Slike strani


Adams (Massachusetts) memorial, complaining of the inju- | Boston memorial, against rechartering the Bank of the
rious effects of the measures of the Govern.

United States, 1712.
ment, 1424.

Bouldin, Thomas Tyler, his death announced, and the
Adams county (Pennsylvania) memorial, in relation to the

usual resolutions for his funeral, mourning, &c.,
removal of the deposites, 1725.

Addison county (Vermont) resolutions on deposites, 1594. Bridgeport (Connecticut) memorial, on the subject of the
Adjournment of Congress proposed by the Ilouse of Rep. deposites, 1005; referred.

resentatives, 1833; consideration postponed, Brooklyn memorial, on the distressing state of the cur-
188); proposition agreed to, 1917; subject rency, 942; referred.
again discussed, and resolution laid on the table, Buckner, Mr., notice of his decease, and the usual motion


of mourning by Mr. Benton, 11.
Albany memorial, complaining of the removal of the de- Burlington (Vermont) memorial, on the removal of the
posites, 1177

deposites, 855; referred, 862.
Albany memorial, contra, 1226.
American State Papers, a resolution authorizing the pur- Centre county (Pennsylvania) memorials, on the present
chase of thirteen copies, agreed to, 1725.

state of public affairs, 1251, 1583.
Appropriation bill taken up, 331; amended and passed, Chambersburg (Pennsylvania) proceedings of a meeting


in relation to the distresses of the country, 1107.
a conference on ditto proposed by the House, aná Chaplain, Rev. Mr. Hatch elected, 27.
agreed to, 337; report of the committee, 336, Cherokee memorial, complaining of the oppressions of


Georgia, 1772.
Appropriation bill for the army, from the House, reported Chesapeake and Ohio canal, a resolution introduced from
with two amendments, which were agreed to,

the Legislature of Maryland in its favor, 1205.
and the bill passed, 1718.

Chittenden (Vermont) memorial, against the removal of
Appropriation, general, bill, taken up, 2021, 2030; or-

the deposites, 1240.
dered to a third reading, and passed, 2076. Claim of Elizabeth Robinson, a bill for the relief of, taken
Appropriations, (See Indian.)

up, 1746; passed, 1751.
Augusta (Georgia) memorial, asking a restoration of the Claims for lost property in the war with Great Britain, a
deposites, 1167.

bill for, laid on the table, 2071.
Augusta (Maine) memorial, against the removal of the de Columbia county (Ohio) memorial, sustaining the Execu-
posites, 1838.

tive, 1733.

Columbia (Pennsylvania) proceedings of a whig meet-
Bailey, Mountjoy, a bill for the relief of, taken up, 1835;

ing, 1761.
rejected, 1838.

Coins, a memorial from the banks of New York respect-
Baltimore, memorial of sundry merchants of, on embar-

ing gold and silver coin, 1805.
rassments in the money market, referred, 716. Committees, appointment of, by the Senate, took up; a
proceedings of a public meeting, 1584.

resolution introduced by Mr. Sprague, 20; called
Baltimore and Washington railroad, a bill to aid in the con-

up for consideration, 27, and agreed 10; election
struction of, taken up, 1751; bill passed, 1761.

postponed, 41; committees elected, 42.
Bank of the United States, resolution introduced by Mr. Congress, a bill for an earlier meeting of, introduced,
Clay, calling on the Secretary of the Treasury

1896; laid on the table, 1917.
for certain statements, 24; called up for con- Congress, a bill for rebuilding the frigate of this name
sideration, 29; amended and agreed to.

taken up and passed, 2127.
resolutions by Mr. Clay, calling on the Secretary Connecticut, sundry petitions and resolutions in relation
of the Treasury for certain documents in relation

to the distresses of the country, 656.
to the banks, 44; agreed to, 53.

banks, the memorial of, on the deranged state of
report made by the Secretary of the Treasury, in

the currency, 808.
answer to the above call, 94; ordered to be constitution, Mr. Benton introduced a resolution to

amend it, 20.
a bill for rechartering the bank. Mr. Webster Mr. Bibb also introduced a resolution to amend it,
asked leave to introduce a bill for this purpose,

984-the question on granting leave discussed Mr. Kent also introduced a resolution to amend it,
at lengih. Subject resumed, 1057; motion laid

on the table, 1145.

Mr. Bibb's amendment taken up, 1813, and refer-
Bank memorials, report showing the number of signers,

red to a committee.

2036. Mr. Benton's proposition referred to same com-
Bath (Maine) memorial, complaining of the distresses of

mittee, 1879.
country, 1243; referred.

Culpeper (Virginia) memorial, against Executive pro.
Beaver (Pennsylvania) memorial, on the distresses of the

ceedings in relation to the Bank of the United
country, 1171; referred, 1177.

States, 1188.
Blair, James, (South Carolina,) bis death announced, and Cumberland road, a bill appropriating money for a con-
orders entered into for his funeral, 1240.

tinuation of it, 1142; rejected on motion to en-
Boston memorial, in relation to the removal of the de-

gross, 1239. The vole of rejection being recon-
posites, 978; referred, 953.

sidered, the bill was recommitted, 1240; again
report on the above memorial, 2125.

considered, 1716; ordered to a third reading,
in relation 10 gold coin, 1596.

1717; passed, 1718.
Yol, X-1

Delaware, a memorial respecting the public deposites, Gold coins, a bill to regulate the circulation of foreign


gold coins in the United States, was passed,
Dennis, Littleton Purnell, a member from Maryland, his

death announced, and orders taken for his fune- Government deposites, a report from the Secretary of the
ral, 1316.

Treasury concerning their removal, 12, (See the
Deposite banks, resolutions submitted by Mr. Southard,

Appendix for the report.)
1614; agreed to.

report called up for consideration, 25; postponed
resolution instructing the Committee of Finance to Monday next. Again taken up, 45; again
to sit during the recess, to investigate the condi-

postponed. Subject resumed, 50.
tion of the banks, agreed to, 2125.

resolution, offered by Mr. Clay, calling on the
Deposites, (See Government deposites.)

President to inform the Senate whether a paper
District code. On motion of Mr. Chambers, the report

purporting to have been read by him to the
of the joint committee of last session, on a system

heads of Departments, respecting the deposites,
of criminal laws, was referred to the Committee

be genuine or not, 27; called up for considera-
on the District of Columbia, 96.

tion, 30; agreed to, 37.
Door-keeper, assistant, Stephen Haight appointed, 19.

President's message in answer to the above, (See
Duties on lead, a bill concerning, taken up, 2022.

President's Message.)

resolutions declaring that the President, in dis-
Edgecomb county (North Carolina) proceedings of a missing the Secretary of the Treasury because
public meeting, 1538.

he declined removing the deposites, and ap-
Election of President and Vice President, (See President.) pointing his successor to effect that object,
Ellsworth, Chief Justice, a bill to procure a marble bust had exercised a power not granted to him by
of him, to be placed in the Capitol, passed, 825.

the constitution, &c., 58.
Essex county (New Jersey) memorials, on the deranged memorial presented on the subject, 141.
state of the currency, 809.

report of the Committee of Finance on the Secre-
Exiles frorn Poland, a bill granting them certain lands,

tary of the Treasury's report on the removal of
ordered to be engrossed, 1721; passed, 1724.

the deposites, 467; made the special order of a

certain day, and six thousand copies ordered to
Faneuil Hall resolutions friendly to the administration,

be printed, 483; subject taken up, 892; resolu-

tions agreed to, 1182.
Fife, James, a Creek Indian, a bill for his relief, passed, joint resolution proposing a restoration of the


deposites, offered by Mr. Clay, 1813, 1817; read
Finances; instructions proposed to be given to the com-

first time, and ordered to a second reading; pass.
mittee on this subject, 445; laid on the table, 448.

ed, 1896.
resolution instructing the committee to inquire into a bill to regulate the public deposites in the State
the effect of the present state of commercial

banks, taken up and laid on the table, 2127.
affairs on the revenue, 492.
Florida canals, a bill for making them, taken up, and laid Hallowell, Maine, memorial against the removal of de-
on the table, 1907.

posites, 1559.
Force bill; Mr. Calhoun gave notice that he would intro- Hanover, Pennsylvania, proceedings of a meeting against

duce, on a certain day, a bill for the repeal of the removal of the deposites, 1480.
this act, 18.

Hanover, Indiana, a bill granting lands to the college,
a bill for repealing the force bill introduced, 20;

laid on the table, 1834.
taken up, 1266; referred to the Judiciary Com- Harbor bill, a bill for making improvements of certain
mittee, 1287.

harbors, and clearing out certain rivers, con-
Foreign presents; a resolution, offered by Mr. Poindex.

sidered, 2081; ordered to be read a third time,
ter, calling on the President for a schedule of

and passed, 2083.
the several articles received by ministers, &c., Hardware, a bill coneerning the duties on, the amend-
at foreign courts, 199.

ments concurred in, 2124, and passed.
a report from the Department of State in answer Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, memorial against the Execu-
to the above call, 329, which was referred to the

tive proceedings in relation to the bank, 1860.
Committee on Foreign Relations.

Harrodsburg, Kentucky, memorial, 2019.
Foreign silver coins, a bill to regulate them, 2019; passed, Hudson river, the bill to appropriate $70,000 for the im-


provement of the navigation of this river was
Fortifications, a bill making appropriations for, was taken

considered and passed, 2126.
up, amended, and passed, 2124.

Huntingdon county, Pennsylvania, proceedings of a public
Frederick county (Maryland) against the removal of meeting, 1529.

the deposites, 1814.
France, report of commissioners to carry into effect the Indian appropriations, a bill for making, passed to its third
late treaty with, read, and ordered to be

reading, 2074.

Indian intercourse, bill to

egulate it, amended and
French spoliations prior to 1800; Mr. Webster report-

passed, 2125.
ed the bill on this subject, with sundry amend- Indiana memorials, remonstrating against the measures of
ments, and made the order of a distant day, 141;

the Executive, 1805.
called up, 2000, 2024, 2033; postponed till Interest to States for advances, a bill providing for the
next session, 2040.

final settlement of, 1910; recommitted, 2007.
Fulton (Ohio) memorial, in favor of the Senate's having

joint authority with the President in the appoint- Jefferson county, Virginia, memorial for relief from em-
ment and removal of officers, 1918.

barrassments, 1782.

Johnston, Mr., notice of his death, and the usual motion
Gold and silver currency, a resolution respecting, for the

for mourning, by Mr. Clay, 11.
appointment of a joint committee, 1205.
Gold coins, a bill to regulate them, laken up and passed, Kenawha, Virginia, memorial complaining of embarrass-


ments, 2019.

Kentucky resolutions, in relation to the removal of the de- Maryland, Union Bank of, a resolution respecting, intro-
posites, 605; referred, 606.

duced, 1141; agreed to, 1206.
Kent county, Delaware, memorial praying for the restora- Massachusetts resolutions, in relation to removal of de-
tion of the deposites, 1454.

posites, 836.
Rhode Island, memorial on the currency of the Mercer, Pennsylvania, proceedings of a meeting against
country, 2029.

the removal of the deposites, &c., 1917.
proceedings of a public meeting, 2069. Michigan, the Territory of, a bill authorizing the people
Land Bill, (See Veto.)

to form a separate State Government, a motion

to take it up immediately for consideration; bill
Mr. Clay gave notice that he would, on a certain

laid on the table, 1724.
day, introduce a new bill for the distribution of Mobile memorial, complaining of a check given to their
the proceeds of the public lands, 18.

prosperity, 1206.
bill for distributing proceeds of land, introduced, 24. Montgomery county (Pennsylvania) memorial, complain-
Land; on motion of Mr. Benton, a graduation of the price

ing of the distresses of the country, 1803.
of public lands was ordered to be printed, 39. Muncy (Pennsylvania) memorials, in relation to the public
a resolution, moved by Mr. Poindexter, calling on

distress, 1187.
the Commissioner of the General Land Office Muskingum county (Ohio) memorial, praying for the
for sundry particulars in relation to the public abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia,
land, 44.

sundry resolutions introduced by the same gentle- Navy; Mr. Webster reported a bill making appropriations
man, directing the Land Committee to inquire

for the naval service for 1834, without amend-
into alleged fraudulent sales of public lands, 754;

ment, 291,
agreed to, 824.

New Bedford (Massachusetts) memorial, from the seve-
resolution calling on the Secretary of War for the

ral banks, on the distresses of the country, 745,
name of the agent or agents who located the res-

1607; referred.
ervations granted to individual Choctaw Indians, Newcastle county (Delaware) memorial, sustaining the
775; agreed to.

administration in the removal of the deposites,
report of the Committee on Public Lands on the

bill to appropriate the proceeds of the lands, New Hampshire memorials, complaining of the distress
and on the reasons assigned by the President for of the country, 1538.
returning the bill, 1599.

resolutions, sustaining the Executive, 2057, 2006.
a bill to provide for the legal adjudication and New Jersey resolutions, in relation to the removal of the
settlement of the claims to land therein men-

deposites, 526.
tioned, ordered to be engrossed, 1722.

memorials, in relation to the existing public dis-
evidence of fraud in the sale of, 2042, 2068.

tress, 614.
a resolution giving to the Committee on Public resolutions, and memorial from Cumberland
Lands authority to issue commissions to take

county, on the same subject, 679.
testimony during the recess, was taken up and petitions, respecting the currency, 862.
agreed to, 2128.

five memorials on ditto, 1049.
Lafayette, General, a resolution providing for a joint memorials, 1261, 1726.

committee to determine what token of respect resolutions and memorial, in favor of adminis-
should be adopted in relation to his decease,

tration, 1425.

2054. proceedings of two different meetings, 1434.
Mr. Webster's report on the subject, 2071; reso- New Orleans memorial, complaining of the distress of the
lution adopted, 2075.

times, 1007; referred, 1019.
Lake Champlain; a resolution proposed by Mr. Swift, for New York resolutions, in relation to the removal of the
the improvement of this lake, agreed to, 336.

deposites, 397; after debate, laid on the table,
Lancaster county (Pennsylvania) memorial, complaining

416; referred to the Committee on Finance,
of pecuniary distress, 825.

Lead, duties on, (See Dulies.)

memorial, on the condition of the finances of the
Lexington (Kentucky) memorial, respecting the dis-

country, 464; referred to the Committee on Fi-
tress of the country, 1170.

nance, 466.
Licking county (Ohio) memorial, praying for the restora- memorial from the clerks, &c., of New York,
tion of the deposites, 1728.

Light-houses; a bill reported, making appropriations for memorial from Troy and Schenectady, 1310.

building light-houses, &c., 2122; laid on the Pennsylvania, and Michigan memorials, 1722.
table, 2123; reconsidered, 2123; laid on the ta- memorials, opposed to the measures of the Execu-
ble, 2124; amended and passed, 2127.

tive, 1780.
Louisyille (Kentucky) memorial, on the distresses of the Nelson county (Kentucky) memorial, opposed to the re-
community, 719.

moval of the deposites, 1732.
Lynn (Massachusetts) memorial, on removal of deposites, Norfolk memorial, on the embarrassments of the curren-


cy, 749; referred.
Lyme (Connecticut) memorial, condemning the removal North Carolina resolutions, in relation to the removal of
of the deposites, 1992.

the deposites, 529.

memorial from thence, on the distressed condition
Maine, petitions in relation to the distress of the country,

of the country, 681.

616. memorials, from Wilkesborough and Halifax, 1140.
memorials, 942, 1287.

another memorial from Wilkes, 1205.
Marine corps, a bill for their better organization, read a

second and third time, and passed, 1833. Ohio memorials, complaining of pecuniary embarrass-
Mariners' common schools, a memorial praying for aid in

ments, 1290.
supporting them, 1812.

a bill establishing the northern boundary of, 1781;
Maryland; memorials from four banks of that State, 1056.

taken up, 1899; ordered to be engrossed, 1906.

Ohio memorials, approving the course of the Executive, (President's message, in relation to a refusal of the Bank


of the United States to give up the books, &c., in
Ontario county (New York) memorial, complaining of relation to the pension fund, 462; referred to the
the effects of recent measures of Government,

Judiciary Committee, 464.

1475. his protest against the resolutions of the Senate
Order, questions of, 13, 14, 29, 485, 525, 970, 1115,

in relation to the deposites, 1317.
1387, 1420, 1606, 2066, 2067. his explanatory message, 1393.

and Vice President, election of, Mr. Bibb's reso-
Pennsylvania petitions, in relation to the removal of the

lution, 1954.
deposites, 607; laid on the table, 612.

resolution moved by Mr. Benton to strike out of
memorials, on the same subject, 717, 1581.

the journals the resolution passed on the 20th of
and New York memorials, complaining of the March, relating to the conduct of the President
measures of the Executive, 1782.

in relation to the removal of the deposites, 2128.
and South Carolina memorials, ditto, 1954. Prince George's county (Maryland) memorial, complain-
and Kentucky memorials, 2027.

ing of the removal of the deposites, 1365.
Pension fund; see message of the President on this sub- Printing old journals, a proposition for, 1305.

ject, 462; report of the Judiciary Committee Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, proceedings of its citizens, 1761.
on the subject, 573; 6,000 copies ordered to be Privateer Roger, a bill for the relief of the owners and

crew of, negatived, 1906.
bill making appropriations for the payment of rev- Providence (Rhode Island) memorial, in relation to the
olutionary and other pensioners for the year

removal of the deposites, 569.
1834; read second and third time, and passed, Public printing; a resolution to repeal one passed in May,


1830, directing the Secretary of the Senate to
agency, report of the Judiciary Committee on the

contract with the printer of the House for doc-
subject, taken up, 1729, 1735.

uments printed by order of the House, 810.
roll, a resolution respecting the, taken up, 1824; Public distress; Mr. Clay moved that the Committee of
laid on the table, 1833; agreed to, 1899.

Finance inquire into the expediency of affording
Pensions to French seamen, a bill for that purpose, 2041; temporary relief to the community, by prolong-
ordered to third reading, and passed, 2075.

ing the payment of revenue bonds, 223; after
a resolution offered by Mr. Preston, relative discussion, the resolution and a proposed amend-

to the rhode of printing the pension information ment were laid on the table, 233.
called for by him, passed 2127.

Public buildings, a bill making appropriations for, read a
Petersburg memorial, on the removal of the deposites,

third time, 2124.
876; referred, 892.

officers, (Sce Removal of)
memorial, approving ditto, referred, 1112.
Petitioners, an order for ascertaining the number of, for Report on deposites; Mr. Wilkins moved to print 5,000
or against the removal of the deposites, 1302;

copies of the Secretary of the Treasury's second
adopted, 1305.
Philadelphia resolutions, remonstrating against the re- Removal of public officers; four resolutions, introduced
moval of the deposites, 802; referred.

by Mr. Clay, on the subject, 834; made the
mechanics' memorial, on the present state of the

order of the day for the first Monday in April,
country, 826; referred, 832. Another memo-

rial, 1006; referred.

Restoration of deposites, (Sce Government Deposites.)
memorial, 958; referred, 959.

Restriction of Executive power.
memorial from silversmiths, &c., referred, 1141. Revenue; a resolution to inquire into the expediency of
memorial of young men, 1145; referred, 1156.

extending the time for the payment of revenue
Pitts, Setli, memorial of, a soldier of the Revolution,

bonds, 492.

1914. statements from the Secretary of the Treasury,
Polish exiles, a bill reported for their relief, (See Exiles

from Poland;) bill taken up, 2124; passed, 2127. Rhode Island election, contested, 2, 12.
Portsmouth (New Hampshire) memorial, in relation to the committee of reference appointed, 19.
removal of the deposites, 566.

report of the committee on the subject, 804.
Post Office; a resolution of Mr. Grundy, calling on the a counter report presented, laid on the table,
Postmaster General for sundry statements, 47.

1230; taken up, 1252; and ordered to be print-
a resolution of the same gentleman, calling on the ed, 1257; again considered, and agreed to, 1813.

Postmaster General for a report of money paid memorials, respecting pecuniary embarrassments,
by that Department since July, 1828, for ser-

1108; referred, 1112.
vices rendered prior to that date, &c., agreed memorials, respecting pecuniary embarrassments,
to, 807.

1456, referred, 1717.
reports on the, read and discussed, 1914.

resolutions, remonstrating against the measures
affairs, 2075; resolution appointing a committee to

of the Executive in relation to the Bank of the
act in the recess, passed, 2076.

United States, 1910.
Portage county (Ohio) memorial, complaining of the pub- Robinson, Elizabeth, (See Claim of.)
lic distress, 2063.

Ross county (Ohio) memorial, on the subject of the cur-
Potter, Elisha R., a resolution submitted for his compen-
sation, 2020; agreed to, 2037.

Rule of the Senate proposed to be amended, 1288.
Potomac bridge, a bill making appropriations for, mod-

ified, and ordered to be engrossed for a third Salem memorial, on the state of public affairs, 1258.
reading, passed, 2127.

proceedings on ditto, 1315.
President's annual message received, 12.

Schuylkill county, a memorial on the distress of the
message, in answer to a call upon him to state

country, 748.
whether a certain document was signed by him, Scott county (Kentucky) memorial, against the claims
37; ordered to be laid on the table, 39.

recently asserted by the Executive power, 1896.

report, 199.

rency, 1597,

rency, 749.

Secretary of the Senate, Walter Lowrie appointed, 19. Virginia, resolutions of the young men of Richmond and
Senators, list of, 1.

Manchester, 1527.
Sergeant-at-arms, J. Shackford appointed, 19.

scrip; resolution calling on Treasury Department
Shaler, William, a bill granting to him a pension, 2001;

for the amount issued, 2021.
ordered to be engrossed.

land warrants; a bill to appropriate land to satisfy
Shenandoah county (Virginia) resolutions, 960.

them, considered and laid on the table, 2127.
Shepherd, Moses, a bill for relief of his representatives, Volunteers and militia; a bill granting compensation to
2023; ordered to a third reading.

such as had lost horses, &c. in the war with
Slavery in the District of Columbia, petitions presented

Black Hawk, 1896.
against it, 198, 1260.
Spencer, Oliver M., a bill for relief of, rejected, 1919. Wake county, North Carolina, proceedings of a public
Steamboat accidents; a resolution offered by Mr. Webster,

meeting approving of the removal of the de-
instructing the Committee on Naval Affairs to

posites, 1762.
inquire into the expediency of passing a law for Washington city, a bill for the benefit of, taken up, 2078;
preventing, as far as may be, accidents in steam

considered and passed, 2079.
vessels employed in commerce, 54; agreed to, Washington county, Ohio, memorial complaining of the


effects produced by the removal of the de.
Stirling'e, Lord, heirs, a bill for the relief of, ordered to

posites, 1811.
be engrossed, 2000.

Watervliet, New York, memorial in relation to public

distress, 1188; referred.
Tarborough (North Carolina) memorial, approving of Westchester resolutions on the subject of removing the
the measures of the administration, 1259.

deposites, 803.
Tariff; Mr. Frelinghuysen offered a resolution calling on West Indies, trade with, a resolution introduced by Mr.
the Secretary of the Treasury for the construc-

Sprague, calling on the Secretary of the Trea-
tion put on the tariff of last session, 200; agreed

sury for the amount of trade between the United
to 201.

States and the West Indies, 139; resolution
Secretary of the Treasury's report on ditto, 202;

agreed to, 140. Report was received as a
which was ordered to lie on the table.

whole, but Mr. Shepley moved a resolution for
Tolland county (Connecticut) memorial, 2034.

the information in detail, 333; agreed to, 336.
Tompkins county (New York) memorial, against the re- report on the call made by the last resolution, 373.
moval of the deposites, 1993.

Wheeling, a memorial on the embarrassments of the cor-
Toulon accident, a message from the President, 2035.
(See Pensions to French seamen.)

Wilmington, Delaware, proceedings in relation to the
Treasury, Secretary of, his annual report received, 44.

protest of the President, 1735.
suits; a bill introduced to repeal the act for the Windbam county, Connecticut, memorial complaining of
better organization of the Treasury, passed in

stagnation of business, 2065.
1820, 45.

Wisconsin, a bill for establishing the Territorial Govern-
Mr. Webster's resolution calling on the Secretary

ment of, taken up and laid on the table, 1906.
for monthly returns of the Bank of the United
States, from August, 1833, to February, 1834, Yeas and nays on committing the subject of the Rhode


Island election to a special committee, 11.
Mr. Poindexter's call on the Secretary for copy of on excusing the President pro tem. from voting on
any order or Treasury draft for the removal of

the question of the Senate's appointing its own
public money from the Planters' Bank at Natch-

committees, 29.
ez, 747; agreed to, 750.

on resolution calling on the President to know whea
his report, responsive to Mr. Clay's resolution, in

ther a certain document was signed by him, 37.
relation to the Union Bank of Maryland, 1242; on Mr. Benton's amendment to Mr. Clay's resolu-
ordered to be printed.

tions in relation to the deposites, 143.
call upon him for the names of the agents employ- on printing three thousand copies of the report of
ed to transact the business of the I'reasury with

the Judiciary Committee in relation to the pen-
the deposite banks, 1260.

sion fund and the Bank of the United States, 574.
call for the amount of proceeds of the sale of pub- on postponing a question in relation to the public
lic lands, and the number of acres sold in 1833,

"printing, 811.
&c., 1538.

on an amendment to one of Mr. Poindexter's reso.
Troy (New York) memorial, from the citizens, on ac-

lutions in relation to public lands, 824.
count of the evils experienced from the removal on receiving the York county memorial, 978.
of the deposites, 681; referred.

on laying on the table the motion asking leave to
Union county, Pennsylvania, memorial on the distresses

introduce a bill for rechartering Bank United
of the country, 1453.

States, 1145.
Utica, New York, memorial on the distresses of the coun- on agreeing to the resolutions of the Committee of

Finance in relation to the removal of the de-
Van Horne, Ralph, his petition as a mail contractor, 1953.

posites, 1187.
Vermont resolutions on the removal of the deposites, 958. on engrossing the Cumberland road bill, 1239.
memorial, 1289, 1594.

on passage of the bill authorizing the Governors of
Veto on the land bill, the President's message announcing

the several States to transmit certain documents
it, 14, (See Appendix for the Message.)

free of postage, 1258.
Vice President, pro tem., Mr. Poindexter elected, 2122; on indefinitely postponing a bill for the relief of
his address.

John McCartney, 1288.
Virginia memorial and resolutions in relation to the re- on laying on the table the bill authorizing the re-
moval of the deposites, 604.

linquishment of the sixteenth sections of public
resolutions adopted by the Legislature, in relation

lands for the use of schools, 1316.
to the deposites, 636.

on an appeal from the decision of the Chair on a
memorial, 943.

point of order, 1450.

try, 1527.

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