 257; Territorial Nomenclature, 282;
the Stanley Falls District of the Congo, M. Page, 282;
African Nomenclature, 304; Stoppage of M. Mizon's Ada-
mava Expedition, 304; Aston Chanler's Expedition to Lake
Rudolf, 327; the Soil of Sakalava Plain, Madagascar, Emile
Gautier, 327; the Frontier Delimitation between British
South Africa Company's Territory and Portuguese Pos-
sessions, Major Leverson, 327; Death of R. H. Nelson, 353:
Dr. Baumann's Journeys in the Nile-Sources Region, 377;
the Orthography of African Place-Names, 400; Two Akka
Girls brought to Germany by Dr. Stuhlmann, 470; the
Katanga Company's Expeditions, 474; French Exploration
towards Lake Chad, 519; Arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
Bent at Adowa, 519; at Aksum, 547; the Partition of Africa,
J. Scott Keltie, 580; Return of the Delcommune Expedi-
tion, 590

Afterglow, the, Sereno E. Bishop, 102; Prof. Grenville A. J.
Cole, 127

Afterglows and Bishop's Ring, the, T. W. Backhouse, 582
Agassiz (Prof. A.), Observations in the West Indies, 608

Age, the Earth's, Bernard Hobson, Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace,
175, 226; Clarence King, 285

Ages, Ancient Ice, J. Lomas, 227

Aggressive Mimicry, the Volucelle as Examples of, Edward B.
Poulton, F. R. S., 28

Aggressive Mimicry, the Alleged, of Volucella, William Bate-
son, 77

Agriculture: the South Australian Rust in Wheat Conference,
86; the Plague of Field Voles in Scotland, 155; the Plague
of Field Mice in Thessaly and Scotland, 396; Agriculture in
the United States, Experiment Stations, A. Warrington,
F.R.S., 157; Investigations in Soils, 157; Influence of
Manure on Development of Roots, M. Dehérain, 280; Journal
of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, 285; Field
Experiments on the Fixation of Free Nitrogen, James Mason,
285; Yew Poisoning, E. P. Squarey, Charles Whitehead,
W. Carruthers, F. R. S., and Dr. Munro, 285; Proposed In-
vestigation of Chemical Composition of Soil in Cape Colony,
301 a Text-book of Tropical Agriculture, H. A. Alford
Nicholls, 313; the Florida Phosphate Beds, T. N. Lupton,
325; the New York State Pecuniary Contribution to Agri-
culture, 349; Wood Ashes as a Medicine for Farm Animals,
J. M. Stahl, 397; Prop sed Commemoration of the Jubilee
of Sir John Lawes' Rothamsted Experiments, 448; Orni-
thology in Relation to Agriculture and Horticulture, John
Watson, 533; Manual of Dairy Work, Prof. James Muir,
Walter Thorp. 555; Agricultural Chemistry; the Food of
Plants, A. P. Laurie, 556


Aids to Experimental Science, Andrew Gray, 173

Aigran (M. A.), Action of Temperature upon the Rotatory
Power of Liquids, 576

Ainu, Yezo and the, Prof. J. Milne, F.R.S., 330; A. H.
Savage Landor, 330

Air-pumps, Automatic Mercurial, Dr. August Raps, 369
Aitken (John), on the Particles in Fogs and Clouds,

Akka Girls, Two, brought to Germany by Dr. Stuhlmann, 470
Alabama, Great Meteor in, 86

Alcohol Solutions, Temperature of Maximum Density of, L. de
Coppet, 48

Alcyonaria Stolonifera, Revision of Genera of, Dr. Hickson,

Alexander (Peter), Treatise on Thermodynamics, 388
Algebra: Principles of the Algebra of Vectors, A. Macfarlane,
3; the Algebra of Co-planar Vectors and Trigonometry, R.
Baldwin Hayward, F.R.S., 266; Quaternions and the
Algebra of Vectors, Prof. J. Willard Gibbs, 463; Algebra
for Beginners, H. S. Hall and S. R. Knight, 28; the Theory
of Substitutions and its Applications to Algebra, Dr. Eugen
Netto, 338; a new Algebra, T. B. Sprague, 527
Alkali Metals, the Colours of the, G. S. Newth, 55; Wm. L.
Dudley, 175

Allen (Edgar), Anatomy of Larva of Palamonetes varians, 237 ;
on the Minute Structure of the Gills of Palamonetes varians,

Allen (F. J.), Dust Photographs, 341
Allen (Grant), Science in Arcady, 173
Alligators' Nest, the, S. Devenish, 587
Alloys, on Iron, 58

Alloys Research Committee, Second Report of the, Prof. W.
C. Roberts-Austen, F. R. S., 617
Almanac, the Nautical, for 1896, 326

Alpes Françaises, les, Albert Falsan, 76

Alpine Flowers, on the Cause of Bright Colours of, Dr. J. Joly,
F.R.S., 431

Alpine Lakes, the Glacier Theory of, Dr. Alfred Russel
Wallace, 437

Alsace Lorraine, Statistics of Wine-growing in, 614
Aluminium Slate Pencils, 131

Amigat (E. H.): the Laws of Compressibility of Liquids, 48;
Laws of Dilatation of Gases under Constant Pressure, 96;


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