Narrative and Critical History of America: Spanish explorations and settlements in America from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century. [c1886

Sprednja platnica
Justin Winsor
Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1886

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Stran 317 - Spaniards in America. With an Account of their Unparalleled Cruelties on the Indians, in the Destruction of above Forty Millions of People ; together with the Propositions offered to the King of Spain to prevent the further Ruin of the West Indies. By Don Bartholomew de las Casas,
Stran 342 - which was printed at London, in 1699, as A Relation of the first Voyages and Discoveries made by the Spaniards in America?-
Stran 508 - to the river .Mischipi and Quivira in 1662, as described by Father Nicholas de Freytas. With an account of Pcnalosa's projects to aid the French to conquer the mining country in Northern Mexico ; and
Stran 595 - his maps in his day. 1 It was left for Humboldt to set the seal of disbelief firmly upon the story. 2 Schomburgk says that the inundations of extensive savannas during the tropical winter gave rise, no doubt, to the fable of the White Sea, assisted by
Stran 513 - Pizarro, soon after Almagro's departure, sent off the other ship with the most mutinous of his followers. But the governor, Los Rios, was much incensed at the result of the expedition. He refused to 1 Helps translates them: — "My good Lord Governor, Have pity on our woes ; For here remains the butcher, To Panama the salesman goes.
Stran 429 - that all other books which have been elaborated since on the same subject, instead of superseding Clavigero's, have tended rather to magnify its importance. 6 The most conspicuous treatment of the subject, in the minds of the elders of the present generation, is doubtless that of Prescott, who published his Conquest of Mexico in 1843, dividing it into three distinct
Stran 521 - behaved with so much imprudence and insolence at Cusco as to endanger their own lives and the success of their mission. Pizarro therefore ordered two officers of distinction, Hernando de Soto and Pedro del Barco, to follow them and remedy the mischief which they were doing. On Easter eve, being the
Stran 425 - twenty years or more in arranging his history. and Beasts which are proper to that Country; Together with the Manners, Ceremonies,
Stran 513 - Look out, Seftor Governor, For the drover while he's near; Since he goes home to get the sheep For the butcher, who stays here.
Stran 343 - as taxing the powers of Oviedo beyond their strength, still accounts the work of great value as a vast repository of facts, and not wholly without merit as a composition. In

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